Boundbrook Gift Committee

March 2015

The Gift Committee was set up to coordinate and encourage gifting whereby we in Boundbrook would be able to fund improvement initiatives that are outside our operating budget.

A series of events this season, the Soup and Salad, the Spaghetti Dinner, the Rummage & Bake Sale and most recently the Pool Picnic, have contributed to a dedicated project account that will support construction of a much needed canopy to extend Club House space.

Not only is it impressive that key people have organized fundraising initiatives, but that they have collected so many willing and hard working supporters.  These events have been a great successes thanks to the much appreciated support received from our community.

With additional specified donations, the canopy fund now stands at just under five thousand dollars.

Although the concentration has been on a special project so far, it is now time to focus on the other component of gifting which is specific memorials.

To this end, Jed Patrick and Gordon Whitten have joined the Gift Committee and along with Frank Randall will be focusing their efforts on reaching out to residents that would like to establish named memorials.   Jed, Frank and Gordon will devote their energies to linking donors with projects that will enhance Boundbrook while providing a means of honoring people that are or have been an integral part of Boundbrook.

Frank very aptly defined memorializing as honoring an individual or serving to preserve a remembrance.

Memorials can contribute either to special projects such as the Canopy Fund or they may be far more personalized and uniquely suited to the individual.

A temporary record of memorials will be kept in the Club House until a project has been completed at which point a permanent recognition will be prepared.

If you are interested in sponsoring/organizing a fund raising event, talk with any member of the Gift Committee.(Allan Knights, Jan Kalmbach, Vasilia Laskaris, Sandy Marr, Kirk Murray, Jed Patrick, Frank Randall, Sue Sorelle and Gordon Whitten).  For specific named memorials go directly to John(Jed) Patrick, Frank Randall or Gordon Whitten.

Allan Knights
Chair, Gift Committee

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