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Message From Ray Kerce


I would like to thank all 27 Boundbrook owners who attended the informational meeting regarding the pool deck pavers.  All questions were answered and Duane Stuart shared information pertaining to temperature readings taken on paver samples here and pavers installed at another condominium pool deck location.

It was agreed at the meeting to keep temperatures on the new pavers to a maximum of 115 degrees.  Our pool deck currently has a reading of 112 degrees.

For all owners currently residing at Boundbrook, a book with available colors is in the clubhouse along with other products pertaining to pool deck installation for your review.  For owners who have already left to go back north you can go online to “Gem” for color selections.  Colors listed under White Cement are the ones to review for selection.

Beginning May 6, a notice will be placed on the cluster bulletin boards for you to choose three color selections that you like the most.  Please write your name and your 3 color choices.  For the owners who are away, please go online and pick your three choices and then contact your cluster director with your choices.  He or she will then add them to the bulletin board notice.

At the May 28th board meeting we will calculate the top three color choices.  After this we will apply the samples to our deck as they will be for final installation and leave them there to be viewed for the month of June.  Then at the June 25th board meeting we will decide our final choice according to your selections to be presented to the directors for approval.

Again, thank you for your participation in this matter.

Ray Kerce
May 4, 2015

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