July 23, 2015

Boundbrook Condominium Association, Inc.
Regular Monthly Board Directors’ Meeting
Thursday, July 23, 2015


The meeting was called to order by at 7:30 pm by Ray Kerce acting for President, Bob James. He welcomed and Introduce new Office Assistant, Gloria Sheriff acting as Recording Secretary.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ray commented on filling the post of Secretary.


Cluster 2:            Eva Dunberg-Tarrant
Cluster 3:            Anne Ryan
Cluster 4:            Patrick Lambert, (A)
Cluster 5:            Janice Kalmbach
Cluster 6/7:         Absent
Cluster 9:            Jeanne Berry (A)
Cluster 8/11:       Ray Kerce, (A)
Cluster 10:          Duane Stuart
Cluster 12:          Barbara Gehrkin, (A)
Cluster 13/14      Geno Graziose
Director at Large, Bob James, was absent

BOARD MINUTES:  Approval of the Board Minutes from June 25, 2015, motion to accept minutes were made by Patrick Lambert and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach.  Passed unanimously.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  June receipts were $81,440.43; expenditures were $49,123.17.  Eva Dunberg-Tarrant made motion to accept the report and Anne Ryan 2nd to accept the report.  Passed unanimously.


Cluster 2:            Looking for a smoker for the rodents.

Cluster 3:            All issues are resolved, Good

Cluster 4:            All issues are resolved, Good

Cluster 5:            All issues are resolved, Good

Cluster 6/7:         Absent

Cluster 8/11:       All issues are resolved, Good

Cluster 9:            Cluster 9 has voted to give a resident temporary parking for her daughter while she’s taking care of her during her illness, when the situation with her illness changes adjustment will be made with the parking. The timeline for the daughter’s parking was questioned by Geno. There was a vote for the parking 6 voted for, and three opposed Anne Ryan, Geno Graziose and Duane Stuart

Cluster 10:           All issues are resolved, Good

Cluster 12:          New powder-coated stair rails were installed, and new chair lift may have to be installed.  (Rats have been trapped in unit 206).

Cluster 13/14:     (Α) There is no storage space in cluster 13/14, Geno was           looking for a tool shed, he found one at Home Depot for $1600 installed (6×10 installed according to hurricane    storm county code requirements). No vote was taken.

(B) There’s also an issue with residents not picking up                                                   behind their dogs.



Canal update: Bob’s request to address the LWDD BOARD of Supervisors about management’s failure to follow up on our agreement to include the weeds removal, appropriate planting, bank retention, etc., has been delayed until the August    Please do not contact the LWDD directly.

  1. Pool Deck, pavers will be delivered on July 24, 2015, the pool will be closed effective Monday, July 27, 2015 until further notice.
  2. Ray will pick up rat preventive screens to cover the stack for anyone in need of them.



  1. New Fines Procedure: As of July 1, 2015, the law has changed. All fines must have prior approval by the Board before issued. Many changes including no time restriction on follow up fines until paid, and after 90 days, common area privileges can be removed. A copy of the actual law has been given to each director and is attached to the file copy of minutes.
  2. Violations Fine: We have our first fine under the new law. The Directors have had time to read the entire file for a unit violating the Cluster parking policy by having five vehicles, plus two other violations. A motion to approve the letter exactly as presented by the president was requested. Patrick Lambert made the motion and Gino Graziose seconded the motion. Eight (8) voted to approve and one abstained (Barbara Gehrkin). Motion passed.
  3. Maintenance Man Job Description: All directors have received the updated job description discussed with and signed by our maintenance man. The biggest change is that our insurance now covers him going on the second floor during duty hours without extra pay. Please read closely and insure compliance, especially with the time schedule.



Alterations:  We had two alterations (1) Julio Sarria in cluster 13/14 unit 115 for insulated aluminum porch for $3,200.  Mompie Construction of Lake Worth is contracted to do the job.  (2) Norma Wyatt in cluster 12 unit 207 for installing Hurricane Windows on porch.  Armor Vue Windows and Door of Boca Raton, Florida is contracted to do the job.  Anne Ryan made motion to accept the alteration and Barbara Gehrkin the 2nd to accept the alteration.  Passed unanimously.


FINES:  See New Business


GIFT:  Nothing Reported




INSURANCE:  See New Business.


LEGAL:  We currently have only three foreclosures working.  We’re down to only nine (9) units available for sale after tonight’s approval, and prices are rising every month.


LIBRARY:  Thank you for a donation of 42 books to the Library.


MAINTENANCE:   Entrance wall was plastered, new letters applied and it will be re-landscaped.



Cluster 4 Unit 107                            Cluster 2 Unit 204

Owner:  Helen Szymanski               Owners:  Evacio & Digna Cruz

Buyer: Betty Kugler                         Additional Occupant: Son/Alexey Cruz

Anne Ryan made motion to accept Anne Ryan made motion to accept

and Patrick Lambert 2nd                 Eva Dunberg-Tarrant 2nd

Passed unanimously                       Passed Unanimously


NEWSLETTER:  Next in Sept.


POOL MAINTENANCE:  Nothing Reported


SECURITY:   Nothing Reported


SOCIAL:  Nothing Reported


SUNSHINE:  Get well cards were sent to the following:

Mimi Altmans of cluster 3; Nancy Borghese; of cluster 4, Ursula Kearney of cluster 4; and Barbara Gherkin cluster 12.


WEBSITE:  Nothing Reported


WATER:  Only Cluster 2 and 12 out of balance.



Resident from cluster 9 reported a nail in his tire.  Wanted everyone to be careful and watchful.


NEXT MEETING:  August 27, 2015


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion to adjourn made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant.  Passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted by Gloria Sheriff, acting as Recording Secretary for Christine Burling.
July 23, 2015

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