April 2015

President’s Message

As the temp  rises and the Seasonals head for cold country, we are looking forward to improving our pride n joy pool by getting a classy new pool deck. Ray Kerce just gave a  very informative briefing for 27 of your neighbors  and will look for your color choices. For those staying behind, you will see actual samples while you travelers can go on our website and vote for your choice.
As I promised you, we also had a good briefing this month to help you better understand our budget and financials and get a better idea of where your money goes. Regretfully, many of you left prior to this briefing but we shall do a replay after everyone is back.
Another update item is our fast moving unit sales and increased values. We are down to only 5 units not under contract for sale out of 222 units in our community. Supply and demand shortage means your friends are going to have trouble joining us and it will cost more and more as the year goes on.
I regret we couldn’t get agreement on our proposed exercise room. But don’t fret, you will get another chance to express your desires, but for the time being, the gift committee will make good use of the room gathering the goods for another tremendous yard sale planned for November. If you have some good items to sell, contact one of the gift committee.

Finally, we are still run by all volunteers but with our loss of our Association Secretary, we now have six Critical vacancies:  A VP, Secy, Office Manager, Asst Treasurer and a couple Directors.  It’s time for some of you that sit back and never volunteer, to step forward and be counted before we have to hire help. I’m tired of doing several jobs and waiting for it to get better. Time is up. Have a nice summer neighbors.

Business News

A major corrective step occurred April 10, 2015 when a quit claim was filed deeding that contentious strip along the canal to Boundbrook.  This has been the primary objective of the initiative spearheaded and patiently stick handled by Bob James.

We are reminded that planned alterations to our condos must be Board approved.  As a heads up, don’t even think of any modification to add a bedroom.

Also it seems that we are having people moving in with condo owners that have not been vetted.  Any guest staying over 30 days needs to be cleared through the Membership Committee.

A meeting with the Sheriff’s Office was arranged by Mike Roy April 16th  to discuss the Neighborhood Watch program as well as many safety pointers.

Condo Sales
and Rentals

We currently have 7 units for sale, 2 of these are under contract. That leaves only 5 left for sale or rent. This is the second month of having the lowest number for sale in about 10 years, and prices are climbing. Prices range from a low of $26,000 (short sale under contract) to a high of $85,000.

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of CL 3 Unit 101 to James D’Eredita & Howard Lainhart, CL 6 Unit 103 to Robert & Joan Tanner and CL 9 Unit 105 to Jesus & Georgina Quevedo  were approved by the Board.

If you are planning to sell or rent your condo, please remember that there is a requirement to notify the Association prior to listing.  Forms are available in the Office.


The Pool Deck project has been delayed in order to allow for further consultation on paver selection.  Ray Kerce has been instrumental in providing options for consideration.

Steve Burling, as Director of Cluster 12, now has Bill Hudspeth as the Assistant Director and Barbara Gherkin as an Alternate.

Cluster 10 survived the tenting, Clusters 6/7 and 3 will be having driveways seal coated shortly and Cluster 2 continues with the rodent battle.


We recently had an extensive attack on weeds that appears to have been quite successful.  The Grounds Committee vigilantly ensures that the products used are in accordance with environmental guidelines.  There are problems with some of the sprinkler systems, some mechanical,  others relating to the water level in the canal.  Sharon Horine continues to consult with and assist any Director planning on grounds improvement projects.

Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Plans  are underway for the 4th of July Celebrations so check your bulletin boards mid-June.

An info-session was organized recently with the Sheriff’s Office to discuss our Crime Watch Program.

The special  movie night organized by Jim Simone raised another $100.00 for the canopy fund and the Olive Garden certificate that he donated , won by Eve Anna Davis,  was kindly re-gifted back and will be raffled off at the July 4th party.

The Canopy Fund account now stands at over $4800.00.  If you have been over to the pool you will have noticed that Ray, as he tends to do, has already done a very effective job of preparing the corner for the addition so we need to keep the push on.

Another rummage sale is planned for November so start stockpiling your extra treasures.

Again, if you are interested in sponsoring/organizing a fund raising event, talk with any member of the Gift Committee.

Don’t forget that we now have a website, so sign up and keep on top of community events.

The Editor
Allan Knights

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