April 2016

President’s Message

At the 26 May Board meeting, I discussed a possible solution to the problem of one-bedroom units being listed as two bedroom.  In the past some even sold that way. Some had a wall added even though Section 9-2 states that NO WALLS CAN BE ADDED, and were being used as a second bedroom. It appeared that since Section 9-3 clearly states that the Board can require the removal of any alteration that has not been approved by the Board, the only solution seemed to be to tear out the wall to conform to our original documents.  I never liked that and kept looking for a solution that would work for the entire community, while staying within our legal documents.

Our old Declarations specify whether a unit is a one bedroom or a two bedroom. They also say convertible” for some units. In a couple sketches from 40 years ago, under Convertible” in parentheses is “den”. It was not designed to be a bedroom, Each unit also has an alphabetical number such as G that shows the degree of interest that unit has in the shared property which is used to determine monthly assessments. We have to live by our Declarations, and there is no reason to change them, which is rightly a cumbersome process. I pointed out that Section 16.1 states that one bedroom is for one family (2 persons) as in the original plan, so two bedrooms could be interpreted to allow two families, which is not fair to those paying for a true two bedroom. Yes we have some units with this problem!

I had my VP Barbara Gehrkin research our documents, and the Property Appraiser’s records, to find out why the MLS shows units as two bedrooms that are clearly documented as one bedroom, some shown as a Convertible one-one and one-half baths.” What she found was that Appendix B clearly shows no 2nd wall for these units. The argument has been made that no one knows exactly when this wall was added; some present owners have had it for over 19 years, and most said it was there when they bought it. Regardless, the assessment for a one bedroom is much less than a two-bedroom and the biggest argument for not allowing a wall to be added is the possible number of families that could live there.

She found that the Property Appraisers evidently had 48 one bedroom units shown as two bedrooms, even though the narrative says one bedroom with den, but under bedrooms the number is 2. She is working with them to correct their records to avoid confusion in the future. So to prevent owners from having to rip out walls, I have finally come up with what I felt might be a workable solution. As always, I try to do what is legal and best for our community without spending a lot of your money.

The Board approved the following by 8 (with one abstaining):

 Units that have a convertible/den wall that has been added in the past may keep that wall but not use the enclosed space as a 2nd bedroom, unless previously approved by the Board; such a unit may not be sold as a two-bedroom or used as such because that would allow a 2nd family. No one-bedroom units may be listed or sold as two-bedroom.”

We also agreed that Section 9-2 will be enforced in the future stating that no walls may be added to any unit.


Business News

The sink hole over a drainage outfall at the north side of the community remains an issue.  The Property Administrator is in the process of getting contractor bids for the repair job.

The Property Administrator will be setting up meetings with each Director to discuss  issues unique to their clusters

The transfer of our financial records to Allied Property Management Group is still a work in progress.

Summer Office Hours  started June 1:  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00-11:30 a.m.

Owners need to remember that unauthorized renovations can result in fines and/or the requirement to restore to original state.  Make sure that you work in conjunction with the Alterations Committee and have the appropriate permits.

Condo Sales and Rental

We now have 6 units for sale on MLS.,  3 of these are under contract.  Prices range from $55,900 to $89,900.

The Membership Committee’s recommendation supporting the approval of  the sale of

CL 12 -110 to Morgan Kelner and the addition of an occupant,  Margarita Acosta, to CL 6/7-101were approved by the board.  Welcome to Morgan and Margarita.


Many of the roofing/gutter renewal projects are wrapping up.  These essential initiatives require countless hours of follow up by the involved Directors and a lot of patience on the part of residents.  Thanking your Director might be a good idea.

There were some reports of flying drones over our community. If you see these celestial intruders,  please report sightings to the Sheriff’s Office, and let Gerry or Mikee Roy know.

Seems some rats have moved into our refurbished Pool Complex without Membership approval.  They will be encouraged to move on or face fines.

Remember we could do with donations to furnish our new canopy area so if you are so inclined, contact a member of the Gift Committee or your Director.

Grounds Maintenance:

Next week will start the walk through of each cluster for the annual tree trimming work.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Cluster 6/7 has been hit with two major losses of long time residents.  Sympathies go to the families of Nell Reba Hutt and Fran Deaver.  Another loss of significance is that of Helena Phillips in Cluster 13/14.  Helena at 104 and Nell at 102 would have seen changes that for most of us would be hard to even imagine.

On a more up-beat note, the Social Committee is in the planning phase for the 4th of July Party.

There will be no movies until September.  Kudos to Jim Simone for organizing this initiative.  It is involvement on the part of our residents that breathes life into our community

Northerners are sometimes referred to as ‘snowbirds’ by less socially adroit folks so it is encouraging to hear our own Jeanne Berry caringly say “we already miss our friends and neighbors that come for the winter months“.  Nicely done Jeanne.

Maybe this fall, we should give some thought to setting up a Community Vegetable Garden.  Don’t panic at the suggestion and try to come up with reasons why we can’t but rather speak up if this is of interest to you.

The Editor,
Allan Knights  (allan.knights@outlook.com)

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