April 23, 2015

Regular Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, April 23, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Bob James. Welcome to Susan Goldsmith and welcome back to Ruth Merchant. Welcome to anyone else who is new.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is the last meeting for Secretary Charlotte Randall who is stepping done for health reasons. Thank you Charlotte for all the work you have done. We are looking for a replacement so anyone who would like to volunteer please do so. See the president.


Cluster 2: Eva Dunberg –Tarrant, Cluster 3: Anne Ryan, Cluster 4: Rita Kanfoush, Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach, Cluster 6/7: Stark Humphreys, Cluster 9: Jeanne Berry(A), Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce(A), Cluster 10: Duane Stuart, Cluster 12: Steve Burling, Cluster 13/14: Gino Graziose.

BOARD MINUTES. Approval of the Board Minutes from March 26th, 2015. Motion to accept made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.

PRESIDENT’S REMARKS: President reports that the State Legislature has made some significant changes that affect condominium living. Some changes are good and some not so good. He will go into this later.

TREASURERS REPORT: In January our receipts were $ 79,500 and our expenditures were $64,000. February our receipts were $80,000 and expenditures were $65,000. March is almost done. We have a balance of $27,000 in our checking. Overall we are very solvent. Seminar Friday at 7 PM about the budget and financial reports.


Cluster 2. Have a rat problem. It is being worked on.

Cluster 3. Wants to have the driveway seal coated by Clayton Barnes for a price of $1,200. Motion made to allow made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 4. Would like to have some windows replaced in Unit 204 for a cost of $1448 paid by owner. Motion to allow made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Steve Burling.

Cluster 5. Fine

Cluster 6/7. Would like to seal coat and patch by Clayton Barnes for a total cost of $2,000. Motion to accept made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 8/11. Would like to thank Frank and Charlotte Randall for hosting their cluster party.

Cluster 9. Put up a new fence around the dumpsters. Jim Simone was invited to Washington D.C. by the Lithuanian government. He had taught there for 5 years right after the communists left.

Cluster 10.They had their cluster tented. There was some damage to the plants. Will see if they are going to come back.

Cluster 12. Bill Hudspeth has volunteered to be assistant director and Barbara Gherkin as alternate director. The cluster is going to plant some trees and put in some mulch. Waiting for the permits for the railings. Motion made to have Barbara Gehrkin as alternate director made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Gino Graziose. Passed Unanimously.

Cluster 13/14. Doing good.


Canal update. As of April 10 the property was quit claimed and recorded at the Palm Beach County Court House. We are now the proud owners of 20.55 feet of our own property. We have to get the Lake Worth Drainage District to maintain it.  We have a gutter problem in Cluster 6/7 that will be fixed.

Pool Deck Seminar. This will be moved to Monday April 27th at 7:00. Ray will have everything set up. Ray will address any questions. We will not be going forward this month. Duane Stuart wanted to make a resolution , but after much discussion it was decided to wait until after the meeting on Monday to do anything.

OEO. There will be another meeting at the Federal Building On the 29th from 9:30 to 11:30. 10 people still need to attend.

Census update. Frank Randall discussed three areas.  (Census Program) The program is complete and on Flash Drive. It is self-updating with each owner change. He passed out the latest update copy and asked for any corrections and he gave a list of missing forms he will need submitted.  This is a Federal and State requirement to maintain our 55+ status. (Training) Board Certification Training by Becker and Poliakoff finished for the spring with the last class. B & P tells me that there may be classes offered in June and July.  We have a summary listing of all certificates on hand accounting for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and to date in 2015. The summary of certificates are on file with the association secretary. If you have copies showing your attendance at a session other than listed please provide a copy to the office so that you may be credited. Only one Director has failed to attend. (Maintenance Work Schedule). Each Director is given a copy of David’s work assignments by Cluster. It was discovered that the last week of April was not included due to printing margins in the program. Further review showed a few other areas that need attention. As a final wrap I will review and make additional corrections over the next few weeks.  Reminder that any changes needed to be discussed with Ray. He has David’s time and knows exactly what flexibilities exist along with priorities.  Directors can trade days by agreement.

Occupancy restrictions. Over the past 6 months we have indications of at least 5 young folks moving in with mom or grandma. Our occupancy requirements are a one bedroom = one family. If someone is staying over 30 days they must go thru membership and get vetted. We need to know who we have living here and one man was only discovered when the sheriff picked him up.

In cluster 4 unit 109. When it came to be sold it came up listed as a 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath. This unit was sold to the current owner as a 2 bedroom. When researching it, it looks as though the developer or the original contractor may have changed it to a 2 bedroom when it was originally built. The PBC records show it as a 2 bedroom and he has been taxed as such. We, however, have been charging him as a 1 bedroom unit the entire 11-1/2 years based on our official documents. We can’t change our documents. The President’s  proposal is as a one time only exception, to let him sell the unit as a 2 bedroom with the requirement that any new owner now and in the future pay as a 2 bedroom. It was reaffirmed  that NO other unit, especially a convertible, can be modified to add a bedroom and any attempt to do such will be considered to be a serious violation of our documents. Motions to accept this proposal made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Rita Kanfoush. Voting yes,  Eva Dunberg-Tarrant, Rita Kanfoush, Janice Kalmfoush, Stark Humphreys, Jeanne Berry, Ray Kerce, Duane Stuart, Steve Burling and Gino Graziose. Voting no, Anne Ryan.


Alterations. Two units both with Atlantic Window Systems. First Cluster 2 Carlos Otero impact windows for $2,150. Second Cluster 9 Kathy Peler sliders for $1,900.  Motion to accept made by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Maintenance. If you need something special done go to the office and put note on David’s work list.

Finance. Nothing new

Fines. Two pending

Gift. Sue Sorelle speaking. This is the final report of the season. We have $4,250.60 in donations and fundraisers. Memorials $ 416.08 for a total of $4,841.68. We are almost halfway to our goal. A big shout out to all who helped with the Rummage Sale. Stark Humphreys, Sue Sorelle Roger Van Beek, Mary Lou Nelson,  Tony Quist, Pat Johnson, Eva Anna Davis, Steve Burling and Janice Kalmbach. Also to Marge and Ann for the help with the bake sale.  Jim Simone had a movie night to raise $100.00 for us. Jed Patrick for overseeing our memorials. Allan Knights for being our leader. He resigning his chair and Tony Quist will be taking his place. Tony also did several fundraisers and luncheons. We would like to thank him for his hard work. Also anyone else that helped us. We plan on having another Rummage sale in November. Bob said that even though Allen is gone, we should give a big thank you to Allan Knight for all his work getting this project started in such a big way.

Grounds Maintenance. We just had a weed eradication. Stark Humphreys mentioned that it seems to be working very well.

Insurance. There are 13 new companies coming to the State. We will probably see a reduction is our rates for next year.

Legal. We have 10 units for sale. 8 are MLS and 2 are bank or by owner. 3 of these are under contract. That leaves only 7 left for sale or rent. (2 are foreclosures subject to short sales) This is the second month of having the lowest number for sale in about 10 years, and prices are climbing. Prices range from a low of $26,000(short sale under contract) to a high of $85,000. I continued to fight ONE Foreclosed unit in Cluster 9 that FNMA claimed was purchased by the original mortgage Co. limiting us to the 1% law. We proved they are wrong and we just received a check for $9,200.68. My adding late fees and interest resulted in collecting all we had due and making a PROFIT of $1,460.66 for Cluster 9, and AVOIDING ANY WRITE OFF. We already have a contract on this unit. BREAKOUT: Cl 3-2 units (one under contract) Cl.4 1 unit, Cl 5- two units. Cl 6/7-1 unit (contract), Cl 9- 2 units (1 contract) Cluster 13/14- 2 units.  I just completed two more Estoppel Reports for a profit of $ 1200 so far for 2015.

Library. We have 12 new books, thank you to all who donate.

Membership. 3 new approvals.

Cluster 3 Unit 101. Owner: Carmen Murphy Estate. Buyers: James D’Eredita and Howard Lainhart. Motion to accept made by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 6 Unit 103. Owner: Irvin Estate (Fannie May) Buyers: C. Robert Tanner and Joan Tanner. Motion to accept made by Eva Dunberg- Tarrant and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 9 Unit 105.  Owner: Longauer Estate. Buyer: Jesus G. Quevedo + occupant , wife, Georgina Quevedo. Motion to accept made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Newsletter. If you have an e-mail please make sure Pierre has it.

Pool Maintenance. Good

Security. We had a meeting with the Deputy on our Crime Watch Program that was very informative. We had a good turnout. Please see the Boundbrook website for more information.

Social. We will have a 4th of July party. In the meantime Jeanne says that she will keep the tables clean and the refrigerator clean until the 4th.

Sunshine. 3 cards sent out.  Helen Turner Cluster 9, Get well. John Yeend Family from our accounting firm for many years, Sympathy Card. One Birthday card to Nell Hutt who is 101

Webmaster. Please sign up.


Stark Humphreys is requesting to use the old pool room to store some items that have been donated to the gift committee until the rummage sale in November. Motion to accept this made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Next meeting May 28th 2015

Motion to adjourn made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Rita Kanfoush. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Burling
Recording Secretary
April 23, 2015


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