August 27, 2015

Boundbrook Condominium Association, Inc.
Regular Monthly Board Directors Meeting
Thursday, August 27, 2015

The meeting was called to order by at 7:30 pm by President, Bob James. He welcomed and Introduced Sharon and Robert from Cluster 6/7, new unit owners that were at the meeting.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster 2:         Eva Dunberg-Tarrant
Cluster 3:         Anne Ryan
Cluster 4:         Absent
Cluster 5:         Janice Kalmbach
Cluster 6/7:     Kirk Murray (A)
Cluster 9:         James Simone
Cluster 8/11:   Ray Kerce, (A)
Cluster 10:       Duane Stuart
Cluster 12:       Barbara Gehrkin, (A)
Cluster 13/14  Geno Graziose
Director at Large, Bob James

BOARD MINUTES:  Approval of the Board Minutes from July 23, 2015, motion to accept minutes was made by Kirk Murray to accept the report and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach.  Passed unanimously. Approval for special meeting August 6, 2015 was motion by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

PRESIDENT’S REMARKS:  Reminded the Board about voting by Internet process for the annual meeting this year. We need to get more people to sign on for email so we can get this this and other distribution like newsletters.  We are still printing134 copies and this is a big expense.   Census is up to date, and turned over to the office.  Census must be turned in May 2016.  Thanks to Frank for keeping the census file.

President also asked the Directors to review and give comments on our formal Rules and Regulations published in the Directory each year.  He also reminded Directors about how to handle abandoned units (by law those left vacant for two months a unit after attempting to contact the owner.  We have turned on Electricity, had units cleaned and had A/C repaired AT OWNER EXPENSE.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  The Board thanks Charlotte Randall for her service as Secretary, and the Board welcomed David Purtz as the new Secretary.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  June receipts were $79,863.17; expenditure was $75,144.28, See attached Treasure’s Report.  Barbara Gehrkin made motion to accept the report and Kirk Murray 2nd to accept the report.  Passed unanimously.


Cluster 2:                   Rodents are gone

Cluster 3:                   All issues are resolved, good

Cluster 4:                   Sprinklers and termites issues are present

Cluster 5:                   Palmer unit is sold; all other issues are resolved, good

Cluster 6/7:                Welcome to new unit owners Sharon & Robert.  There was a car accident in the cluster, the car ran into the wall and damaged a unit; the repairs will be paid for by the driver.  Also, the cluster is ready to finish the last four roofs.

Cluster 8/11:            Update was given on the new mailroom, thanks to Ray & Frank.  All other issues are resolved.

Cluster 9:                   All issues are resolved, good

Cluster 10:                 All issues are resolved, good

Cluster 12:                 Unit 206 rodents are gone; the owners in unit 106 are rarely there, home was flooded with water; unit 110 ceiling fell in because of unit 210 hot water heater leak (all are ongoing issues).

Cluster 13/14:           In closing the shutters they found a few that were accordions that would not close; they need to be replaced.  The discussion of hurricane windows was brought up.  Bob explained that the cluster would pay for windows that needed to be replaced; however, if the owner wants hurricane windows, they will be responsible for the cost of the upgrade.


  1. L-9 Canal– Bob is working with the Drainage District to get the work done with the canal.
  2. Pool Deck-Pavers are completed and the work is fully paid for. Pictures are in the office with the before and after if anyone would like to see them.
  3. Rodent Screen-All Directors are to make sure screens are covering the roof stacks to prevent rodents from getting in.


  1. Abandoned Units-If a unit is left more than 2 months, Boundbrook has the authority to go into that unit and make the necessary changes to bring the unit up to par and bill the unit owner with the charges, as long as BCA has tried to contact the owner first.
  2. Hurricane Awareness-Each cluster should have a storm preparedness plan. All loose items must be brought inside or secured. Be sure to store water for commode in case. Again, all shutters should be closed; remember it’s not the cluster’s responsibility to make sure your unit is secure. This is an owner responsibility but we will try to assist where appropriate.
  3. Extended Vacation-Please make sure to complete the form in the office when leaving for an extended amount of time. Two recent incidents of failure to have someone monitor unit.
  4. Winter Hours starting September 8, 2015, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM-11:30 AM.
  5. Volunteers-We are in need of more volunteers for: Office Workers, Membership Committee and Fines committee.
  6. All fines must have prior approval by the Board, and the person receiving the fine has fourteen (14) days to appeal it. A fine was voted for an owner in cluster 6/7 for a son living in the unit. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant made a motion to impose a fine/s and 2nd by Kirk Murray.  Passed unanimously.
  7. Contractors Hired By Owners: Make sure they are insured and licensed, and that they give you a lien release before you pay the bill.



Alterations1. All the windows in the back of cluster 13/14 unit 107 are being replaced.  Geno Graziose made motion to accept the alteration and Anne Ryan 2nd.  Passed unanimously.  2.  Frank Randall is purchasing a water softener system for his unit cluster 8/11 unit (113).  75% of the owners approved it.  This is being paid for at the owner’s expense.  This will be approved as standard for anyone wanting to purchase this system.  Kirk Murray made motion to accept the alteration and Anne Ryan 2nd to accept the alteration.  Passed unanimously.

 FINES: All fines are paid up to date.

 GIFT:  Auction late October/early November and Tony Quist will do his great meals-The goal is $9700 for the canopy project, the committee has raised over $5000 so far.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: Any questions regarding grounds maintenance please contact Sharon.  She thanked Geno for the help with the shutters.

INSURANCE:  Bob is working on the 2016 insurance.  Expects equal to or less than last year due to new companies in the state.

LEGAL: See Attached.  Only six units left for sale and prices are increasing; Only one Foreclosure left and one new Foreclosure being filed in Cluster 9; Unit 5-107 Foreclosure completed and purchaser at auction has on market for $61,900; Estoppels done by President earned $2400 so far this year; 2016 Budget preparation started—give you proposed projects to David Purtz; Our Annual Meeting is 5 December at 2:00 P.M. First mailing will be 6 October.  Again, let’s support the electronic procedures under the new laws.

LIBRARY:  Good-Recycling for the rummage sale

MAINTENANCE:  Entrance wall was plastered and that area was re-landscaped.

MEMBERSHIP:  Cluster 9 unit 106, there was a motion to let the daughter stay for six (6) months with partial approval; this would be reviewed after the six month period along with the 2nd car. Duane Stuart made motion, and Eva Dunberg-Tarrant 2nd.  The President called for a vote, but only Duane Stuart voted, so the motion died. Another motion was made, this by Jim Simone and 2nd by Barbara Gehrkin for the daughter to have permanent residence; Duane Stuart and Geno Graziose voted against. This motion passed.

NEWSLETTER:  Turn in any item to Allan Knights.

POOL MAINTENANCE:  Place a towel on the chairs when using sun tanning lotion, because it is ruining the lounge chairs.

SECURITY:  Please call the police if you spot any unidentifiable person on the premises.

SOCIAL:  Pool party Labor Day (September 7, 2015) at 5:00 pm.  Look for the flyer to be placed on the bulletin board.  They are asking for $5 donation.

SUNSHINE:  Get well cards were sent to the following:

Lois Casper on 7/28/2015 of cluster 6/7, Michael Rollins on 8/7/2015 of cluster 5, and Helen Turner on 8/25/2015 of cluster 9.

WEBSITE:  There were 3349 hits for the website, Jim encouraged more people to use the website.

WATER REPORT:  Cluster 12 was high due to major leak in one unit; all other clusters were good.

MOVIES:  They will resume on September 18, 2015 at 7:30 pm, the cost will be 1 non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.


Teenagers are jumping over the fence in the back of cluster 6/7; there are also holes in the fence.  New 6-foot fence will be a budget item for 2016.

NEXT MEETING:  September 24, 2015

ADJOURMENT: Motion to adjourn made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Barbara Gehrkin.  Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Gloria Sheriff, acting as Recording Secretary for Christine Burling.

August 27, 2015

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