August/September 2016

President’s Message

Finally, on May 1 we had a professional management company to help our Treasurer with check writing and all financial statements; Alterations and Maintenance both troubleshooting issues; our Membership Committee with applications and vetting and approval/disapproval letters; and me to reduce my long hours in the office with daily problems helping all Directors with their many duties, canal problems, coordinating with our lawyers, monthly and annual meeting details, insurance, etc.

Allied looked like the real thing, working with 33 other Associations, but unfortunately, my high hopes were dashed almost daily by their lack of competence, leading to even more work, especially for me and our Treasurer. There was some improvement for Membership, but not much, and really no help for Alterations. Along the way, I had to ask for a replacement for the PM who came into our office 10 hours a week. It took them a month to find a replacement for him, but Allied never met our overall expectations and finally on 22 September, the Board voted unanimously to fire them. Now Kathy Peler of the original committee is back on the search, with Jan Kalmbach and Pat and Ray Kerce as new members also helping. Our bitter experience will be put to use in asking hard questions not only of prospective companies but of their present clients. We hope to have a new company hired before our required 30-day notice to Allied runs out. Wish us luck as we try to move forward once again to modernize our operation to meet changing challenges.


Business News. Allied Property Management Inc. is in the process of becoming part of Boundbrook’s history. The trial transition from an entirely volunteer-administered community to one supplemented by professional support wasn’t all roses. We are n ow back to the drawing board with perhaps a more in-depth understanding of what we actually require and this is just part of the process. Work on the 2017 Budget and planning for the December 3rd Annual Meeting are already underway. You will find an opt out vote for individual unit sprinklers included in the first mail out prior to the Annual Meeting.

Condo Sales and Rentals

We now have 8 units for sale, 7 on MLS. 2 of these are under contract. This leaves only 6 units for sale or rent. Asking prices range from $44,900 to $89,900 The Membership Committee’s recommendation supporting the sale of CL 6/7- 126 to Lenora Kirner, Cluster 13/14-112 to Samuel Rodriguez and CL 9-108 to James Benson and the addition of an occupant to Cluster 8/11-120 were approved by the board. On the other hand, the addition of an occupant to Cluster 9-205 was not approved.


Some folks wondered where on earth reference to the “Silver Community in Paradise” came from. Well, take a look at our web-site in case you haven’t done so and there it is. A lot of effort went into setting up our web-site and on-going maintenance doesn’t just happen. It is a 21rst century convenient way of keeping track of our community activities. Although BB was initially structured around the Cluster concept maybe this approach no longer makes entire sense. As heretical as this may sound, perhaps there are common elements that should be more effectively centralized with associated standards and timeframes. There could be committees of Directors and others appointed to coordinate these activities and contractors approved to administer common services. There would still be many functions that would be left to the discretion of the individual cluster. Cluster 3 reports all shutters have been re-installed; Cluster 8/11 is battling ants; Cluster 9 is experiencing a breakage in an electrical line and Cluster 12 has had a few roof leaks to contend with.

Grounds Maintenance:

We need to remember that any plans to plant or remove a tree from BB common areas absolutely requires clearance through the Grounds Committee.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Gift Committee is planning another Rummage Sale, Oct. 28th (Friday) 3:00pm – 7:00pm for Boundbrook residents only and (Saturday), Oct. 29th, 9;00AM – 5:00PM for the public. Residents are asked to drop off donated small items this time though, no furniture or clothing please. Come out and support the sale because remember the canopy is there as a result of successful fundraisers. Sympathies go to Duane Stuart, Director of Cluster 10, on the loss of a long time community stalwart, his wife Margaret. On a more up-beat note, the Social Committee is in the planning phase for the reception following the annual meeting. Hopefully this year, they will really open the purse strings and put on an innovative blow your socks off reception that appropriately recognizes and celebrates all the work done by our volunteers. Movies will start up again, October 10th with the showing of The Prime of Miss Jean Brody. Time to take a minute to thank Sharon Horine for all that she does for BB. She coordinates all ground maintenance activities, battles with residents’ intent on planting trees that some day we will need to have removed and intervenes with the County on behalf of residents’ intent on removing trees without permits that would lead to heavy fines. As well, she has been a Cluster Director when no one would do the job, helps the President prepare material for the board, takes minutes when no one else is available and generally steps up to take on anything that needs to be taken care of. If there is actually interest in a community vegetable garden this season, a champion or champions will have to move the initiative forward soon. There are practical matters that need to be addressed such as location, responsibilities of participants and Board approval. If you would like to become involved or better take on the project, contact our VP and Master Gardner, Eva Dunberg-Tarrant.

Allan Knights, Editor

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