Cluster 8/11: Malaga



3 thoughts on “Cluster 8/11: Malaga

  1. Mike Garcia

    It is becoming “dangerous” as we drive in and out of 8-11 especialy if you are coming out of the north side units because of large trees and shrubs at he corners of every building which obstructs the visibility of cars and pedestrians coming in and out. And “even though” I drive very slow (because I am aware of the problem) I see people that drive too fast and do not pay attention or don’t care about the visibily factor until one is “ON TOP” of the other person’s car !!!…therefore I am proposing (BEFORE IT BECOMES A LIABILITY) to chop down 2 trees on both ends on unit # 101 one is obstructing turns and the other is as one exits 8-11. Both trees are TOO LARGE and completely blocking view at leat at eye level while driving. Let’s take care of this before it becomes a liability fro Boundbrook.


    • olyvejames

      Hi Mike,

      I am the webmaster, and I will send this comment on to Bob James. I would also suggest that you share this concern with your Cluster Director, who will bring it to the Board.

      Jim Simone


      • Gordon

        Removal of the trees should be an action of the very, very , very last resort after all other options have been tried & failed.


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