Director’s Message To Cluster 9 Owners

TO:                Unit Owners in Cluster 9

FROM:           Jim Simone, Unit 206, Cluster 9 Director

DATE:            January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!  As of January 1, 2015 I will be taking on the role of Cluster 9 director.  As such, I will be the primary liaison between Cluster 9 owners and the Boundbrook Condominium Association (BCA); I will serve on the BCA Board, attend the monthly Board meetings and be your voice at all Association meetings.  Since the position of director is a volunteer position, I would ask that you join with me in understanding and implementing this role as we work together to make Cluster 9 a comfortable, peaceful, friendly and safe cluster in which to live.

Also, I am pleased to inform you that Jeanne Berry of Unit 208 will continue as alternate director, although I see Jeanne’s role as co-director.  Jean and I will work together to optimize our communication and service to the owners in Cluster 9.  Again, I would ask that you take into consideration that both Jeanne and I are volunteers in our positions.  We ask for both your cooperation and assistance as we assume our roles.

At this time I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to our past director, Elda Rodella of Unit 107.  Elda has served our cluster for many years and has been formidable in giving of her time to help meet all the needs of our cluster.  Thank you Elda for your selfless service.

Going forward in 2015, I would like to implement a forum for communication – scheduled Cluster 9 meetings.  I propose that we meet four to six times per year to discuss concerns, offer ideas, plan for events, and to keep owners informed of Association policies, proposals etc. that have impact on us as owners.  In the near future, I will send out a notice of tentative meeting dates.  I fully understand that not all owners may be available for such meetings, but it is my hope that as many owners as possible attend.  It is my firm belief that a forum for communication may help to minimize potential misunderstandings and will help to promote a positive approach to addressing issues that may arise.  These forums/meetings can also be opportunities for meeting neighbors and offering opinions/suggestions that may not otherwise be voiced.

As director, I will not be making unilateral decisions that affect our cluster.  For cluster business decisions that are independent of Association decisions (but still need approval from the Association Board), we as a cluster will decide by simple majority vote.  With 20 units in our cluster, a simple majority will be 11 votes, or half of eligible voters plus one.  I will not be making these decisions independently.  Such issues may include parking spaces and parking rules, if and when to reseal or blacktop parking area, replacement of roofs, painting of buildings and walkways etc.

We will continue to use the bulletin board located opposite the mailboxes for posting notices, maintenance scheduling, Association notices etc.  Please check the board on occasion for such notices.

Any owner wishing to report an emergency maintenance issue such as leaks from roofs or any issue that is the responsibility of the Association, may call me directly.  If I am not available, your may call Jeanne. We in turn will contact David or Ray Kerce.  If neither Jeanne nor I is available and you still have the emergency, call David or Ray Kerce directly, and inform Jeanne or me at your earliest convenience.   Also, complete the incidence form included in this folder, and return it to me or to Jeanne.  This will help us to keep records of issues that arise within the year; it also tracks accountability for our requests and responses.

For any tentative improvements to our individual units such as new windows, floors, construction of any kind etc., owners will submit a proposal to me, and in turn I will present your proposal to Ray Kerce for inspection, consideration and approval.  If the responsibility for repair or improvement belongs to the Association, a formal signed proposal is required in order for the Association to issue checks to the approved vendor/contractor.  If the improvement or change is the responsibility of the owner, an approval is required for verifying vendor licensing etc.  I have included both forms in this folder for your convenience.

Also, please be reminded that as an owner you are entitled to one parking space designated as “Owner” with your unit number.  Visiting guests may park in any space marked “Guest”.  Unauthorized vehicles parked in owner specific spaces will be towed at owner’s expense.

As we enjoy and observe our cluster and its surroundings, please feel free to submit to me or Jeanne any thoughts, suggestions you may have for improving our living experience here in Cluster 9 at Boundbrook Condominiums.  One of the first improvements I would suggest is to the dumpster gate.  The gate is falling apart, and its style exposes those ugly containers.  Other clusters have a fenced gate that hides the dumpsters and improves the outward appearance.  If you agree, let us know.  In the near future consider:  building painting, unit doors painting, walkway painting, and improvement of space under the open stairwell at the north end of the two level building.  We can discuss these at our first cluster meeting.

By mid-January 2015, look for Boundbrook’s new website at of which I am the Webmaster, and look for the new Boundbrook column that I will be writing in The Condo News. 

I can be reached at 917.862.9778.
Jeanne can be reached at 561.439.1431

Wishing you a joyful and healthy New Year!

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