May 26, 2016

Regular Monthly Board Meeting
May 26, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M., by President Bob James.  All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance, after which we had a moment of silence to honor soldiers in anticipation of Memorial Day 2016.


Cluster 2: Terry Dunn (A)
Cluster 3: Anne Ryan
Cluster 4: Absent
Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach
Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray
Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce
Cluster 9: Jim Simone
Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek
Cluster 12: Jack Marr
Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose

BOARD MINUTES:  Motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the April 28th meeting was made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Kirk Murray and passed unanimously.  Motion to accept the minutes as published from April 28th was made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Jack Marr and was passed unanimously.

VICE PRESIDENTS’ REPORTS:  Barbara Gehrkin reported: (1) Cluster 9, #106-dog request/owner has submitted all paperwork requested by Boundbrook, and it will be voted on by the Board at tonight’s meeting. (2) Prepared gutter contract for cluster 2. (3) License & Insurance collections are ongoing. (4) Still working with property appraisals on coding of forty-eight (48) one bedroom units listed as two bedrooms. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant reported: Had no projects to report on.  We had a good meeting with the property manager today.

PROPERTY MANAGER REPORT: (1) Infrastructural, there’s a sink hole, over a drainage outfall at the north side of the community, he has contacted three contractors to get a minimum of three bids for the job.  (2) He’s working with the office/Allied to get the accounts payable system set-up.  A list of procedurals was  distributed to the directors that were given to him by Anthony.  (3) He also needs all directors email addresses.


In the transition there were check delays, and BB&T was a little slow with helping out so as it stands now with the new electronic system Bob and Pat are going online to approve the invoices, and Allied will make sure the checks are mailed out or returned to BCA for dissemination. At some point there will be no requirements for any signatures.  Hopefully the entire financial situation will take at least a month to get resolved.  For now the contractors will need to understand that checks will be written twice a month, and for now once a week until we get things straighten out.  Only one unit was more than four months behind in their payment and that was taken care of in cash.  Now there’s only one owner more than three months behind, the rest are no more than two months.  The property manager will be setting up meetings with each director to discuss their unique issues within their clusters.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Operating receipts in April were $85,021.29, Operating Expenditures in April were $71,303.42.  Operating Accounts at BB&T were 87,417.29, Due in Equity -$51,027.83, Operating Balance $36,389.46, Improvement and Contingency Funds $271,810.48, Reserve Funds $265,616.27, Total $543.170.54.  Total Checking Account $574,091.21, Due from Accounts Receivable $5,543.86-2(2), 3(1), 4(2), 5(1), 6/7(1), 8/11(1), 13/14(1).

We are still a work in progress with the transfer of our financial records to Allied Property Management Group.  We knew at the out start that it would take time, and it is, but  we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Ray Kerce and 2nd  by Kirk Murray.  Passed unanimously.



Cluster 2: Terry Dunn stated the only issue is the gutters, and they have received their check

Cluster 3: Anne Ryan stated still working on the roofing project.  Three broken windows, glass guy will be out on Friday (5/27/16) to fix the windows. Once the windows are fixed the shutters can go back up and they will be all done.

Cluster 4:  Absent

Cluster 5:  Janice Kalmbach stated all is well.

Cluster 6/7:  Kirk Murray stated all is well.  David has resolved the small bee issue that was just getting started in the cluster. Thanked Ray for taking care of the leak in 122.  Bob thanked Marge for helping out in the cluster when Kirk is at work.

Cluster 8/11:  Ray Kerce stated good other than the renovation project.

Cluster 9:  Jim Simone stated good, with the exception of needing a good/reputable exterminator for the pest situation.  Property manager will assist with this situation.

Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek stated roofing is completed and the new hurricane shutters will go up on Friday (5/27/16). Next week the gutter project will start, he’s requesting the approval of $6500 for the gutters.  Motion was made by  Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Anne Ryan, Passed unanimously. Premium was the chosen contractor to do the job (we need license and insurance to be given to Barbara Gehrkin).

Cluster 12:  Jack Marr stated good, with the exception of inspection for unit 101.  The final inspection will be done on May 27, 2016.

Cluster 13/14:  Gino Graziose stated (1)Some of the roofs are completed; hurricane shutters can’t go up until the roofs are completely dried.  (2)Water main brake caused damage that needs repairs.  Shut off valves were going bad (rotten off) this was repaired by Gino. (3)Tree trimming-only for hurricane preparedness.


  1. Comcast: We received the signing bonus check $16,500. We received only a few complaints and all have been taken care of.  If you have any complaints regarding the HD box, please see Bob James who will speak directly with our contact person.
  2. Canal Outfalls: We need to get an estimate for the repair job and not to have someone come out and look at the issue.
  3. We will have an answer about the windows issue in 13/14 tomorrow.
  4. Ray is working with property manager for the windows in cluster 2 units 101 & 113. Cluster will pay $1350, the owner will be responsible for the deposit and whatever the cost left after the $1350 is paid by the cluster.  Motion for the cluster to pay up to the $1350 for each window was made by Kirk Murray and 2nd  by Roger Van Beek.  Passed unanimously.


  1. The Board has seventy-two (72) hours to review anything new that comes up . If there’s anything that we need a vote on tonight that did not have the seventy-two hours requirement it can be deferred until our next meeting, or we can have a special meeting.
  2. Cluster 9, Unit 106 dog request. Motion to approve the dog was made by Jim Simone, and 2nd  by Kirk Murray.  Passed unanimously.
  3. OEO complaint re: dog in cluster 6/7: Bob made an attempt to work with owner.  Owner sent a demand for three items: (1)A letter to be sent out to all 222 unit owners stating that an emotional support dog can go anywhere its owner goes just like a  service dog. This is a HUD written law that  we must comply with.  (2)Pay her doctor bill relating to this issue.  (3)She’s also demanding $1000 for herself.  Bob’s recommendation to the Board: (1)Letter to the unit owners (2)Pay the doctor bill when we see if it is within reason, with treatment dates and charges.  (3)There’s  no reason to pay the $1000, because she’s saying our volunteers worker have offended her.  We as volunteers are doing our best to serve BCA community to the best of our ability. However, if the Board chooses to pay it, we will pay it. Decision to wait until we get details on doctor bill.
  4. Second bedrooms/den in 1-bedroom units: Cluster 12-unit 110 is a 1 bedroom 1 ½ bath, this is a one family unit (alphabet for this unit is G), this is according to the declaration. Units with convertible may keep the wall but not use as a bedroom, only a den, unless prior approval by the board.  It can’t be listed or sold as a two bedroom.  Motion was made by Jack Marr, and 2nd by Jim Simone.  Passed unanimously.  Gino Graziose abstained from voting.
  5. Summer hours: Starting June 1, 2016 our office hours will be as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
  6. Unauthorized renovation in cluster 8/11 unit 118: Owners have gutted out bath and closet.  Ray has requested the owners to stop renovation, they were given a month to stop and return those two areas back to its original state.  They would not let Ray Kerce into the unit to inspect it, he’s seeking the board approval for entry to the unit, and to fine the owners $100 a day until it is restored to its original state, to start after the receipt of the letter.  Motion was made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.  A letter will go out to the owners


Alterations:  Bob, the property manager will handle.

Maintenance: None

Finance:  Good

Fines:  All fines have been paid.  We voted tonight that a fine be given to unit 118, cluster 8/11

Gifts:  None

Grounds Maintenance: Next week will start the walk through to each cluster for tree trimming.

Insurance:  Reappraised for the property value is at $26,000.000.00.

Legal:  Estoppels paid so far this year is at $1800, six units are for sale with the average cost of $51,500 to $89,900.

Library:  Good to have Jeanne back. Thanks for all the books, and thanks also to Sandy Marr and Tom & Barbara Franklin for keeping things going while Jeanne was out.

Membership:  (1) Cluster 12 Unit 110   Owners: Laura & Paul Romeus – Buyers: Morgan Kelner. Membership recommends approval.  Motion was made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.  (2) Cluster 6/7 Unit 101  Owner: Gabriel Isasi Jr. – Additional Occupant: Margarita Acosta.  Board approval is contingency upon Gabriel at all times living in the unit, Margarita must sign this contingency. Membership recommends approval.  Motion was made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Jim Simone.  Passed unanimously. Membership application will be handled by Allied, and once they get vetted it will be handed back to membership to do the interview and the board will do the approval.

Newsletter:  Will come out sometime in June

Pool Maintenance: Rat traps are needed for the pool area.  Four cushions are needed for the white chairs under the canopy.

Security:  There were some reports about flying drones in the community. If you see this, please report it to the police department, and let Gerry or Mikee Roy know.  There was an incident where an owner backing into her parking spot and she lost control of the car and it went into a wall fortunately it didn’t damage Sharon’s house.

Social:  There will be a meeting on June 2nd in the clubhouse for the 4th of July.  If anyone is interested in joining the committee, please see Jeanne she can use the help.

Sunshine: (1) Cluster 6/7: Frances Deaver-Died on 5/1/16; (2) Cluster 9:Elda Rodella had surgery on her knee-Get Well; (3)Cluster 13/14: Helena Phillips-Died, a sympathy card was given to the family (Joanna Hollis, daughter) she was 104 years old.

Webmaster:  Good, there will be no movies until September.

Water Report:  Good


Sad to report the death of our oldest unit owner, Helena Phillips at 104, in cluster 13/14.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  June 23, 2016

Motion to adjourn by Jim Simone and 2nd by Kirk Murray

Respectfully Submitted by
Gloria Sheriff, Acting as Recording Secretary for Christine Burling
Thursday, May 26, 2016



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