December 3, 2016

Annual Meeting
Saturday December 3, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 3:00 P.M. by President Bob James. He welcomed any new members to their first meeting. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation was made by Monsignor Jed Patrick. Gerry Roy our Secretary confirmed that we have a quorum. We want to thank Inspectors of Election: Gordon Whitten, Frank Randall, Anne Valentine and Rita Kanfoush for counting.

MINUTES OF DECEMBER 5, 2015. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes made by Winnie Leary and 2nd by Kathy Peler. Passed unanimously.

VICE- PRESIDENTS’REPORTS. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant stated that she had too much to report at the meeting. Barbara Gehrkin stated that she made sure all contractor licenses and insurance were up to date. She also worked on helping people comply with our dog policy. She was working with the county on our 1 bedroom units being listed as two bedrooms units.

TREASURER’S REPORT. (Pat Kerce) Treasurer. Boundbrook began the year with total assets of $774,862.68 during the year we spent roughly $275,000 from our reserves and contingency accounts for new roofing, roofing repairs, and guttering for Clusters 2, 3, 4, 10. And 13/14. It was necessary for Cluster 3 to assess owners for the roofing project. In addition to roofing we had some costly pool expenses, which included repair of the pool heater, a new circulating pump and new LED lights, which cost around $4,300. Resealing the parking lots in clusters 8/11, 10 and 12 was completed at a cost of around $10,500. As of October 31st our total assets stood at $644,851.04. We still remain in fairly good shape financially. Insurance for Boundbrook is still being negotiated with the insurance company and we have the needed coverage for the present. We were given an unpleasant surprise when the policy came up for renewal in November at a cost of around $150,000 as opposed to the $94,000 and $91,000 paid in 2014 and 2015. As of November 30th our delinquent accounts receivable stand at $19,996.99. Letters go out after the 10th of the month with late fees added after the first letter. We will also handle those who are delinquent for two months or more with a “30 day letter” that implies posting a lien on the property if not paid by the granted 30 days. In May we engaged Allied Property Management Co., a property management and financial accounting firm. Pat was excited to begin with a new financial operating system but it was short lived. Because Allied used the TOPS accounting software it was very difficult for them and their accountant to conform to our format which include separate budgets for ten condos plus a general budget. For Pat it was a nightmare and after ending our contract with them in September we went back to Sebastian Yeend’s company in an effort to restructure the accounting from  May thru September. We are still trying to work out the kinks Allied left us with, but we have come a long way since last May. Kim Smith has gone above and beyond to bring us current. One cannot appreciate the extent of Boundbrook’s complex finances until they have walked in the Treasurer’s or financial accounting firm’s shoes. Pat says thank you for your patience and understanding over the past few months as the transitions were taking place. It is her greatest hope that by January 1, 2017 our financials will be in order and we can move forward with a clean slate for the coming year. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report made by Vinnie Socci and 2nd by Jiggs Petrucci. Passed unanimously.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. (Gerry Roy secretary.) Gerry thanks everyone who helped get this meeting done; especially Hobbss for handling the incoming ballots. Special thanks to Frank Randall for his excellent work on the census. Thanks to all the staff in the office (Gloria and all the volunteers) for their help all year long. Thanks to the people who checked us in at the Front Desk today and those who counted all the votes.


Cluster 2. (Steve Burling director, Terry Dunn and Pat Borden alternates.)In 2016 Cluster 2 did some of the roofs, put up some new gutters and did painting. They recently did a smoke test for rats and hopefully that problem will soon be under control.

Cluster 3, (Anne Ryan director, Tony Quist alternate.) Cluster 3 put on flat roofs in entire cluster for a total of 14, tile roofs on units 201 to 206 for a total of 6. Addendum’s to the original contract included extensive rebuilding of the clerestory structures. It was necessary to have an assessment of about $1,000 per unit. New gutters on all the roofs. Anne thanks Tony for another year of beautiful flowers. Mimi Oltmanns in unit 112 passed away in November. She was a nice addition to the cluster and her passing at such a young age was sad. Anne has enjoyed being the director of Cluster 3 for the past 3 years. She would like to thank Mikee Roy and Howard Lainhart for taking over.

Cluster 4. (Judit Balint director, Charles Evans and Anthea Charles alternates.)Cluster 4 replaced 4 roofs on units 107 to 110. After the replacement new gutters were installed. The bedroom ceiling of unit 108, damaged due to water leakage from the roof, was replaced. To upgrade and repair the sprinkler system they replaced the pump, the pipe leading to the canal, and the check valve. The parking lot bumpers were painted. The roof in unit 205 had a leak, and it was repaired. They have started to paint parts of the outside walls that are most needed. They arranged 4 yard sales at the clubhouse and raised a total of $1,157. For 2017 the plan is to take care of the termite problem in the two-story building, investigate replacement of roof in building containing units 111-114, revisit the parking issue.

Cluster 5. (Janet Kalmbach director, Susan Sorelle alternate)Cluster 5 had the buildings repainted. They put up a new address sign. The sidewalk replacement, repair and staining are underway. 7 diseased palms were removed.

Cluster 6/7. (Kirk Murray director, Allan Knights alternate.)This was the year that Cluster 6/7 completed their multi-year budget challenging roofing refurbishment project. Sad in some ways in that we dealt with the death of several longtime residents, happy in others in that we welcomed new owners. They survived the knock and run brats from Lakewood. They got their boulevard wall and perimeter fence repaired. They made it through the tons of leaves, the acorns, and the hordes of squirrels that their prolific oaks produce. They had new gates made for the dumpsters, refurbished the mail room and added plantings and mulched all over. Kirk likes to think that they were good corporate citizens. They spoke out when they could not support issues but they were not hesitant to be champions and support worthy causes. As we all did, they came through the fringe hurricane unscathed and finally and most importantly, they looked after each other and themselves.

Cluster 8/11. (Ray Kerce director, Frank Randall alternate.) Cluster 8/11 had their parking area coated with slurry and topped off with sealer. They will be replacing their 25 amp fuses in breaker room for all units in 2017. They will be painting all units exteriors in 2017.

Cluster9. (Jim Simone director and Jeanne Berry alternate.) No report given

Cluster 10. (Duane Stuart director, Roger Van Beek alternate.) Duane Stuart is Team Director with Roger Van Beek as assistant Team Director, with the cooperation of all team owners they have upgraded their cluster without assessment this year by the following. New flat roof (has reduced electric bills by $10 to $20 dollars per month). New gutters on all units. Refurbished all units’ clerestory shutters. Parking lot is sealed. Updated exterior paint. All units are under yearly contract for termites. Cluster 10 will be funding reserves at 40% for 2017. There was no increase in Maintenance charges for 2017.

Cluster 12. (Jack Marr director, Nick Schiavone alternate.) Cluster 12 resealed their parking lot. They took a rat agreement with Nordic Pest Control. There was no increase in assessments for 2017. Jack thanks Nick and asks for patience and understanding.

Cluster 13/14. (Gino Graziose director, Janice Cappelli alternate.)Cluster 13/14 replaced a few roofs. Gino had no more to say because he is in a house of God.


ALTERATIONS. Chair: Ray Kerce. Ray said the only major problem in 2016 was one unit putting up walls that were not authorized. A reminder that if you are not sure of getting something done in your unit get with Ray or your Director.

BUDGET. Pat Kerce and David Purtz. David said that he got all budgets out to all clusters except one that didn’t want his help.

FINANCE. Chair Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Members Bernie Figueroa, Pat Kerce, David Purtz and Bob James Fines. Sharon Horine, Darlene Kohuth and Kathy Peler. They do the appeals. We have 1 fine pending.

GIFT. Chair: Tony Quist. Members Stark Humphreys, Jan Kalmbach, Sue Sorelle and a committee of many. They completed the awning project this past year. Held a rummage sale in October.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE. Chair: Sharon Horine. Members Allan Knights, Mary Lou Nelson and Tony Quist. We go into 2017 with yet another year with All-American Landscaping under William Henderson. Helping keep weeds and bugs under control, we have PPMSF under Sean Kilby with 2 complete ground sprays a year, though a third would be helpful. Also of assistance is Jim Stecki of Local Knowledge Stecki Style for our annual tree trimming in late spring, and additional work when requested. All these vendors are familiar with our property. Our canal bank is being finished and smoothed out this month. We added mowing of our canal area to our landscaping contract. We have our first Tree Replacement Permit from the PBC Zoning Division. Once Jim Stecki is back to help us, our Directors can tell me their orders for tree (and stump) removal, and then face the really big expense of buying and installing new trees to replace them that must be 12 feet tall. The permit work must be completed before April 25th. A new fence along our western border was put on hold. Sharon wants to thank her committee of Allan Knights, Mary Lou Nelson, and Tony Quist. Unfortunately, Mary Lou and Tony will not be on the committee next year. She also wants to thank Ray Kerce for all his help, especially in the summer when she is here alone.

INSURANCE. Bob James. Insurance companies are increasing their rates, so don’t expect them to go down anytime soon. The Directors will be holding a meeting after the Annual Meeting to discuss insurance.

LAUNDRY. Howard (Hobbss) Lainhart. Hobbss is doing a good job of taking care of the laundry room. He is keeping it nice and clean and fixing machines when needed. We showed a profit for this year.

LEGAL. Bob James. We are now down to having only 2 units left to sell. They are listed at $89,900 and $99,000. The prices are going up and the availability is going down. Our estoppel moneys are divided up to all 10 clusters at the end of the year. This year we made $6,000. We have no lawsuits at this time. When Bob started there were 22 foreclosures and now we have Zero. We have one person that has now reached the 90 day past due.

LIBRARY. Jeanne Berry.

MAINTENANCE. Ray Kerce. Ray says that if you see David Woods thank him for all the hard work he is doing. David was a big help in digging the trench in Cluster 9 when they had their electrical problems. Ray goes to Home Depot each morning, so if you need anything get in contact with him.

MEMBERSHIP. Chair: Janice Cappelli, and Kathy Peler. This is Janice’s 5th year on the membership committee. The committee gets to meet all of the unit owners, occupants, additional occupants and renters when Membership interviews them for residency. The process is as follows: Membership receives and reviews the signed purchase contracts or leases and provides prospective Buyer or Renter with a Boundbrook application to be completed for residency. This application must be reviewed carefully to avoid delays in the processing. Membership faxes the applications for background and credit checks to the investigating agency. Once they receive the report, they review it and then interview the Buyers or Renters and present our report and recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board votes as to whether or not they are approved for residency in Boundbrook. Janice also keeps a monthly report by Cluster, Unit#, name of Previous Owner, Approved Buyer, Sole Occupant, Additional Occupant or Renter. Also the purchase price of the sale and the date approved by the board of directors. In 2016, we processed (19) purchase applications. Out of the (19) Sales, (7) Buyers purchased the units for their families as occupants, that amounted to (10) additional applications that had to be reviewed and interviewed. All interested parties were approved except one. (2) Rental applications were processed. The units that were sold ranged from $49,000 to $89,000, depending on the size and condition of the unit. Following are the names of our owners.

Cluster 2. Francisco Garcia.

Cluster 3. Mary Eaderesto.

Cluster 3. Muriel Sullivan with an additional occupant of her daughter Predonna Littleton.

Cluster 3. Karen Rezin.

Cluster 4. Dennis and Stephanie Trudeau.

Cluster 4. Crager Shurger.

Cluster 5. Andrew Stein and Annette Weber as buyers and occupants, with son and daughter-in-law Bruce and Sara Weber also buyers.

Cluster 6/7. Barbara Robak.

Cluster 6/7. Lenora Kirner.

Cluster 8/11. Edward and Anita Smith, Buyers with the sole occupant Anita’s mother, Lucy Brenner.

Cluster 8/11. Omar Padilla and Dalia Pelaez.

Cluster 9. James Benson.

Cluster 10. Timothy Deckert, Buyer with occupants father Chas Deckert and friend Mary Jaudon.

Cluster 10. Robert Cusell (son) and Maria Cusell (mother), with additional occupant, Juan Cusell Maria’s son is occupying unit with his mother.

Cluster 12. Don Taylor, Buyer. Sole occupant is Mother-in-law Grace Keim.

Cluster 12. Bruce Erhard.

Cluster 12. Morgan Kelner.

Cluster 12. Dr. and Mrs. Jose Hernandez Jr. and Jose and Marie Hernandez Sr., occupants are the Father and Mother.

Cluster 13/14. Samuel Rodriguez, Buyer with sole occupant his mother, Maria Rodriguez.


Cluster 9. Helen King and Daisy Cuevas.


Cluster 6/7. Bernardo Figueroa.

Cluster 6/7. Margarita Acosta.

Cluster 8/11. Craig Kerce.

Cluster 10. Maureen Shannon.

Janice states the volunteering in Membership is a time consuming job, if done correctly and accurately. Kathy Peler and her committee are interviewing Property Management Companies, they will be taking quite a bit of the Membership responsibilities away from Kathy and Janice. Maybe they can get back to enjoying retirement here in Boundbrook.

NEWSLETTER. Allan Knights. He will be putting one out next week. If you ever want to see something put into the newsletter contact Allan.

POOL MAINTENANCE. Chair: Jim D’Eredita, with Ray Kerce and Bob James members. They had to repair the heater and put in new pool lights.

SECURITY. Chair: Mikee Roy and Gerry Roy. In February the Fire Department came to discuss with us fire safety, CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver and falls. Three teens in masks banged on one of our resident’s door. One night two loud bangs were heard. A resident saw a teenager in a hoodie standing by a resident’s back door. Subsequently, there was a bang on a door, and two other residents nearby were afraid. We called the county sheriff’s office to report these incidents and requested a greater presence of sheriff cars in the neighborhood. These incidents seem to have stopped. In April during one evening there was a break-in of a car belonging to a resident in Cluster 13/14. The car may have been unlocked. The car was ransacked, but nothing of value was taken except a flashlight. In July one of our residents was unable to open her back door. A chair had been wedged on the door. Two days following this incident, someone smashed her staghorn fern from a tree. In November the irrigation pump that is located between Clusters 2 and 3 was vandalized. Security called the sheriff to report the incident. The Case Number is 16151922.

SOCIAL. Chair: Jeanne Berry with a committee of Sandy Marr, Johnnie Morgan, Darlene Kohuth, Adele Mancini, Barbara Franklin, Marilyn Gomersall and Vasilia Laskaris.

SUNSHINE. Jeanne Berry and Anne Valentine.

WEBMASTER. Jim Simone.

Directory. David Purtz.

PROPERTY MANAGER SEARCH COMMITTEE. Members Kathy Pelar, Ray Kerce, Pat Kerce, Janice Kalmbach and Allan Knights. Last May we hired Allied as our Property Manager unfortunately they didn’t work out and we let them go in October. They looked at 7 Management Companies and have narrowed it to 3. Kathy, Janice and Pat have each interviewed and hopefully we will make a decision soon.

OFFICE VOLUNTEERS. Our paid helper Gloria Sheriff: and Sandy Marr, Winnie Leary, Mary Sline, Dawn Arteca, Kathy Pelar, Hobbss Lainhart and back-ups Frank Randall, Mikee Roy, Anne Ryan, Adele Mancini Mary Lou Nelson and Eve Anna Davis

CLUSTER DIRECTORS FOR 2017. Cluster 2: Steve Burling Director and Pat Borden Alternate Director. Cluster 3: Mikee Roy Director and Howard (Hobbss) Alternate Director. Cluster 4: Judit Ballint Director no Alternate at this time. Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach Director and Tim Krot Alternate Director. Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray Director and Allan Knights Alternate Director. Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce Director and David Purtz Alternate Director. Cluster 9: Jim Simone Director and Jeanne Berry Alternate Director. Cluster 10: Duane Stuart Director and Roger Van Beek Alternate Director. Cluster 12: Jack Marr Director and Nick Schiavone Alternate Director. Cluster 13/14: Gino Graziose Director and Janice Cappelli Alternate Director. Director at Large: Anne Ryan


The results of the 2016 Annual Meeting Ballot Vote.

  1. Issue 1, reducing reserves for 2017, 109 yes and 10 no.
  2. Issue 2, sprinkler retrofitting, 115 yes and 20 no.
  3. Issue 3, reducing audit for 2016, 83 yes and 13 no.


Nothing to report

Motion to adjourn made by Vinnie Socci and 2nd by Winnie Leary. Passed unanimously. On a personal note I would like to thank Bob James for all the help he gave me as Recording Secretary.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
December 3, 2016

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