December 6 2014 Annual Meeting



Saturday, December 6, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p. m. by President Bob James.

All rose for the Invocation which was made by Monsignor Jed Patrick, then President Bob James led the Pledge of Allegiance.

First order of business was to certify that we have a quorum. Secretary said that we had a quorum with 156 returned. No one reported that they did not receive notice of the meeting.

President moved to waive the reading of the 2013 minutes. Motion made by Gerry Roy and 2nd by Jimmy Simone. All approved.

TREASURE’S REPORT: Boundbrook had a good year. We are financially solvent with $ 789,444.84 in assets. Our reserves continue to build even as we begin to replace much needed roofs in several clusters. In some instances assessments were required and our great Boundbrook residents came through without complaint. We were also able to completely renovate the pool at a cost of just over $30,000.00. We are all proud of the results. The 2013 audit was completed with good results. Our property insurance is fully paid for 2015 and we are looking forward to another great year for Boundbrook. Please continue to pay your monthly assessments on the first day of each month and be sure to pay the correct amounts. This makes bookkeeping for our accounting firm and your treasure much easier and less time consuming. A big thank you to all cluster directors and especially to Ruth Merchant for helping me as I continue to learn all the ins and outs of the bookkeeping for our great Boundbrook community. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report made by Ray Kerce and 2ndby Ruth Merchant. All approved.

SECRETARYS REPORT: Thanks to Christine Burling for taking over as recording secretary. Also my husband Frank for all his help. Thanks to David Purtz for helping with the Directory and the census. The votes on the audit were 154 yes and 2 no. The surplus funds 155 yes and 1 no. The statuary funds all 156 yes.

President asked that we all pause and remember all friends and loved ones that we lost this past year. (Jean Heselton, Lynn Lightbody, Juan Oramas, Jennie Petrucci, Ted Anderson and Virginia Fleeger)



Cluster 3: Anne Ryan Reported that they have a parking policy in place. Welcome to Gerry and Marion Roy and Mimi Oltmanns. Thanks to assistant director Tony Quist.

Cluster 4: Rita Kanfoush (asst. Patrick Lambert) We replaced some windows and shutters. Hopefully next year we can get some work done on the parking lot and get some painting done. We are working on a parking policy.

Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach (asst. Mike Rollins) We had tremendous finance problems. We had electrical problems and black top problems. Even with the special assessment to replace roof everyone is happy and it has been a good year.

Cluster 6/7: Stark Humphreys (asst. Kirk Murray) Tile roofs are all complete, plan on getting the parking area resurfaced in the next few months. It’s been a good year.

Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce. We had 2 cluster parties held by our previous director Frank Randall in the early spring before the snow birds left. We re did our fountain area. Thanks again for the help of Frank Randell and Darlene Kohuth. No major problems.

Cluster 9: Elda Rodella (asst. Jeanne Berry) No major expenses. We had some electrical problems. We re- did some parking spots to make it easier for some to get in and out. It was a good year.

President said that Elda is stepping down and asks everyone to thank her for all her work. Jim Simone is going to take her place next year.

Cluster 10: Duane Stuart (asst Roger Van Beek) All is good and would like to thank all members for their cooperation. Roger is out of the hospital and at home.

Cluster 12: Sharon Horine (asst. Barbara Gehrkin) We have a contract to paint the outside of the buildings that will begin shortly. In addition, we are rewiring jerry-rigged jobs of wiring, one that is a hazard. We are also replacing broken and unsightly plastic tubing that holds the Comcast cable. We replaced 3 tile roofs and struggled to get the lien releases. The powder-coated guardrail was finally completed, also a struggle to get the lien released. David and Ray Kerce replaced the old utility door by chair lift. We may continue with plans to re-seal the parking area and parking striping and car bumpers with upgraded white paint. Barbara and I do not plan to continue as Directors.

Cluster 13/14: Gino Graziose (asst. Janice Cappelli) We have 40 units, double of most other clusters. We had 4 roofs done. We painted all buildings, everyone is happy. We have had sewer drainage problems for some time. It was costing us some money so I purchased a pressure hose and David cleans with it every 2 weeks. We had a very serious leak and I had to call the Palm Springs Water Authority. They said it was going to cost $ 380 dollars but I negotiated it for free in exchange for a venison roast.

President said that we are one of two Associations in South Florida that are running on all volunteers and would like to really thank all the Directors for all the work that they put into Boundbrook.


Alterations: Ray Kerce . Most alterations in Boundbrook this year were confined to porch enclosures and storm windows. Largest project was unit 125 in cluster 8/11. Most new roofs were in cluster 12, cluster 6/7, cluster 5 and cluster 13/14. We will be working on sidewalks and curbing issues in 2015. He thanks Gerry Roy for going on the committee.

Pool: Ray Kerce. Thanks to board of directors for your cooperation and also to the Boundbrook Community for your cooperation during the construction. We have new tile around men’s and women’s bath entrance and new umbrellas. Two new water heaters are installed and new shower on pool deck. All new PVC piping in pool maintenance room. In 2015 we are looking forward to new pavers in completed pool deck as project has been approved by board and contract signed. Thanks to Geno for his help in this project. We are also completing the pool room into a new exercise room.

President thanked Ray for all his hard work.

Directory: Chairman David Purtz and Charlotte Randall. We created and had printed the red 2014 directory. We recreated in word the 2015 directory. We can provide an electronic copy to those with e-mail. We are continuing to work with membership to update the directory as unit owners and renters change. Please everyone check the 2014 directory to see if information is correct, if not fill out a form and return it as soon as possible. Thanks to Sharon for future help with the directory.

Budget: David Purtz, Pat Kerce, Ruth Merchant and Bob James. David Purtz spoke. David Purtz created the 2015 budgets all in excel. The water report is linked to the budget. Coordinated with membership to update coupon list with new owners. Estimated replacement costs are based on # of units with multipliers of recent contract prices. Created the 2016 budget that is linked to the water report and the reserves additions and usage table. Will continue to coordinate ownership changes with membership. Thanks to Anne Ryan for helping with the water report. Also thanks to Anne for finding out about rate increases and looks like we will have anywhere from a 2 ½ TO 4 % increase so we should prepare for that. The sewer charge is tied into the water rate so please watch and conserve how much you use your water whenever possible. Would like to thank Janice Cappelli for getting with all the new owners about water usage

Finance: We only have one fine pending. Only had five fines issued this year.

Gift Committee: Allan Knights is Chairman, members are Sandy Marr, Jan Kalmbach, Frank Randall, Tony Quist, Kirk Murry, Susan Sorelle, Vasilia Laskaris and Pierre Rouillard. Sandy spoke. A three page report put together by Allan was handed out that gave a good overview. In the clubhouse is a sketch of the main improvement which is the canopy project. It will double the room for events. There is also a chart that tells where the money goes. The main goal of the committee is to get donations from the community to do things that are not funded by the Boundbrook operating budget. The canopy project will be on the south end of the clubhouse. The canopy can be removed in the event of a hurricane. There is also a drop cloth that can be lowered in the rain. This canopy will double the room for social

Events. The committee will also accept donations in the form of a memorial. If you need suggestions see a committee member. Tony Quist has volunteered to help with fundraisers.

Grounds Maintence: Sharon Horine, Allan Knights, Mary Lou Nelson and Tony Quist. (Sharon spoke) We welcomed the Beautification Committee with the arrival of Tony Quist. He has already planted flowers by the entrance and given me help. More of you each year are asking for my advice in landscaping. I’m so happy to help anyway that I can. Please keep the plants and bushes small in the 2 feet by your units and do not plant anything out in the turf. Kathy Peler helped me with several landscaping projects this summer. All this help is gratifying. Our arboricola hedge and 5 foot chain link fence installed in 2013 along Florida Mango perimeter are enhancing our security. We have proof because someone trying to break into a unit in Cl. 13/14 was unable to exit our property until down by the office and by that time the sheriff caught him. And the hedge looks beautiful. Our annual tree trimming was completed in June. We got rid of old tree stumps and made progress getting rid of invasive trees. Our tree trimmer is Jim Stecki. We have 3 beautiful native trees that we’ve added to our canopy. A deep lilac crepe myrtle and a yellow cassia were added between Cluster 2 and Cluster 3. Barbara Fischer made a sizable donation on that effort. For Cluster 10, Roger and Mary Lou paid for and planted a Pigeon Plum between Cl 10 and Cl 3. Please thank these people. We have had 2 special sprayings this year for weed and pest control, with comprehensive one due this month. The swale area on the south end continues to be a problem. Cars pull over on the grass and people throw trash there. I always ask our weed company to give that area extra consideration. We let the landscaping contract for 2015 again with All-American. Landscaping improvements will continue this winter.

Insurance: President Bob James. We are well insured with $ 25 million in coverage. We have had no hurricanes in the last 9 years. We paid the entire amount which saved us 5% in interest. We transferred the sink hole and terrorism insurance from Citizens to the policy where we have our liability. This way we had a savings of $6,500 dollars.

Laundry: Mary Sline. We are pretty much self-sustained.

Legal: President Bob James. We have 13 units of sale. 6 MLS 7 by bank or owner. 4 are in foreclosure. We have put a lien against them. Prices range from $33,000 to $79,900. I have prepared 9 formal contracts this year. We are in need of volunteers. Marion Roy has volunteered for the Security committee. A list of 21 needed positions are on the bulletin boards.

Canal update. 2014 was a monumental year that began 10 years ago working with the Lake Worth Drainage District to reclaim what we thought was our property. A legal review of the matter before that time showed that land that was even inside our westernmost buildings was not ours. Title searches as individual units were sold seemed to skirt the matter, but it always hung over us. At this time we are in the completing phase. In total 20.55 feet of Boundbrook right of way has been re-inherited. Contractor has agreed to reduce from the 13,000 quote so no special assessments are required. Each Appropriate unit will be quick claimed the property at no cost to the owner. Judge Don Campbell and Harlan Carroll helped me get a review jumpstarted before they left for the summer. Then I dug in, with the DD, a local law firm/title company, the Water District, and a company that is extending drainage and intake pipes

For us. There is still work to be done, but I am confident that we will be pleased with the final result. Walk over to our canal and see the progress. Probably $100,000 worth of weed tree and underbrush work has been completed, at no cost to us. Ten feet of fill has been brought in for the length of our property, work and material that they estimated cost them probably half a million dollars, again at no cost to us. The DD still owns most of the land near the canal, and we cannot plant anything in that area, as they will be bringing large equipment from time to time. We have to put in a gate on Florida Mango for their use. I will be updating you through the Board meetings and in the newsletter as we work toward completion of this huge undertaking.

Library: Jeanne Berry. We have a lot of books donated. We are open 8 to 8 every day.

Membership: Janice Cappelli, Marilyn Rolins, Barbara Franklin and Kathy Peler. Janice spoke. Marilyn and I have been serving on the Membership Committee for the past 2 to 3 years. Barbara and Kathy Peler have volunteered as assistants. The Mandate for the Membership Committee is to gather the necessary information on new buyers and renters to be presented to the board which voted as to whether or not they are approved for residency in Boundbook. Kathy Peler established the Boundbrook Orientation Coordinator position under the Membership Committee to help inform prospective buyers about rules and regulations and answer other pertinent questions about living here before they decide to purchase. Once Membership receives a signed purchase contract or lease we provide buyer/renter with a BB application to be completed for residency. Membership faxes the applications for background and credit checks to the investigating agency. Once we receive the report and review it we then interview the buyers/renters. We present our report to the Board of Directors. In 2014 we processed 17 purchases and 4 rental applications. The units sold from $27,400 to $67,000. We have 1 buyer and 3 rentals pending for 2014.

Following are the names of our new owners and renters.

Owners: CL2, Soledad Romero. Cl3, Marie Oltmanns and Gerry and Marian Roy. CL. 4, Anthea Bruce. CL6/7, Lois Casper and Virgie Sue Bales.Cl8/11,Harlan and Russell Carroll, Susan Carroll(occupant), Cl9,Cheryl Gilbert, Kathleen Peler, Gaudencia Ela Segui, Bertha Sarria, Addison Johnston.Cl 10. Wayne Kalmback, Cynthia Sutherland and Mark Inglot.Cl12, Mikhail and Esfira Gorelick. CL13/14, Mary Etta Abromaitis and Eva Maria Gostin.

Renters: Cl5, Raquel Podbiel. Cl 9, Jean Noel, Cassie and Rejeanne Beaulieu. Cl 9, Howard Lainhart and James Deredita. Cl13/14, Deborah Earwood.

Occupants or Move in: Cl4, Emma Soler. Cl6/7, John Dillon. Cl8/11, Janet Castaldy. Our plans of next year remain the same with additional attention to clarifying the current guidelines and streamline the process if possible.

Newsletter: Allan Knights. One more addition will be out this year.

Recreation Room: Dawn Arteca, Barbara Gehrkin and Tom Franklin. Barbara spoke. Ray got the paint and someone in cluster 12 has volunteered to paint. We will have rubber flooring with a cost of $300, treadmill with a cost of$ 600, a recumbent bike with a cost of$ 380 and mats with a cost of $150. The treadmill and bike will have heart monitors on them. You must sign a release to use the equipment. A TV may be added.

Social: Jeanne Berry. Everyone was invited to the clubhouse after the meeting. The committee plan on having 5 parties in 2015 watch the bulletin board.

Sunshine: Jeanne Berry and a committee of 15. 56 cards went out in 2014.

Security: Marian Roy. She is new.

Web Master: Jim Simone. There is a 99 dollar a year charge per year for ownership and maintenance. The web address I went with World Our name will now show up on google and other search engines. I would like to interview a couple and a single person. You can click on a link that will take you to the social networking which will be Facebook. Target date will be the first week in January. Susan Sylvester made a motion that the Association pay for the 99 dollars. Seconded by Ruth. All agreed.

Office volunteers. Sandra Marr, Winnie Leary, Dawn Arteca, Mary Sline, Kathy Pilar, Alternates Frank Randall and Marian Roy.

All Directors are the same with the exceptions of Cluster2 no one. Cluster 12 no one. Cluster 8/11 needs a Director. Cluster 5 Susan Surrell. Cluster 9 Jim Simone

Ruth Merchant thanked Bob for all his hard work with the canal.

Motion to adjourn made by Mimi Oltmanns and seconded by Kathy Pilar. All agreed.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Burling, Recording Secretary. 6 Dec 2014

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