February 2015

President’s Message

Another month goes by and we get closer to losing our “snowbirds”.  I want to thank those of you that jumped in and helped this year.  The gift committee, the guardhouse work folks to name a couple. I have but one subject this month and that is SUPPORT YOUR GIFT COMMITTEE

Bob James

Business News

The L-9 Canal project is, for the most part, a fait accompli with wrap up anticipated end of the month.  A fence has been erected to prevent access to Boundbrook from Florida Mango where our property line meets the canal.  The fence along our westerly limits will need to be repaired to prevent access from Amberwood as there has been quite a bit of pedestrian traffic taking the shortcut.

The Boundbrooks website is up and running. The address is ww.Boundbrookcondos.com.

Changes to the Dog Policy, prepared by Sharon Horine, have been accepted by the Board.

Seems we have some wannabe NASCAR drivers residing in Boundbrook that are testing their skills on the Boulevard.  Before the decision is taken to install speed bumps, we are borrowing a digital sign from the Sherriff’s Department that will give us a better appreciation of the issue.  Remember the Boulevard is not that clearly lit and residents cross that are not necessarily geared to outdistance a speeding vehicle.

Condo Sales
 and Rentals

We have 11 units for sale. 6 are MLS listings and 5 are bank or by owner. (3are foreclosures subject to short sales) 3 are now under contract so we are down to 8 units available. Prices range from a low of $25,900 (ouch) to a high of $73,000.

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of Cluster 12-112 to Nicholas Schiavone, Cluster 12-107 to Kevin O’Bryan and the occupancy of Cluster 12-113 by Antoinette and Joseph Niegsch were approved by the Board.


Well thanks to the intervention of Bob and Ray with the pool maintenance contractor, the pool coping is getting quite a bit more hands on scrubbing and looks a lot better. With more and more residents and guest coming to the pool, we may need to start looking at increasing the number of chairs/lounges available.  Pool hours have been confirmed as being 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM weekdays and 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekends.

Reports from the Clusters indicate that thanks to the Director’s continuing vigilance, all is well or under control.  Rats and ants may not as yet be fully aware.



The Grounds Committee with the help of Sue Sorelle and of course Ray Kerce, who always is called on when the going gets tough, have really spruced up the Gate House-Entrance.  A new paint job, plantings and a refitted fountain sure make a difference.

Please remember, though we feel that the trees growing in Boundbrook are ours to do with as we please; the County feels otherwise and there are very stiff fines that are being levied if any tree is destroyed without a permit.  Please don’t play Davey Crockett, check with Sharon Horine who will apply for a permit.  You should know, in advance, that these permits are not easy to come by and what may seem to be a very sound reason for removal, may very well result in a ‘permit denied’ response.


Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

The February Ice Cream Social/Valentine’s Party was another success with over 65 attending under clear skies.  The St Patrick’s Party is planned for Sunday March 15th. Please be sure to sign up and pay in advance for the St Patrick’s Party because there will be no walk ins.

Canopy Fund Raiser Pool Picnic is planned for Saturday March 21rst from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM with Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Calico Beans, Potato Salad, 3 Bean Salad, Cole Slaw, Country Salad, Chips and Soft Drinks.  Homemade Desserts (Eve Anna Davis & Mary Lou Nelson).

Gifting has already been explained as an approach to funding improvement initiatives that are outside our operating budget.  In addition to some initial donations from residents of BB, recently sponsored events have raised ($328) Soup and Salad Lunch, ($492) Spaghetti Dinner, ($313) Bake Sale, ($1350) Rummage Sale and ($125) Hot Dog-Mac Plus, for a total of just over $3600.00 in the Canopy Fund.  Not only is it impressive that key people such as Tony Quist and Stark Humphreys have organizing fundraising initiatives, but that they have collected so many willing and hard-working supporters.  These events have been a great successes thanks to the support received from our community.

The Gift Committee will soon be focusing efforts on reaching out to residents that would like to establish named memorials. Jed Patrick has joined the Committee and along with Frank Randall will focus efforts to link donors with projects that will enhance Boundbrook.  If you are interested in sponsoring/organizing a fund raising event, talk with any member of the Gift Committee.

 The Editor,
Allan Knights


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