February 2016

President’s Message

There is a lot to celebrate in Boundbrook as we look to the future, and I’ll get to those specifics later.

But I was just thinking with pride of our uniqueness and some of the old-fashioned aspect of it. I hear a lot of stories of neighbors helping neighbors. Since our average age is 73, we have a lot of folks who could use a ride, help with caring for their flowers, perhaps a delivered meal when they’re home from the hospital. Jeanne Berry is always ready to send an appropriate card to a Boundbrookian who is sick or is suffering the loss of a loved one. And I know of no condo that does that.
Back to the future: The awning doubling our clubhouse capacity has been installed.
Evidently the Comcast HD installation has gone well. Any problems, call me.
Gerry Roy, Allan Knights and Kathy Peler are the committee looking for administrative help for the President, Officers and Directors. They are ready to interview candidates. Money has been budgeted, and help is urgently needed. I no longer will put in the full-time hours required. Condo life today is too complicated for volunteers to handle. I’m coordinating today with our lawyer regarding two possible lawsuits. And so it goes.


Business News

Seems the sink hole along the canal bank is resulting from an extra unknown outfall.  A contractor will be in shortly to sort the matter out.  The Drainage District, we understand, will be dealing with the sod that became dislodged as a result of recent monsoons and will follow up with seeding non-sodded areas.

Condo Sales and Rental

We now have 9 units on the market, 1 of these is under contract leaving only 8 for sale or rent. Prices range from $59,900 to $79,900.
Estoppel Report for this year started off with a profit of $300.00. We ended 2013 with $3100, 2014 with $3750 and 2015 with $4650.
The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the approval of an additional long term occupant for CL 6/7- 108, Bernardo(Bernie) Figueroa, the owner’s husband,  and the sale of CL 12 -210 to Bruce Erhard pending paperwork from the Title Co. & resolution of issues with the owner were approved by the Board.


The Grounds Committee (Sharon Horine, Allan Knights and Mary Lou Nelson) helped by Kirk, Pam and Jim from Cluster 6/7spruced up the islands in our boulevard as well as the plantings at the gatehouse.  Ray Kerce as usual was recruited to do the impressive brick work around the Gate House fountain and the cleanup of curbing around the island beds.  The greatest credit to Ray is that before you finish asking him to see if something could be done, it has been completed.  We had no way to pick up 22 bags of mulch but Ray did and it was there for us to work with the next morning.  This support makes you appreciate the fact that improving BB is really a team effort.
Kudos to our volunteer Pool Manager Jim D’Eredita who has worked on upgrading lighting around the pool and will be sorting out new lounger, chairs and table placements.  We could help him if we just leave chairs etc. where we find them.
With visitor season upon us make sure that your guest are fully aware of Pool Rules.
Our Webmaster, Jim Simone,  reminds us to be sure to sign up as a follower.
There is a frenzy of roofing activities underway in Clusters 2, 3, 4, 10 and 13/14.
The big guns (Mission Pest Control)have finally been called in to deal with Cluster 2’s on-going rat issues.


Seems we have young pranksters (if this wasn’t a news letter I would be calling them something far worse) from Lakewood that hop the fence and run around banging on our windows and doors.  So far that’s about it but the concern is that boredom may lead to an escalation on the thrill scale.
The Sherriff’s Deputies have responded to calls and have done some drive-bys but  Mikee Roy, our volunteer in charge of Security asks that if theses angels  do come knocking or you see anyone you don’t know walking behind our units, immediately call 911 or 561-688-3400 and report the incident.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Formal plaques identifying donors that have directly supported the Canopy funding are now hanging in the Club House.
The Social Committee is hosting the annual St Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 13th at 5:00.  Mc Kenna’s Place Restaurant will be catering.
Good to have Anne Valentine back from successful knee surgery.
Our sympathies are extended to Jim D’Eredita on the death of his sister.

The Editor,
Allan Knights  (allan.knights@outlook.com)


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