February 26, 2015

Regular Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 26, 2015

 The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P. M. by President Bob James. Welcome to all new members, including Nick Schvone and the Barkers, Richard and Carol.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster 2:  Eva Dunburg-Tarrant; Cluster 3:  Anne Ryan; Cluster 4: Rita Kanfoush; Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach; Cluster 6/7: Stark Humphreys; Cluster 9: Jim Simone; Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce (A); Cluster 10: Duane Stuart; Cluster 12: Steve Burling; Cluster 13/14: Gino Graziose

BOARD MINUTES. Approval of Board Minutes from January 22, 2015. Motion made to accept the minutes by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT.  As of December 31, 2014  there is  $347,383.40 in Contingency Account and $381,105.19 in Reserve account and our Total Assets are $762,468.51. We are financially in good shape! We are working on January’s with the help of David Purtz. It should be out shortly.  All Directors were given a copy of the Accounts Receivable Report. It shows who is behind and who is ahead in payments. If our accountants made any errors, let me know. Tax return for 2014 is done with 0 payment due. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report made by Rita Kanfoush and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. Last training 4 were registered and only 2 showed up. All other attendees training certificates are up to date. Next training is March 10th. Motion to accept Secretary’s report made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.


Cluster 2. Have rat problem had 31 holes in pipes. Had mold in one of the units and Ray Kerce going in to finish taking care of it tomorrow.

Cluster 3. Had a bee problem and it had been taken care of.

Cluster 4. Man overstaying visit moving out on Friday

Cluster 5. Fine

Cluster 6/7. Good

Cluster 8/11. Good

Cluster 9. Jim Simone and Jeanne Barry went into an empty  unit to inspect it and found rat droppings and piles of sand. They have a rat problem and a large head ant problem. They called an exterminator and have gotten rid of the rat problem and will call an exterminator  to get rid of the ant problem. They had a cluster meeting on February 23rd with 11 people attending.

Cluster 10. Ok

Cluster 12 . Had some trees trimmed. Took care of getting someone in a unit vetted. Two new sales.

Cluster 13/14. Have an ant problem and some pipes needed to be replaced. They have no storage space and would like to extend a meter room on one of 2 units. Will get together with Ray Kerce and see what can be done. (A review of meter rooms throughout the community shows much junk and even flammable liquids and paint being stored in these rooms).


Canal  update. Still moving along, need more rocks in small area. Have 10 feet of dirt. There are 3 big pipes one of which appears to be leaking. Will get back with the contractor to fix it. The lawyers for the title search have the papers ready to go. The people with the land lease have a 100 year land lease and get $15 per unit per month and held up our papers. We should have everything tied up in the next 30 days. As for maintaining the landscaping, we will have to figure who is responsible for what. Only thing we can plant now is the 2 feet from the building. We put a fence out by the bridge so now people can not get through there. Since we do not have to install a full size gate on Florida Mango side, we need to give the Drainage District access between Cluster 8/11 and 9. A motion was made to give the Drainage District “guaranteed access in perpetuity” between 8/11 and 9. Motion made by Eva Dunburg-Tarrant and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Gift Project. Allan Knight spoke.  We had some very successful fundraisers. We made  $945 on a luncheon and spaghetti dinner,  $350 on bake sale and $1,350 on the rummage sale. We now have over $3,600 for the canopy fund. Bob James recognized all the hard work that the committee did. Stark Humphreys said that there will be a pool party on Saturday the 21st.  $8 admission Sign up sheets will be going up. Attendance limited to about 30 folks.

Dog policy. Sharon Horine spoke. This is the third revision to the policy. The OEO said our “Agreement for Service or Assistance Animal” Policy was wrong but couldn’t tell us what was wrong. Bob and Sharon went to a seminar. The lawyer there gave a few tips. After much researching and revising we came up with the new policy (attached). A motion to accept the new policy was made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.


Pool hours. The pool hours are 7am to 8pm on weekdays and 8am to 8pm on weekends. The gate should be locked at all times. Please do not keep the gate open. Use your key.

Speed Bumps. We have a speed limit. Many people are not obeying this and speeding way over the speed limit and driving recklessly. Before we decide to use speed bumps, we have the sheriff’s department bringing a sign that lights up and says what speed you are driving. It will be there about a month.

Exercise room. Pool table is not regulation which makes it hard to sell. It is 9ft not 8ft. Ray got a volunteer in Cluster 12 (Eric Diaz) and a friend to paint the room. Ray wants to put up drywall, paint the room and reroute the AC. Barb Gehrkin, Dawn Arteca and the rest of the committee would like to put in 1 bike and 1 treadmill with a rubberized floor and special mats for under the equipment. (more equipment can be added later if useage justifies). We want to put in a drop ceiling and new lights. A donated TV can be added. It was pointed out that like our beautiful new pool, this would help with selling units. The project cost would be less than $2700. The money would come out of the contingency fund, not the owners. Motion to change the pool room to exercise room was made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Jim Simone.  A hand vote of the Directors was taken and voting for change were Stark Humphreys, Steve Burling, Jim Simone and Ray Kerce and the DAL, Bob James. Those opposed were Eva Dunburg-Tarrant, Anne Ryan, Rita Kanfoush, Jan Kalmbach, Duane Stuart and Gino Graziose. A straw vote of all attendees was taken and the vast majority indicated a desire to have the Exercise Room, but the opposing Directors did not change their vote. Without a majority vote by the Directors, the motion failed. The room will remain unused pool room as in the past. EDITORS NOTE: If you want this project approved, tell your director.


Alterations. In cluster 8/11 units 102,103,104,105,106 and 110 all are having windows replaced with storm windows. Motion to approve made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Eva Dunburg-tarrant. Passed unanimously.

Finance. Nothing new

Fines. One fine pending.

Grounds Maintenance. The entrance has been revamped with the fountain raised, and members of the committee cleaned up the Guard House. A special thanks to those members and to Ray Kerce for his help with this.  Geno Graziose brought cutting down trees in cluster 13/14. He stated these trees are getting into the sewer lines. After much discussion, it was decided that Sharon Horine, head of Committee, will look into getting the permit, but since it is a healthy oak tree it is doubtful if the code people will approve taking it out.

Insurance. The policy is kept in the office if anyone is in need of it. Please don’t contact our Insurance Broker without first contacting our Insurance rep, Bob James.

Social. The committee had 66 people for the Valentine ice cream social. They are having a St. Patrick Day party on the 15th. Sign up sheets are on the boards. This must be pre-paid as this is a catered affair.

Legal. We have 11 units for sale. 6 are MLS and 5 are bank or owner. 3 are now under contract so we are down to 8 units available. Prices range from $25,900 to $73,000. I continue to fight two foreclosed units that FNMA claimed were purchased by the original mortgage co. limiting us to the 1% Safe Harbor Law, but one is apparently rolling over due to having a buyer. I filed Liens on six of the 11 units for sale to protect our interests. I just completed the third Estoppel Report of 2015 for a profit of $450. We ended 2014 with $3750 profit. The breakout of units for sale are Cl. 3 has one; Cl. 4 has one; Cl. 5 has one; Cl.6/7 has one; Cl 9 has two(one under probate); Cl. 12 has two (Both under contract); Cl. 13/14 has three (one under contract). Most are one bedroom. We have a new problem where one is listed as a two bedroom. This is illegal for several reasons, not the least of which is the owner is not paying the higher amount of a two bedroom and the new owners will think they can move two families into the unit. A reminder to everyone that apartments cannot be modified without review by the Alterations Committee, and if appropriate, approval by the BOD. Expanding to a second bedroom is not one of the modifications allowed. Another reminder is that anyone doing work in our community must be insured and licensed. Please don’t hire someone off the street to save money as some have done in the past. One unqualified man was charging $35.00 per hour. Compare that to a real electrician.

Library. Lots of books continue to come in. Thanks to whoever brought in the large print books.

Membership. Nicholas Schivone was approved by the Board at the 1-22-2015 meeting for Cl. 9 Unit 105. Since there was a problem with the bank it did not close. Therefore, Nicholas purchased Cl 13 Unit 112 . Owner was Charles Mounds Estate, Buyer Nicholas Schiavone. The closing was on 2-19-2015

Cl. 12 Unit 113 Owner Salvator Mattei and Son Joseph Mattei. The occupants are Antoinette and Joseph Niegsch daughter and son-in-law. Motion to accept made by Eva Dunburg-Tarrant, 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Cl. 12 Unit 107. Owner Malcolm Gray. Buyer Kevin O’Bryan. Motion to accept made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach. Passed unanimously

President thanked the membership committee for all the hard work they do.

Newsletter. Should be out next week. Board agreed that items for sale should not be included in the newsletter, but the Webmaster agreed to add it on our website.

Pool maintenance. Nothing new

Sunshine. Sent out 3 Sympathy cards, 2 Thank You cards, 2 Get Well cards and 3 Thinking of you cards.

Webmaster. We have 11,000 hits and 9 followers so far. Movie night is this Monday, March 2, and entrance is by donations of canned goods to go to the food bank.


Motion to adjourn made by Eva Dunburg-Tarrant and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Burling
Recording Secretary
February 26, 2015

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