January 2015

President’s Message

As you look to the year ahead, you can feel confident that Boundbrook is well served by your officers, directors and many volunteer leaders. Our new directors are diligently attending seminars hosted by our law firm to get up to speed in serving you. Meeting your needs in each Cluster, many involving their fiduciary duty to you, is a serious task. All you have to do is cooperate with your leaders, and perhaps give them a thanks from time to time.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that we are always facing more paid outside help in addition to our accountants and our law firm. Presently I do not have a vice president, and have had to take on those responsibilities in addition to mine. Our treasurer needs an assistant.

Your monthly assessments were increased in most Clusters to pay for our expenses and to avoid special assessments. We only had one special assessment last year, in Cluster 5, and Clusters still are not fully funded. When we do our budgets in the fall, we will again face increases.

We’re starting the year updated by a Web site. We have a large committee working hard with many projects to fund a much needed canopy to expand our party space, as more of you support our social events. A new pool deck will be installed this summer. And so on.

 Business News

The L-9 Canal project is moving along quite well. The Drainage District has put in many feet of fill, and then brought in rocks that are piled about halfway up the side to hold the fill. They now have smoothed off the entire area and it seems that the finish line is in sight.

A plan will be soon presented for Board approval of the Exercise Room.

Jim Simone will be having a one Monday a month Movie Night at the Club House. Admission will be non-perishable food that will be donated to the Palm Beach Food Bank.

Seems like the BB Rumor Mill is running on overtime.  Apparently a lot of misinformation is being generated and circulated.  That just isn’t what we are all about.

The Boundbrook’s website is up and running. The address is www.Boundbrookcondos.com.

Condo Sales and Rentals

We have 11 units for sale. 5 are MLS and 6 are bank or by owner. (3are foreclosures subject to short sales) 1 is now under contract so we are down to 10 units available.  Prices range from a low of $33,000 to a high of $79,800.

Cl. 3 has one; Cl. 5 has one; Cl. 6/7 has one; Cl. 8/11 has one; Cl. 9 has 2 (one under contract); Cl. 12 has 2; Cl. 13/14 has 3. for a total of 11 units.  Most units are 1bed/1-1/2 bath.

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of Cluster 9-105 to Nicholas Schiavone and the rental of Cluster 13/14-134 to Michel Mikhael & Mervat Wassef were approved by the Board.


More of our residents and guests are making use of the beautifully refurbished pool.  Use of the outdoor shower, as required, is helping however our pool maintenance fellow seems to need the occasional prodding from Ray and Bob to put a bit more scrub than slosh into his efforts to remove oily residue from the coping and railings.

There are very clearly stated rules associated with using the pool on the building wall.  These are necessarily about safety and are not meant to be decorative.  As well, there is pool etiquette that you won’t see posted but that really comes down to common courtesy and a balance somewhere between enjoying yourself while not annoying others.

Other than some pesky bees and a sprinkler issue, all is well in the clusters.  Clusters 5 & 6/7 roofing work is finished and Cluster 12 is all painted.


Work has begun to enhance our entrance and the median down our east-west boulevard. that will include some new plantings, some upgraded lighting, raising the profile of the fountain, and generally sprucing up the Guard House.

Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

It seems that the success of the reception to thank volunteers held after the Annual Meeting should more appropriately be attributed to the generosity of anonymous donors that provided for sandwiches and snacks.

The Holiday Party held January 17th, provided an opportunity for long time neighbors to visit and for new residents to be introduced.  Once again, the Social Committee pulled off a good weather day for the 73 partiers.

Next on the party agenda is the February Ice Cream Social.

Gifting has already been explained as an approach to funding improvement initiatives that are outside our operating budget.  We have already received some generous donations from residents of BB.

There are fund raising events planned for this season, one of which took place January  13th when a Soup and Sandwich sponsored and organized by Tony Quist raised over $300.00.  Tony has a spaghetti dinner planned this week as a follow up.

Stark Humphreys is spearheading a Rummage-Bake Sale scheduled for February 5, 6 and 7.  Any items you wish to donate can still be dropped off at the Billiard Room beside the

Office.  There are info flyers posted all over but if you want further information contact Stark at 969-1941 or any member of the Gift Committee.

The actual sale hours are as follows: Thursday February 5th 5-8 PM Boundbrook Residents Only  and Friday &Saturday February 6th and 7th  9:00AM-2:00PM  Open to the Public.

Not only is it impressive that these people are organizing fundraising initiatives but that they have collected so many willing and helpful supporters.  If you are interested in sponsoring/organizing a fund raising event talk with any member of the Gift Committee.

The Gift Committee will soon be focusing efforts on reaching out to residents that would like to establish named memorials.

There is a Wish List in the Club House where potential projects can be identified for fund raising but if you have a wish, be prepared to become involved because the good tooth fairy isn’t due to visit BB for a long time.

Once again, some sad news.  We lost Ann McElroy, one of the original residents of BB from Cluster 10.  Ann very candidly and kindly shared her life journey as we tried to patch together the History of Boundbrook.

Things We Should Be Thinking About/Suggestions

Surely there is a way to exit the pool without having to use a key.  Once inside the gate, an individual hardly poses a security risk.  There are enough instances of people being locked in and in one case having to climb over the fence, to consider the safety risks.

Let’s try being creative on this one instead of spouting the many reasons it just can’t happen.

The Editor
Allan Knights


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