January 2016

President’s Message

I’m proud of the many projects in 2015 that I discussed at the Annual Meeting, and want to look forward to this year:

 *The massive canal project is in the final stages.
*The Fire Department and EMT classes on the 8th will be geared toward those of our ages. There will be something that each one of us could learn. Be sure to attend.
*Directors are working to schedule new roofs in Cl. 2, 3, 4, and 13/14. I applaud those improvements to our physical plant. This improves each unit’s value.
*Put the Social Committee’s Valentine’s Day ice cream party on your calendar. This year it is actually right on the 14th.
*The awning doubling our clubhouse capacity will be installed on the 17th. And the Gift Committee is planning fund-raisers to finish the Exercise Room. Their goal after that! is to refurbish the shuffleboard courts, which will lead to competitive play!
*The renovation of the bathroom showers and the partial replacement of our north/south security fence has already been budgeted for 2016.
Be sure to thank the volunteers who put in the many hours to make this all happen.


Business News

The 2016 COMCAST Contract went into effect January 1rst.  In addition to giving us a signing bonus of $16,650 and other perks, HIGH DEFINITION CABLE has been added for all units at no charge. This means that if you have been paying $11.26 monthly for HD service, you should not make any further payments.  Comcast will reimburse any overpayment without needing to contact them.  Comcast representatives will be at the clubhouse on February 18th for signups for the new equipment if you do not already have HD service and then their technicians will do the hook up.
We now have two Vice Presidents with the addition of Barbara Gehrkin.
Anthea Charles has volunteered to be the Alternate Director for Cluster 4.

The 2016 Directories (thanks to work done by David Purtz) along with a few revision to the Rules and Regulations are out.  A lot of issues can be avoided by reading our Rules and Regulations.
The recent monsoons certainly didn’t help advance completion of the Canal Project.  Repairs will be made to the slipping sod and seeding will be completed along the canal edge. Yes it seems to be taking a while but remember estimates are that we have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project and we actually have clear title to what we always thought was ours.
Despite serious efforts to stay on track, there are discussions and theatrics that are taking place at Board Meetings that need to happen elsewhere.  Even though we may not always agree, we should listen to see if there is any way that we may be able to reach a compromise.  When a clear majority support an initiative it may just be that they actually understand the issues and have Boundbrook’s best interests at heart.

Condo Sales
and Rentals

We now have only 8 units for sale, 2 of which are under contract.  Most sales are cash with a high paid of $ 79,900.00.  We have gone from 22 foreclosures to currently none.
The Membership Committee’s recommendation supporting the sale of CL 112 -108 to Donald Taylor (occupant-Grace Keim) was approved by the Board.


and the rains keep coming…….so we have the usual leaking roofs.   Clusters 3 and 4 will be launching roofing renewal projects shortly and seems Cluster 13/14 may be doing so as well.  There are still, as unbelievable as it may seem, rats that just don’t want to leave.
The new twenty-first century Club House Air Conditioner has been installed and appears to be working quite effectively.  Ray Kerce not only stick handled the renewal project but in a couple of days single handedly blocked, stuccoed and painted over where the previous dinosaur used to be.  Poof the magic dragon does it again!
We really have to take note of Cluster 10’s boulevard flower bed as well as the common area between Clusters 3 and 10.  These plantings didn’t just drop out of the sky and arrange themselves in floral order.  Residents pitched in and worked to make the improvements happen.  Cluster Directors and David can barely keep up with maintenance so if you are able to help improve your Cluster,  offer to do something, anything.
Mark Fischer, a horticulturist, is our new weed control contractor.  Weeds are becoming quite noticeable but with a limited budget, we need to time treatments judiciously.  Common practice is to do a quarterly treatment which would double our present cost and is not within budget.  The rain certainly hasn’t helped but we tend to over water anyway.  This issue has been raised by the past 3 contractors.  It appears that we prefer to disregard advice as well as county restrictions and keep on over watering.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

The Social Committee is hosting the annual Valentine’s Ice Cream Social on Sunday February 14th at 3:00 in the Clubhouse.  You are encouraged to sign up on the Cluster Bulletin Boards if you plan on attending.
The Rummage and Bake Sale was a major success despite the crappy weather.  The crew and Tony with his hotdog stand worked through cold and rain to raise over $1800.00.  Organizing, running and cleaning up after these sales takes a lot of dedication and effort

Our sympathies are extended to Sharon Horine on the death of her sister.

To the people that insist on walking up and down the middle of the boulevard roadway in all weather, day and evening, please we cannot see you.  There are sidewalks where hopefully you won’t have to dodge a vehicle and may live longer.

The Editor,
Allan Knights  (allan.knights@outlook.com)

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