January 28, 2016

Regular Monthly Board Of Directors Meeting
Thursday January 28, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President Bob James. Welcome to all new members.


Cluster 2: Steve Burling, Cluster 3: Anne Ryan, Cluster 4: Judit Balint, Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach, Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray, Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce, Cluster 9: Jeanne Berry(A), Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek(A), Cluster 12: Jack Marr, Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose.

BOARD MINUTES. Geno had questions about money taken out of 13/14 accounts. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes from November 19th. Motion made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Motion passed 9 to 1 with Geno Graziose voting no. Motion to approve the minutes from November 19th, 2015. Motion made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Steve Burling. Motion passed 9 to 1 with Geno Graziose voting no. Motion to waive to reading of the minutes from December 17th, 2015. Motion made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously. Motion to approve the minutes from December 17th, 2015. Motion made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT. December operating receipts were $82.834.94. December operating expenditures were $62,499.07. BB&T operating balance less equity $ 6,255.69. Improvement and Contingency balance is $352,907.51. Reserves balance is $349.648.15. Total operating and savings is $709,086.35. Total equity is $58,608.22. Accounts Receivable is $8,707.65 with 12 owners in arrears from 30 to over 90 days as of January 15. 2016. Total Assets are $776,799.72. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as read made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Ray Kearce. Passed unanimously. Geno Graziose asked for a meeting with the Treasurer.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. Church is reserved for the next Annual Meeting in December. The February work schedule is out and in the Directors boxes. The census committee is doing an excellent job. Thank you Frank Randall. The census is up to date and we are prepared for the meeting in May. Two Alternate Directors need to be certified. We are looking for a way to come up with a better way to manage what we are doing whether it is a property manager or hiring someone or getting more volunteers but we need so do something to get more help.


Cluster 2. The rat project is being finished up, but there is still a rat problem in the Cluster. Will keep trying to work on it.

Cluster 3. Had two leaking roofs. Waiting for roofer to come when it stops raining.

Cluster 4. Some leaking roofs. We are going to be replacing 4 roofs. Will do more roofs when money comes available.

Cluster 5. Just had some minor maintenance.

Cluster 6/7. Cluster is looking good. Replaced the gates by the dumpsters, put in mulch, replaced the shelves and boards in the mailroom. Ranger Roofing was out to look at leaking roofs.

Cluster 8/11. Good

Cluster 9. They are doing well.

Cluster 10. Everything is good.

Cluster 12. Have had a few leaks in the windows. Thanks to Ray and David for the help. The windows are in in 101 and 112.

Cluster 13/14.They have a lot going on. Have had a couple of roofs leaks. Will be putting in 10 to 12 roofs. Geno feels he is not being treated fairly and may take it to court.


CANAL UPDATE. The LWDD came in and put in 4 feet of grass but with the weather we have been having a lot is being washed away. They will be returning to replace the grass. They have also cleared out more foliage. Next will be seeding the rest of the area. The Director of the LWDD estimated that we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project it has cost us only to have three “outfall” pipes extended the 10 feet they added to our bank, plus the cost of obtaining a Title Search and quit claim title.

CANOPY UPDATE. The canopy should be put in February 17th. They have all the money for it. The Rummage sale made $1,808.81. This will help furnish the exercise room. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the rummage sale. The new air-conditioner is in. The remote for the air- conditioner is in a holder by the refrigerator. The wall is filled in and patched. Thank you Ray Kerce for that.


Anthea Charles has volunteered to be the Alternate Director for Cluster 4. Motion to accept made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously. William Mazalewski spoke on the pros and cons of a property manager. He is willing to get with the committee to give some of his resources that he has used in the past. We could use a 2nd Vice-President and Barbara Gehrkin has volunteered to accept. Motion to accept made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously.

Dog Policy. We are still a no dog community. We have 6 owners that have been approved for emotionally support dogs. A new policy has been prepared to be put out. Ray Kerce made a motion to table the dog policy until OEO has looked it over and approved it. Kirk Murray wanted it to go to HUD also. It was decided to send it to OEO. Anne Ryan 2nd the motion. Passed 9 to 1 with Kirk Murray voting no.


ALTERATIONS. Cluster 12 Unit 113. Redoing the porch roof and screen room. Work being done by Blue Coast Aluminum and all work being paid by owner. Motion to accept made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

MAINTENANCE. Nothing new


POOL MAINTAINANCE. The new heater is in. Tuesday Mornings at 10:30 Judit Balint is having water aerobics classes with weather permitting.

LEGAL. We now have ONLY 8 units for sale. 2 of these are under contract. That leaves only 6 left for sale or rent. Most buyers paying cash with a high of $79,900. Those last three foreclosures are being paid off in the next few days. We have had a high of 22 foreclosures, and now have NONE.GOOD NEWS. Estoppel Reports ended the year with a profit of $4,650. We ended 2013 with $3,100 and 2014 with $3,750. 2. By collecting past legal fees, I ended up with $2,169.36 profit instead of spending the $6,000 budgeted. 3. These funds go back to the Clusters as Equity funds.

OTHER ITEMS. The 2016 COMCAST contract went into effect on 1 Jan, In addition to giving us a signing bonus of $16,650, we added High Definition Cable for everyone, but the people will not be here until Feb, 18th, so put that on your calendar. They will be in the clubhouse from 10 AM to 2 PM for you to sign for the new equipment, and then their tech service will go to your unit to hook you up. That means the 146 that have been paying $11.46 extra per month should not make any more payments. If you pay too much, they will reimburse you for overpayment without you having to contact them. Those without will now have HD at no cost. They also gave us an outlet for TV and for WI-FI at no cost for the office/ exercise room. This will save us over $59.00 per month we paid in the past for WI-FI. The new Directories are out and the 2016 revision to the Rules and Regulations is included. I want to thank David Purtz for all the work he did to get this out. If there are any errors stop in the office and get them corrected.

INSURANCE. The Insurance policies are signed and went into effect on 7 Nov. 2015. Once again I remind everyone that homeowners insurance is super important. Folks, stop getting work done by unlicensed and/ or uninsured friends. It will cost you for their mistakes. Directors are watching.

SECURITY. Will be having a safety program on Feb. 8 at 2 PM in the clubhouse. This will be put on by Palm Beach Fire Dept. and will include time permitting Fire Safety, CPR, and Heimlich Maneuver.

LIBRARY. Jeanne has been recycling books and now have books donated from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

MEMBERSHIP. Approval for sale. Cluster 12 Unit 108. Owner, Noel and Deyse Montero. Buyer, Donald Taylor. Sole Occupant, Grace Keim. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously. Janice is looking for help on her committee.

NEWSLETTER. Will be out sometime next week. If you have any news to share get with Allan Knights.

GROUNDS MAINTAINANCE. Have a new company to spray weeds. This will be done twice a year. Mark Fischer is the person doing the spraying. Sharon went to a Government funded Arbor Day program. There she ordered 2 free trees. One is Bald Cypress and the other is a Dahoon Holly. Sharon reminds everyone that to check with the committee before planting.

SUNSHINE. Arlene Tervakoski, Cluster 13/14 – Get Well. Steve Burling, Cluster 13/14 – Get Well. Linna

Blechschmidt, Cluster 9 –Get Well. Anne Valentine, Cluster 6/7 – Get Well. Nell Hutt, Cluster 6/7 Get


SOCIAL. Will be having an Ice Cream Social on February 14th at 3 PM. A $4.00 charge should be given to your representative by Feb. 10th. Please pay ahead but is you change your mind you can pay at the door.


Ruth Merchant would like the microphone to be fixed by next meeting. Happy 90th Birthday to Jiggs Petrucci.

Motion to adjourn made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously. Next meeting February 25th

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
January 28, 2016

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