June 23, 2016

Regular Monthly Board of Directors’ Meeting
Thursday, June 23, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M., by President Bob James.  All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.   Bob James welcomed Stephanie Jordan to the meeting.

ROLL CALL:  Cluster 2:Terry Dunn (A), Cluster 3:Absent, Cluster 4:Anthea Charles (A), Cluster 5:Janice Kalmbach, Cluster 6/7:Kirk Murray, Cluster 8/11:Ray Kerce, Cluster 9:Jim Simone, Cluster 10:Duane Stuart, Cluster 12: Jack Marr, Cluster 13/14:Gino Graziose

BOARD MINUTES:  Motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the May 26th meeting was made by Terry Dunn and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.  Motion to accept the minutes as published from May 26th was made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously.

VICE PRESIDENTS’ REPORTS:  Barbara Gehrkin reported: (1) There are still outstanding licenses and insurance from various contractors that are due.  Please be advised that if these documents are not on file, contractors, even David Woods, are not allowed to work within BCA.  (2) Still working with Property Appraisers on coding of forty-eight (48) one bedroom units as two bedrooms. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant reported: Had no projects to report on, and nothing to report.

PROPERTY MANAGER REPORT: (1) There was a bee issue in the club house, which was resolved rather quickly. It is important to report bee issues immediately.  (2)  Canal Outfall: several vendors were contacted regarding the job, some were denied because of the cost, others declined, and others he’s still waiting on a bid.  (3) He’s also working on re-evaluating the windows situation.  (4) Membership forms are completed, and if there are any errors, please let us know so that we can make the necessary changes.  (5) He has met with directors one-on-one and others within a group situation, which he thought went very well.  He will be here on Saturday (July 9, 2016) to meet with anyone he has missed, please call him to set up an appointment.


(1)Paragraph 6.6 in the Bylaws states, that if the board elects more than one Vice-President the order of succession is determined by the board.  Bob James made a motion based on where his help is coming from to make Barbara Gehrkin VP number 1 and Eva Dunberg-Tarrant VP number 2., 2nd was made by Ray Kerce; opposed were: Kirk Murray, Gino Graziose, Jim Simone, Duane Stuart and Janice Kalmbach. Vice President status will stay as it was originally voted.   (2) Please note that if there are issues with the roofs please contact your cluster director who will contact the contractor, i.e. Ranger Roofing. (3) Water reports were not distributed; they will be distributed when David returns.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  There was no report this month.  However, a preliminary report was received early this afternoon from Allied; we are still working to straighten out the financial side with Allied.  There will be no voting since there’s not a report.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:   Hurricane season, a handout was disseminated to all Directors concerning hurricane season, and they were told to post on the bulletin boards (enclosed) within their respective clusters.  The secretary will be working on a plan for the association itself for hurricane preparedness.


 Cluster 2: Terry Dunn stated Bob James and Bob Dolson are working with 101 and 113 about their window issue.  The unit thought to have a leak has been inspected and there was no leak found.

Cluster 3: Absent

Cluster 4:  Anthea Charles stated there were two complaints regarding termites in 201 & 203; she contacted the vendor and they will be out on June 27th.  Other than this all is good.

Cluster 5:  Janice Kalmbach stated all is well with the exception of the sidewalk cracks. She said she had two bids and asked for David Woods to do the work for $6000.  A motion was made by Janice Kalmbach and 2nd by Jack Marr.  Pass unanimously. (Reminder David cannot start the work until his license and insurance is given to Barbara Gehrkin).

Cluster 6/7:  Kirk Murray stated all is well.

Cluster 8/11:  Ray Kerce stated good.

Cluster 9:  Jim Simone stated there’s a rat problem on the second floor of the building in 209, Mission Exterminators (they have a monthly contract with them) was called out.  The exterminator set rat baits/traps on the outside first, and will elevate if it becomes necessary.

Cluster 10: Duane Stuart stated good.

Cluster 12:  Jack Marr stated a couple weeks ago we thought there was a fire, and a water leak in 109, a special thanks to Carlos Olivar in 111 for helping out with the language barrier.  There was more smoke than fire.   The fire and smoke was started from a candle that had fallen over against the plastic holder, and the water was from a leak in the toilet. Also, the roofing inspection for 204-210 was never completed. The issue seemed to be broken tiles.  Ranger Roofing was called out and took care of the issue and the inspection was passed.

Cluster 13/14:  Gino Graziose stated (1) The water main in the driveway broke and it was repaired, a garbage truck drove over it and the hole is back.  The water authority department came out and fixed the issue, problem seems to be solved. (2) Roofs: eleven flat roofs were done and four tile roofs done, we are now in the process of putting the shutters back up; the issue here is on the rise where the roof comes up and meets the window the materials are pulling away from the windows and will eventually cause leaks.  Gino Graziose will be placing a call to Ranger Roofing to see what can be done about this issue.  (3) Nordic Pest Control came out and eliminated bees from one of the units for $75. 


  1. Canal Outfalls: Bob Dolson still getting estimates
  2. Continuing complaint re 13/14 windows: A question was asked of Gino Graziose by the President “what was the purpose of going to the state (DBPR) to file a complaint”?  After much discussion, the Board requested the issue be tabled until the completion of the investigation.
  3. OEO Dog complaint: All directors have had an opportunity to review the file with the three demands that were placed on the Board.  (1)The OEO has been sent a suggested copy of letter to go out to all 222 owners.   (2) Pay her doctor bill relating to this issue of $140, using the bill dated Jan 7th.  Motion was made to pay by Jim Simone and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Opposed were Gino Graziose, and Duane Stuart. (3) $1000 demand for harassment, the OEO was told that we are going to poll the directors to find out who actually harassed her and/or the dog in any manner. After polling the Directors, it appears that only one Director, Gino Graziose, had a discussion with her that could have been interpreted to be negative. The Board has decided this was the harassment.  Jack Marr suggested that we counter offer $500 for her damages.  A motion was made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Kirk for the counter offer. Opposed were Gino Graziose and Duane Stuart; abstained was Anthea Charles.
  4. Cluster 2 units 101 and 113 windows status: The cluster portion for this will be $2099 per window (TJ Davis is the contractor), and anything after this dollar amount will be the unit owners’ responsibility if they are upgrading. The $2099 does not include the permits, which could be an additional cost of $200 that the cluster will pay, bringing the May total cost to the cluster to $2299.  A motion was made by Bob James and 2nd by Jim Simone.  Opposed were Gino Graziose and Duane Stuart, and abstained was Anthea Charles.
  5. Cluster 8/11 unit 118 status: This is being handled Ray Kerce and Bob Dolson. 


  1. Emergency procedures see secretary’s report
  2. Membership see membership committee report
  3. Other business: Change flag near the guardhouse
  4. Pool hours: See pool committee report


Alterations:  Bob Wagner in cluster 3 would like to replace his front door and two bedroom windows at his expense for $3609, the contractor will be Florida Window Doors.  Ray Kerce has their license and insurance on hand. Motion was made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Jack Marr. Pass unanimously.

Maintenance: None

Finance:  None

Fines:  One is pending

Gifts:  None

Grounds Maintenance: We’ve gone to very few of you to get the tree trimming started.  All day Monday he’ll be here working, and maybe this weekend if we can catch up with him.  I know we are all anxious to get the canal finished. After we complete the tree trimming I will get a cost to get this done.

Insurance:  Heritage is trying to increase their cost by 25% our broker has assured me that our rates will not increase; if they increase we will look at other companies.  If you need a mitigation report speak with your insurance broker.

Legal:  Estoppels paid so far this year is at $1800, six (6) units are for sale and one (1) selling now, with the average cost of $49,990 to $89,900.  Comcast: we only have one issue and that’s being worked on now.  If there are any issues regarding HD, please see Bob James.

Library:  Good shape

Membership:  (1) Cluster 2 unit 206 Owners: Edward and Christina Napoliello – Buyer: Francisco Garcia. Membership met with applicant on June 17th. This is a cash sale.  He meets age requirement and has no pet or car.  His credit and background check is clean.  Closing will be contingent upon the current owner completing necessary repairs. Membership recommends approval. Everything has been cleared up and ready to go except the estoppel.  Motion was made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Jim Simone.   If this unit is not ready the buyer may purchase something else within Boundbrook community.  (2)The membership package that was put together by Allied will eliminate a lot of the work for the membership committee.  (3)There was a law change within the last month that states normally an applicant has thirty days for us to respond.  However, when an active duty military person applies it has to be done within seven (7) days.

Newsletter:  Will come out sometime in mid-July

Pool Maintenance: (1) Pool hours are weekdays 7AM-9PM and weekends 8AM-9PM. (2) Thanks to Ray Kerce for putting together the new grill.  (3)It was suggested that the lock on the pool door be changed to have it so that it does not need a key when leaving the pool area for convenience; this was asked to be taken up with the alterations committee.

Security:  It has been brought to our attention that people are going up on the roofs.  Only authorized persons are allowed on the roof.  They are as follows: directors; alternates directors; officers; and David Woods.  Nobody else is allowed on the roofs for any reason.

Social:  Tickets are now on sale for the Fourth of July for $8, they must be purchased by June 29th.  You are invited to bring covered dishes if you would like to.

Sunshine: Frank Randall on 6/20/16 – Cluster 8/11 Get well card

Webmaster:  Good, there will be no movies until September.

Water Report:  They will go out on 6/24/2016


Membership will handle new dog cases

Resident in cluster 9 is a renter, and leaving because the owner is not taking care of the unit.  Owner is fully responsible!

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  July 28, 2016

Motion to adjourn by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Kirk Murray approved unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gloria Sheriff, Acting as Recording Secretary for Christine Burling
Thursday, June 23, 2016

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