June 25, 2015

Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, June 25, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Bob James.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Cluster 2: Eva Dunberg –Tarrant,
Cluster 3: Anne Ryan,
Cluster 4: Patrick Lambert (A)
Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach,
Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray, (A)
Cluster 9: James Simone,
Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce(A),
Cluster 10: Duane Stuart,
Cluster 12: absent,
Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose

Director at Large, Bob James.

BOARD MINUTES. Approval of the Board Minutes from May 28, 2015.  Motion to accept minutes made by Jan Kalmbach and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

PRESIDENT’S REMARKS: Security problems lately; be vigilant. If solicitors at your door, call the sheriff. Ace Hardware on Boynton Beach Boulevard is set up to take Cluster orders on account from Directors. When renewing license on-line with DMV, watch for third party jumping in and charging $28 for their “services.”

TREASURER’S REPORT:  May receipts were $90,286.12; expenditures $81,486.33. (Full report attached to office minutes). Kirk Murray made a motion, Patrick Lambert the 2nd, to accept the report. Passed unanimously.


Cluster 2. Rat problem. Can’t seem to locate the source.

Cluster 3.  Rat problem. Screens were broken on the roof. Repaired.

Cluster 4. ;

Cluster 5;

Cluster 6/7. 3 sets of flat roofs finished and new gutters on new roofs.

Cluster 8/11

Cluster 9.  Rat problem in #102.

Cluster 10.

Cluster 12. New rails being installed.

Cluster 13/14. Attempted break-in of one unit.


L-9 Canal: Can’t get LWDD to get rid of weeds. Outfall in 6/7 not working correctly.

Pool Deck: Peach Coral, the #2 sample, was the leading choice. Pavers made in Miami. 4 days for installation, then Ray will seal them. Re-coat asphalt parking lot at the end to complete the look.

Parking policy review:  Directors, please conduct your annual review and put results in office; if no change, still note and date July, 2015.


Screening for rats: On lst floors, have David check screens and pipes on the roofs. For 2nd floor, you can hire David to check them after hours.


Alterations: Cl. 3 #202 Sline,  3 standard windows $1440., T. J. Davis Company;

Cl. 4 #113 Balint, 2 standard windows $1233.38, T.J. Davis Company;

Cl. 3 #104 Ramirez, $1200, Hurricane Windows and Shutters Company; paid for by owner.

Anne Ryan made the motion, Pat Lambert seconded, motion passed.


Fines. Two collected, one at closing sale.

Gift: $200 tribute recently received.

Grounds Maintenance: Problems caused by trees; call us if you want to plant a tree.(Full report attached to office minutes)

Insurance: Mitigation reports now 5 years old. If you think you qualify for discount, like having hurricane windows or shutters, contact a contractor.  Cost about $99 and you could save about 30% on your policy.

Legal: We are down to 2 foreclosures from a high of 22. I have to keep reminding our lawyer of actions I feel he should be pursuing, and provide him with updated reports from our accountants. These are now complicated cases, involving a lien that has not been satisfied, and a bankruptcy. One bank is claiming Safe Harbor that I don’t believe is justified. (Full report attached to office minutes)


Maintenance: One of our owners crashed into our entrance wall, totaling her car. Ray has to do the work of getting repair estimates.


Sale:  CL 5  Unit 116

Owner: Maria Del Rosario Sierra

Buyer:  James & Sandra Calabrese

Jan Kalmbach made the motion to accept, Kirk Murray the 2nd, passed unanimously.

Rental: CL 8/11  Unit 107

Owner: Margaret Clyne

Renter: Eleanor Morris

Ray Kerce made the motion,  Kirk Murray the 2nd, passed unanimously.

Additional Occupant:

CL 8/11  Unit 106

Owner: Susan & Philip Sylvester

Add’l. Occupant:  Robert C. Bullock, Brother of Susan

Pat Lambert made the motion, Kirk Murray the 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Newsletter; Pool Maintenance; Security.

Social: Party July 4 at 5 p.m.; $8. per person

Sunshine: Get Well cards to Betty Kugler in Cl. 9; Barbara and Tom Franklin in Cl. 9 for their granddaughter; and Frank Randall in Cl. 8/11.

Sympathy cards to Gino Graziose in Cl. 13/14 on the death of his sister in Italy where he recently went to see her.

Website: Movies may be reinstated soon.


Gloria Sheriff is our new office assistant temp. She will be organizing and managing the office, and helping with other tasks that Bob needs done, since we are so short of volunteers. She also will be taking the Board minutes until Christine gets back. Be sure to introduce yourselves.

Ray Kerce asked to keep the pool open until 9 p.m. thru September due to requests. Gino made a motion to keep it open from dawn to dusk. Duane made the 2nd, but they were the only 2 Directors who wanted that, and it was voted down.  James Simone made a motion to keep the pool open thru September until 9 p.m., Kirk Murray made the 2nd, and every Director voted for it except Gino and Duane, so the motion passed.

James Simone said Betty Kugler wants to come back to the Cluster and needs a chair lift. The President told the Director he has to go to every unit owner in Cl. 9 to see if they want one. Several people pointed out negative reasons for installing one, including their narrow stairway.

NEXT MEETING: July 23th 2015.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion made by Kirk Murray,  2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Sharon Horine acting as Recording Secretary for Christine Burling
June 25, 2015

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