March 2015

President’s Message

Your Directors and Officers continue to serve you, putting in many hours on your behalf. Be sure to thank them when you talk to them, as I hope you all do from time to time.

All your Directors have attended, or will in the next few weeks, training seminars given by our law firm Becker & Poliakoff. These useful meetings cover many topics to help us represent you better as laws and rules change in an increasingly complex environment.

In addition, our Treasurer and one or two other leaders will be holding a meeting or meetings soon for all of you owners who wish to understand our finances better. She will go over our accounting records for the individual Clusters and the Association as a whole, and answer your questions.

This meeting will be especially for our snowbirds who are unable to be here in August and September when our budgets are prepared for the coming year. But everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Look for the exact date and time to be posted on each Cluster BB. This is your chance to know how your money is spent, and that speaks to every one of us.

Our new pool deck will be installed in mid-May when the pool will be closed for 2 weeks. Enjoy your summer!

Bob James


Business News

The issue of expectations we have of Directors has been raised before and we need to remember these are our neighbors that have taken on a lot of responsibility on our behalf because we, unlike many condo associations, are managed entirely by volunteers.  These folks aren’t paid to put up with us or our antics.  By the same token though, Directors are our representatives and when it comes to Board votes, their vote needs to be reflective of their Cluster’s  collective wishes, not as in some cases, a personal interest.

The pool table has finally disappeared.  The Exercise Room, as proposed though, has not been approved by the Board.  We need to remember that there are acceptable ways to influence process but attempts to strong arm votes and staged but pointless rants are not among them. We aren’t likely always going to agree but we do need to respect other’s opinions.

Condo Sales
and Rentals

We have 10 units currently for sale. 8 are MLS and 2 are bank or by owner. (3are foreclosures subject to short sales), 3 are now under contract so we are down to 7 units available.

Prices range from a low of $26,000 (double ouch)to a high of $73,000.  Most units are 1bed/1-1/2 bath.

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of Cluster 13/14-117 to Diego Javrequi was approved by the Board.

If you are planning to sell or rent your condo, please remember that there is a requirement to notify the Association prior to listing.  Forms are available in the Office.


Big news here is that samples of the pool deck pavers are available for you to look at along the pool edge in front of the Laundry Room.

Cluster 12 is getting their railings power coated and Cluster 10 is being tented for little wood munchers.

In case you weren’t aware, some clown drove straight through the fence at the end of the Boulevard then continued into Lakewood between two FPL power boxes.  The fence will be replaced with a higher one as there is a lot of foot traffic taking the shortcut through BB.
Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

The St Patrick’s Party was a real success.  To say that the caterer served very generous portions is an understatement.  The dinner was just excellent.  Catering was arranged by Jeanne Berry with, it appears, a neighbor within Boundbrook.  The new table arrangement made maneuvering about easier but it certainly confirmed the need for additional space.

This month’s Monday Movie Night, April 6 at 7:15 will feature ‘Julia’.  So far, over 160 pounds of non-perishables have been collected for the PBC Food Bank.

The recent Pool Picnic brought in $640.00 which now brings the Canopy Fund account to $4300.00 and with pledges for another $500.00 to $4800.00.  Jim Simone will be hosting a Special Movie Night to raise funds for the Canopy Project on April 15th at 7:30 in the Club House.  For the entry donation of five dollars you will see a movie and have the chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to the Olive Garden generously donated by Jim.  Please come out, bring your friends and support this initiative.

Gordon Whitten has agreed to join Jed Patrick and Frank Randall to focus efforts on reaching out to residents that would like to establish Named Memorials.

Again, if you are interested in sponsoring/organizing a fund raising event, talk with any member of the Gift Committee.

Good to hear that Duane Stuart and Danny Laskaris are on the mend.

Nell Hutt in Cluster 6/7 had birthday-101. Happy Birthday Nell and also Birthday wishes to Charlotte Randall.

The Editor
Allan Knights

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