March 2016

President’s Message

Well we finally decided to go forward in the future. The BOD voted 8 (+me) to 2 to hire Allied Property Mgmt Co. to be our guys. Your Officers, Directors and some committees like membership, will get the help they have needed for years The rumor factory lost their effort to scare everyone by saying how expensive it will be. Fact:  no cost to owners this year and next year depends on how much I save you in 2016. ( I saved you thousands of dollars last year that came off your assessment this year). Check the equity funds on your financials for examples. Worse case if we don’t save you anything, the increase would be about $9.00 per month per unit. Not much for what we are getting. Those that don’t volunteer get by at the same amount the volunteers pay while putting in their personal time. Those that say “I would rather pay than volunteer” get their chance now, but we still need volunteers to keep Boundbrook running like a well oiled fighting machine.
What is not obvious is that we will cancel our current accounting firm and get our Treasurer a much needed break by getting help and more accurate records.
The bad news is that our snowbirds are packing up to go and we will miss them. Stay safe and have a great summer. 



Business News

The fact that we have been able to manage our community with volunteers for so long is quite unique and very much  a credit to us but it has been at a cost.  We have been over-facing and burning out volunteers to survive.  Key people have been devoting many more hours than we should ever expect.  Running a condo association today is quite another game than it was even 5 years ago.  Ever changing federal, state and county requirements have really complicated the management function. Residents that, at times, feel the need to customize our Rules and Regulations have added  further dimensions.

We have needed professional assistance for some time now but interests clinging to the past have resisted reaching out for help.

Our Secretary, Gerry Roy who also lead the search committee, put it very succinctly in his presentation to the Board at the March Meeting.  Not quoting, but the essence was that it isn’t a question of whether we need help or when but rather from whom.  Gerry very patiently and factually explained exactly what would be involved as well as the costs and indicated that the plan was to have this assistance in place by May 1rst.

Some folks in BB seem under the impression that because we have a gatehouse (actually without gates) that we can isolate ourselves from the outside world.  News Flash…we can’t!  It is becoming more and more a world in which business is conducted electronically.  Demanding that, out of respect, we operate as we did years ago because we stubbornly refuse to move with the times, may be what the dinosaur did and that obviously didn’t  fare well.

With all due respect to the actors involved, the March Board meeting could have been mistaken for a reality show audition.  There is a format that needs to be followed and a time and place for rational discussion.  It makes it very difficult for the meeting chairperson to stick with an agenda when there are constant interruptions.  There is a fundamental need to respect others especially those that dedicate so much effort to improving our community.  We need to remember that differences are not bad.  Disrespect is!

Differences need to be resolved but the appropriate forum is not always the monthly Board Meeting.

Condo Sales and Rental

We now have only  9 units for sale. 5 of these are under contract leaving  only 4 actually available. Prices range from $55,900 to $79,900

The Membership Committee’s recommendation supporting the approval of  the sale of Cluster 3-110. to Muriel Sullivan with an additional occupant, her daughter Predonna Littleton and the sale of Cluster 12- 210 to Bruce Erhard were approved by the Board.

Approval was denied however for the temporary occupancy of Cluster 3- 203 by Silvio and Maria Palomino.


The Grounds Committee (Sharon Horine) indicated that weather permitting, the first of the 2016 weed applications, would be done March 29th.

Cluster 2 has finally taken aggressive action to resolve the rodent issue.  Steve Burling, the Director,  seems intent on encouraging rats to take a one way trip.

The frenzy of roofing activities continues in Clusters 2, 3, 4, and 10.  Cluster 10 is moving ahead with the installation of gutters and then shutters.  Cluster 3 is facing some costly surprises with their roofing project.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

If you haven’t done so, stop by the pool complex and check out the splendid new Canopy.  The Canopy now stands as testimony to the generosity of donors and the dedicated fundraising efforts of so many.  For those that resisted the idea and were generally unsupportive, it now stands as proof that vision and ideas for improvement have their value in our community.  Ray Kerce has, as only Ray can do, added deco lighting and elegant overhead fans in time for a successful St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

For the canopy to respond most effectively to our needs for additional all weather Clubhouse space, we will need to look into adding roll down vinyl panels.  While we are on the wish list perhaps we should add a couple of patio sofa groupings that could be pushed against the wall when tables are set up.  Many of BB residents attend a local auction and it would be an idea to be on the lookout for furnishings.  These furnishings would provide the opportunity for ideal memorial donations.

While we are dealing with wishes maybe someday we will figure out why we need a key to get out of the pool complex.  The thought of not needing a key to get out of where you already are, seems to be considered a bit too radical.

Wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Marge Peterlin regarding recent eye surgery and to Frank Randall for his missing gall bladder.

Jeanne Berry quietly entered into the 90’s with her March birthday.  Happy belated Jeanne.


 The Editor,
Allan Knights


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