March 24, 2016

Regular Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, March 24, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President Bob James. We now have a new PA system. Welcome to all new members.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL Cluster 2: Steve Burling. Cluster 3: Anne Ryan. Cluster 4: Anthea Charles(A). Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach. Cluster 6/7: Allan Knights(A). Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce. Cluster 9: Jim Simone. Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek(A). Cluster 12: Nick Schiavone(A). Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose.

BOARD MINUTES. Motion to waive the reading of the March 3, 2016 minutes made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach. Passed unanimously. Steve Burling would like to have the last line under Alterations removed as it was not discussed at the meeting. Motion to accept the minutes as modified made by Allan Knights and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously

VICE PRESIDENTS’S REPORT. Barbara Gehrkin. We have received the required paperwork on the dog policy and it will be voted on at the next meeting. The owners in cluster 12 unit 210 have made the requested payment for water damage in unit 110, so the sale for 210 can now proceed. Barbara is making sure that all contracts, licenses and insurance are up to date. Barbara is getting together with the County Property Appraiser’s Office to correct any mis-coded property. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. She has gotten information on a new accounting firm.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Operating Acct. balance at BB&T is $68,604.64. Less amount due to Equity Funds is $52,635.15. February operating Acct. Balance at BB&T is $15,969.49. Total balance in checking and savings is $689,924.08. Expenditures for roofing in Clusters 2,3,4,10 and 13/14 are as follows, February $55,150.50, March $110,410.50 for a total of $165,561.00. There were 19 past due maintenance assessments in February with only one being more than one month behind. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report made by Anne Ryan and 2 nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. We are in ship shape. The census is current and the annual meeting is a long way off.


Cluster 2. The Cluster held a meeting on March 12th with 15 people attending. Another meeting is going to take place in April. I’ve contracted with Mission Pest to eliminate rats by external traps. The interiors are monitored by owners and volunteers. I am currently talking with Palm Springs Utilities about installing a Rat Flap device in the cluster’s main sewage outflow pipe. The device will allow rats to return to the sewer but with a one way ticket. Once the rats pass the rat flap they can’t get back up the pipes. Rat sightings have decreased significantly in the last month and I hope to continue the trend. The noise problem seems to have been solved. Our water usage seems to have leveled out. Ms. Arteca has volunteered to serve as the cluster beautification consultant. The flat roofs are being patched by Ranger Roofing.

Cluster 3. The flat roofs are finished. The tile roofs start on Monday. There were a lot of extra expenses. The cluster has 2 meetings. April 4th at 1P.M. to talk about termites. April 4th a budget meeting and tenting done on April 11th . Thank you Anne for all your hard work.

Cluster 4. Working on roofs and gutters.

Cluster 5. All is well

Cluster 6/7. All is well.

Cluster 8/11. Good.

Cluster 9. Good.

Cluster 10 Finished roofing project. Working on gutters and shutters.

Cluster 12. The sprinklers got shut off by mistake. They are back on.

Cluster 13/14. Good.


CANAL UPDATE. We still have one problem with 2 sink holes that developed. We extended the outfall 10 feet already but since this is our part of the project, I have a second engineer coming in to advise us on what to do and for how much.

CANOPY UPDATE. Thanks to Ray and David for installing the fans and lights. Everything is looking beautiful. Thank you to the gift committee for this project. They are still taking donations.


FINANCE/MANAGEMENT FIRM. The committee (Allan Knights, Kathy Peler and Gerry Roy) was formed in November to try to get help for our Association. After considering 8 companies, they found a company (Allied) that they feel will meet most of our needs. Allied is to advise the board. Our board will remain in charge. It will replace the existing Accounting firm. They will have an onsite manager to help reduce the 3 workload of our directors and officers. There is no set up charge. Our in house clerical will remain at our direction. David will still be under our direction. We NEED some outside help. This will not affect this year’s budget as funds are available to cover the cost through December 31 st 2016. We only have to give 30 days’ notice on both sides. Next year the worst case will be that we would have to pay less than $9 a month. We are still keeping all our office volunteers staff. Membership Committee will also be getting help from the new company. Motion made to accept Allied from May 1st to December 31st by Jim Simone and 2nd by Allan Knights. Motion passed 8 to 2 with Geno Graziose and Steve Burling voting no.

COMMMITTEE REPORTS ALTERATION.1. We are redoing some of our cluster signs. The cost is $154.32. 2. Cluster 2 Unit 101 windows. After discussion about who pays for those windows and no resolutions could be made, it was tabled.


SECURITY REPORT. Thanks to Allan Knights and neighbors, the kids knocking on doors were caught. It has been recommended that we call the Palm Springs Police Dept. from now on (561-968-8243). There has been an incident in Cluster 5 since the kids were caught. There was an assault in Cluster 2. A member assaulted the director and charges were made.

FINANCE. Nothing


LEGAL. We now have ONLY 9 units for sale. 5 of these are under contract. That leaves only 4 left for sale. Prices range from $55,900 to $79,900. There are no foreclosures and this month only one unit owes more than two months. GOOD NEWS. My Estoppels for this year already has a PROFIT of $1,200. We ended 2013 with $3,100, 2014 with $3,750 and 2015 with $4,650.

OTHER ITEMS. The 2016 Comcast contract went into effect on 1 Jan. and we are in the final stages of correcting all problems with billing. I had to get involved with 9 issues and all were successful. If you paid too much, they SHOULD reimburse you for overpayment without you having to contact them. Roofing repairs continue to be a problem, mainly because the contractors used on most of them before my time did such a poor job, and then one went out of business, so warrantees are mostly useless to us. I spend much time preparing legal contracts that give us better protection. Cluster 3 and 4 have wood roofs that a contractor slapped one roof on top of the other so more work and extra costs for wood surprised us. Cluster 10 just finished doing their own thing with a new method. Ranger Roofing is almost finished roofing in Cluster 3, and Cluster 2 and 13/14 are next in line. LIBRARY. All is good, would like to expand to include DVD’s


1. Cluster 3 Unit 110. Owner: Polly McFadden and Mary Ann Hadman. Buyer :Muriel E. Sullivan. Additional Occupant: Predonna Littleton, Daughter. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously

2. Cluster 12 Unit 210. Owner : Jorge and Norma Cosano. Buyer Bruce Erhard. Buyer was approved by the board on March 3, 2016 but sale was delayed due to an outstanding bill by owner which has been settled. Motion to approve sale made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Allan Knights. Passed Unanimously.

3.Cluster 3 Unit 203 Owner : Rosa Bacallao. Occupants: Silvio and Maria Palomino. Motion made not to accept made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach. Abstaining Geno Graziose and Anthea Charles. Turn down was approved

NEWSLETTER. Should be out next week.

SUNSHINE. Tuula Rajasarri, Cluster 12, Get Well. Ayda S. Mata, Cluster 3, Get Well. Margaret and Duane Stuart, Cluster 10, Get Well for their son. Nell Hutt, Cluster 6/7, Happy 102 Birthday. Margaret Peterlin, Cluster 6/7, Speedy Recovery.

GIFTS. They have $1,800 in their fund.

WEBMASTER. 6,000 Hits. Movie on April 4th A Little Chaos with Kate Winslet. Jim has collected over 1,000 pounds of food so far. A suggestion was made for those leaving for the summer to donate any unwanted food.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE. There will be a weed spray on Tuesday, weather cooperating

POOL MAINTENANCE. Good. Please keep bikes in bike rack not in pool area. SOCIAL. They had a great St. Patrick’s Day Party with 55 people attending.

GOOD OF THE ORDER Frank Randall is home recovering from Gallbladder surgery Motion to adjourn made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.

Next Meeting April 28, 2016

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
March 24, 2016

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