March 26, 2015

Regular Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, March 26, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P. M. by President Bob James. Welcome to all new members, including Bill Hudspeth and Anthea Charles. Happy birthday to Charlotte our Secretary.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster 2: Eva Dunberg-Tarrant; Cluster 3: Anne Ryan; Cluster 4: Rita Kanfoush; Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach; Cluster 6/7: Stark Humphreys; Cluster 9: Jim Simone; Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce (A); Cluster 10: Duane Stuart; Cluster 12: Steve Burling; Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose.

BOARD MINUTES. Approval of Board Minutes from February 26, 2015. Motion made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed Unanimously. Approval of Special Board Minutes from March 12, 2015. Motion made by Stark Humphreys, 2nd by Steve Burling. All approved.

President’s comments: An informal meeting called by one of our Clusters brought up some good points. Snowbirds especially, who are unable to attend the Budget meetings in August or September, want to know how their money is being spent. Since I have to be wary of any budget discussions that are not noticed by 14 days in advance as required by Florida’s Sunshine Law, I reluctantly had to cancel the meeting. But I really liked the idea that Rita and Patrick had of trying to inform their owners. So I am asking our Treasurer to preside over a meeting in the Clubhouse that will talk GENERALLY about budgets. NO DECISIONS WILL BE MADE REGARDING MONEY TO BE SPENT FOR 2016. However, she can talk to you about Contingency, Reserve and Equity accounts. She can tell you about roofs and other required expense categories and how they feed into the budget. Then you will better understand how your monthly assessment is arrived at. This meeting hopefully will occur before the snowbirds go back home. If any cluster wants to meet as a cluster they need a 14 day notice to discuss anything about finance. In addition, Directors are encouraged to put out a paper from time to time telling their people what is happening in their Cluster, especially regarding how money has been spent. Or you could call a meeting to discuss in general terms any Cluster conflicts or other concerns. You could find out which projects owners might like to see undertaken.

9 directors went to a meeting at the OEO. Everyone that attended found the meeting informative. Another meeting will be scheduled and all other Board members are required to attend.

TREASURER’S REPORT. The President and Treasurer have been meeting with our accounting firm several times. The head of the office recently has passed away and as it is tax season they will get with the firm after April 15th. If you have any questions for Pat text her and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

SECRETARY’ REPORT. We still need two directors to attend the meeting at Becker and Poliakoff to get certified. There are three meetings in April. Please get with Charlotte to see what meeting you can attend. Thanks to the members that attended the OEO meeting.

CONDO REPORTS. Cluster 2. They have a very nice new fountain.

Cluster 3. Good Cluster 4. 102 had their shutters replaced.

Cluster 4 needed $1,800 for their roof sealing. Stark Humphreys made motion to accept 2nd by Steve Burling, passed unanimously.

Cluster 5. Fine.

Cluster 6/7. Good.

Cluster 8/11. They have some lights out. An electrician has been contacted and they will be fixed.

Cluster 9. Good. Jim Simone would like to replace his windows with Hurricane windows with Christian glass installing. Motion to accept by Steve Burling and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 10. They are having Hulett coming on April 15 to tent Cluster 10 to spray for termites at a cost of $3,079. Motion made to accept by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant and 2nd by Ray Kerce. Passed unanimously. He will also need David to come on the 13th to shut shutters and on the 17th to open them.

Cluster 12. If the old chair lift can’t be fixed would like Action Mobility to install a new one and take away the old one at a cost of no more than $6,000. Motion to accept made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 13/14. They are having a cluster party this Saturday 12 to 5 in Clubhouse. Everything else is ok.

OLD BUSINESS. Canal project update. The foliage is the Drainage District’s responsibility. The wells need to be approved by SFWMD and Susan Sylvester is helping with this. Everything should be wrapped up in the next 30 days.

Exercise room. The pool table is gone. Ray Kerce is going to clean the room up. Several of our residents brought up why we can’t have an exercise room. It was explained that it was not on the agenda and if you would like an exercise room contact your Director.

Memorials. Jed Patrick, Gordon Whitten and Frank Randall will devote their energies to linking donors with projects that will enhance Boundbrook while providing a means of honoring people that are or have been an integral part of Boundbrook.


Alterations . Cluster 4 unit 202 replace windows work done by T. J. Davis. Motion to accept made by Rita Kanoush and 2nd by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Passed unanimously. Cluster 8/11 unit 104 remodeling next fall. Motion to allow architect to develop plan to bring back to the Board made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously. Stair and Railing in Cluster 12 to be powder coated with aluminum by Aluminum Concepts Sales for a cost of no more than $12,000. Motion made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

Maintenance. There are cracks in the sidewalks that will get repaired when the snowbirds leave as we will need to close the sidewalk for a few days when this gets done. Janice Kalmbach would like a concrete strip to be raised in her cluster. There are a few other areas that need to be done.

Fines. 2 fines pending.

Gift Committee. They collected $640 at the pool party and now have over $4,300. Jim Simone has agreed to hold a movie night fundraiser.

Grounds Maintenance. Please consult with the committee when planting any shrubs or trees. Someone drove thru the chain link fence by 6/7 and it will be replaced with a higher one that will be harder to climb over. There will be a weed spray as soon as we get days with no rain. They will be working around the gate house area some more as soon as the snowbirds return. They will be filling in some dips in the grass this summer.

Insurance. Finished up with the workman’s comp audit.

Legal. We have 10 units for sale. 8 are MLS and 2 are bank or by owner. 3 are foreclosures subject to short sales. 3 are now under contract so we are down to 7 units available. Prices range from a low of $26,000 to a high of $73,000. President will continue to fight one Foreclosed unit in Cluster 9 that FNMA claimed was purchased by the original mortgage Co. limiting us to the 1% Safe Harbor law. Just passed offer that gives Cluster 9 profit of $1,15 that could avoid the Cluster having any write-off. They also have a potential buyer.

President just settled with the other FNMA in 13/14 for $4,359.99, and they have a contract ready. Liens have been filed on five of the 10 units for sale to protect our interests. Cluster 6/7 just announced that they will have three units going on the market soon. All are 2 bedrooms. President just completed the sixth Estoppel Report of 2015 for a profit of $900. We ended 2014 with $3750 profit.

Stark Humphreys wants to recognize all the work that Bob James does for Boundbrook which was followed by a round of applause.

Library. 21 books donated . It’s doing very well.

Membership. Cluster 13/14 Unit 117. Owner , estate of Amy Nelson. Purchaser Diego Isaza Javrequi. Membership recommends approval. Motions to accept made by Geno Graziose and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Newsletter. Should be out next week.

Pool Maintenance. Ray Kerce and Bob James are going to the paver company and getting 3 samples of colors and 3 of designs. They will be displayed at the pool. Tell your director which one you would like.

Security. There will be a crime watch meeting in mid April. Security lights have been installed pointing on the pool to keep out unwanted swimmers. The electric sign for speeders should be up soon.

Social. St. Pat’s party went well. Everyone enjoyed it.

Sunshine. Get well card for Barbara Pearson a former resident of Cluster 10. Wishing you better health to Michael Rollins in Cluster 5. Get well to Duane Stuart in Cluster 10. Get Well to Eva Marie Gostin in Cluster 13/14. Get Well to Danny Laskaris in Cluster 13/14. Get Well to Anne Ryan in Cluster 5. Happy 101 Birthday to Nell Hutt in Cluster 6.

Webmaster. 1700 hits so far 10 followers. An exchange has been set up on the site.

Water. The report is out

GOOD OF THE ORDER. Frank invited everyone for cake after the meeting for Charlotte’s birthday. Happy birthday was sung to her. Monday Night at the Movies will be Julia. Admittance is a non- perishable food item. So far 161 pounds of food has been collected for the Palm Beach County Food Bank with a goal of ½ ton this year.

Motion made to adjourn by Rita Kanfoush and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted By Christine Burling
Recording Secretary
March 26, 2015.

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