March 3, 2016 (February 2016 Rescheduled Meeting)

Regular Monthly Meeting
Thursday, March 3.2016

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President Bob James. He welcomed all new and returning
members. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster 2: Steve Burling. Cluster 3: Anne Ryan. Cluster 4: Judit Balint. Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach. Cluster
6/7: Allan Knights(A). Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce. Cluster 9: Jim Simone. Cluster 10: Duane Stuart. Cluster
12: Jack Marr. Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose.

BOARD MINUTES. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes from January 28th, 2016 made by Anne
Ryan and 2nd by Allan Knights. Passed unanimously. Motion to approve the minutes from January 28,
2016 made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Allan Knights. Passed unanimously.

VICE PRESIDENT REPORT. 1st report made by Barbara Gehrkin. She set up a meeting for new Directors
and Alternate Directors to go over Rules and Regulations and how to read financial reports. She
prepared a roofing contract for 7 tile roofs in Cluster 2, 4 tile roofs in Cluster 13/14 and 11 flat roofs in
Cluster 13/14. Wrote a letter to Cosano’s in Cluster 12 Unit 210 about water damage. Also spoke to Bill
Hudspeth about helping Treasurer with yearend report. 2nd report made by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Pat
and Eva are looking and interviewing for a new Accountant as we are having some problems with
current firm.

TREASURER’S REPORT. There is no report for this month as our accounting firm is out with personal
family matters. As soon as Treasurer gets something, the Directors will get it.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. Thanks to Kathy Peler we are making progress on finding someone to help with
some administrative help. We have a short list with a clear front runner. The committee will be doing
interviews the week of March 7th to narrow the list. We are making a calendar for all Boundbrook
events. If anyone has an Association event, pick up the form and give it to Gloria in the office.

Cluster 2. Hired Mission Pest Control to help with rat problem. We are having a Cluster meeting on
Saturday March 12th, hope everyone attends. Putting on 7 new roofs. We had a high water bill but that
seems to be corrected.
Cluster 3. Shutters were removed today and roofers should be here in the next day or so.
Cluster 4. They had 4 roofs replaced. Having a rummage sale on Saturday March 5th to help raise funds
for the Cluster. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped.
Cluster 5. Fine
Cluster 6/7. Good
Cluster 8/11. Good
Cluster 9. Had some questions about the maintenance schedule. Gerry Roy will look at the schedule. Has
an issue with David, will get together with Ray Kerce and David to work this out. Question about gutter
replacement. It is the Cluster responsibility to replace except on the add on’s that owners put on. A unit
in the cluster put in new windows without approval by anyone. The owner now wants the Cluster to pay
for it. All alterations must go thru the board ahead of time so Jim and Ray will get together to decide on
what to do next.
Cluster 10. O.K.
Cluster 12. Everything is going fine. The cluster residents seem to be keeping an eye out for what is
going on around the cluster.
Cluster 13/14. Good


CANAL UPDATE. They put 4 feet of grass in just before we got the heavy rain. A lot of it washed out. It is
still the Drainage District’s problem. Seeding will also be done. We are responsible for outfalls. We
thought there were 3 but there are 4. We have a contractor coming in with cameras to look at these.

COMCAST UPDATE. 79 people came to pick up their new HD boxes. There has been nothing but positive
feedback on the installers for Comcast. For those people who didn’t get the new boxes we have the 800
number , just call them and tell them that we are under contract with Boundbrook to have them
installed. If there are any problems contact Bob James. You should not be paying extra as of January

CANOPY UPDATE. The piping system is in. (update the Canopy is in!)


ST. PATRICK’S DAY DINNER. Will be on Sunday March 13th at 5 P.M. You must sign up in advance. There
will be a 50/50 raffle and BYOB folks.

ROOFS. 4 new in Cluster 4, Cluster 2 is getting 7 tile roofs, Cluster 3 is getting tile and flat roofs and
Cluster 13/14 is getting 4 tile and 11 flat roofs.


ALTERATIONS. 1. Cluster 2 unit 101. New impact windows on the porch with work being done by
Paradise Exteriors for a cost of $5,550. Also new clerestory windows with work being done by T.J. Davis
for a cost of $3,106.31. Motion made to accept by Steve Burling and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed
unanimously. 2. New electric panels installed in Cluster 4 Unit 202 and Cluster 8/11 Unit 123. Motion
made to accept by Steve Burling and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously. (Alterations committee.
Note that both jobs are at owner’s expense)


SECURITY. As most of you have heard, we have had several occasions of teenagers jumping the fences
and banging on doors of our residents. At least one of them was wearing a mask. So far no one has been
hurt nor was any damage done. However, everyone would like for this activity to stop. The Sheriff’s
Department has responded to our 911 calls on 3 or 4 occasions but to no avail. We have talked to the
Sheriff’s Department District One office twice and they recommend that we call 911 as soon as possible
each time when this happens in the future. If they respond quickly to and immediate call they may be
able to catch the wrong doers and put a stop to this behavior. So, please be alert to this situation and
call 911 IMMEDIATELY. So in summary if you see something, say something. DO NOT go chasing after
anyone. Kathy Peler has info on putting a solar clip light to put on your gutter. If interested contact her.
Jim Simone set up security cameras, if interested in this contact him.


POOL MAINTENANCE. Jim contacted FPL and had all the lights fixed. We might need to get some new
lounge chairs. We will be rearranging to make more deck room.

LEGAL. We are down to 9 units for sale. One of which is under contract. Prices ranging from $59,900 to
$79,900. We only have 1 unit that owes more than 2 months. We have no foreclosures. Only one
estoppel for $300 so far this year. In 2015 we collected $4,650.

INSURANCE. We had a successful audit by the Workman’s Compensation. We also had a successful audit
by Heritage, out primary carrier. We have to do an appraisal. If your unit were destroyed it is worth
about $100,000. Remember homeowners insurance is super important. Remember to have any workers
licensed and insured. Bob James recommends that we do not have Window World and Rotor Rooter
come in here.

LIBRARY. Jeanne hopes everyone continues to use the library.

MEMBERSHIP. Cluster 6/7 Unit 108. Owner Kirk Murray. Additional Occupant: Bernardo (Bernie)
Figueroa. Membership Committee recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Jim Simone and 2nd
by Allan Knights. Voting against, Duane Stuart. Motion passed 9 to 1.
Buyer. Cluster 12 Unit 210. Owner: Jorge and Norma Cosano. Buyer: Bruce Erhard. We are waiting for
paperwork from the Title Co. & issues with the owner. Membership recommends approval of the buyer.
Motion to accept the buyer to move into Boundbrook made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Allan Knights.
Passed unanimously.

NEWSLETTER. Will be out soon.

GROUNDS MAINTAINANCE. The Grounds Committee with the help of Kirk, Pam, Jim and Allan has done
some good landscaping work on the median by Cluster 6/7 and by the property entrance. Ray stepped in
and put in stones around the fountain to further enhance the look. Many flowers have been planted by
owners between Cluster 10 and Cluster 3. Thank you for this lovely addition to Boundbrook. Our first
property-wide weed spray for 2016 will be the middle of this month. Expect to see quite a bit of brown
in our sod, because we have many weeds. Sprinklers must remain off for 3 days. Sharon took part in a
government Arbor Day program to plant trees. A Bald Cypress and a Dahoon Holly have arrived, and I
will be getting them planted soon. Several of you have asked for assistance in choosing flowers and
shrubs to enhance your units, and we are excited to be helping you.
SUNSHINE. James D’Eredita Cluster 3, Sympathy, sister’s death. Sharon Horine Cluster 13/14, Sympathy,
sister’s death. Anne Valentine Cluster 6/7, Speedy recovery. Frank Randall Cluster 8/11, sympathy card.
Frank Randall Cluster 8/11, get well.

WEBMASTER. 5,620 hits so far but only 37 followers. Please sign up. Movie for March is Noah. Entrance
to movies is non-perishable items to be given to the Food Bank.

GIFT COMMITTEE. New plaques are hanging in the club house for the people that have donated or
made a memorial donation.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE. St. Patrick’s Day party On Sunday the 13th of March.


Our old electric panels by FBE are out of date. If you have a circuit breaker, consider replacing the entire
panel. 6 people have so far.
Feral cats are our problem.
Watch the speeding, maybe speed bumps will have to be installed.
Next meeting March 24th, 2016.

Motion to adjourn made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Allan Knights. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
March 3rd, 2016

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