May 2015

President’s Message

Well as you have noticed, we just completed our annual tree trimming and hurricane prep. No minor project costing over $10,000 that was in budget. Some of the small jobs will be done in the near future by our maintenance man.
While I am at it, I want to thank our Grounds Committee headed up by Sharon Horine. She has personally shopped for and even planted bushes, flowers and trees with her very own shovel. Something most owners don’t realize how much your volunteer committee members do to save us money and improve our community. Why not say thanks to them, especially if you can’t find the time to volunteer yourself.
48 jobs plus the 20 Directors and Alternates keep this place running but need help. Let me say for you, THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS.
Have a safe summer.

Business News

There will be a new twist as we prepare for the Annual Meeting this year in that the FL legislature has supported proxy votes by fax or internet.

Summer Office Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00-11:30

Condo Sales and Rentals

We currently have 11 units for sale, 10 MLS and one by owner.  Two  of these are under contract.  Prices range from a low of $32,000 to a high of $85,000.  So far this year, 11 sales and 2 rentals have been approved.

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of  CL 6/7 Unit 116 to James & Pamela Folcik  and CL 13/14  Unit 132 to Thomas  Lipscomb, the rental of CL 6/7  unit 111 to Tama Francis and the addition of Daniel Llanos as an occupant  to  CL 13/14  Unit 140 were all approved by the Board


The Pool Deck project has been delayed until the 2nd week of July.  As a result of the first round of selection votes, Ray will set up another display for a final vote in July.  We must at this point be really trying Ray’s patience so please respond quickly to any requests for input.

The Exercise Room is on hold till the treasures stored for the next Rummage Sale (scheduled for November) are removed.

Cluster 3 will have a freshly sealed driveway in June; Cluster6/7 is in the final lap of re-roofing; and the rest, same old day to day.

Thanks to Craig Kerce, we now have a fresh paint job at the Club House


We are dealing with somewhat complex sprinkler problems that have parts of the lawns looking scorched.

Trees planted in common areas become shared trees. So yes, if a tree is loaded, with for instance mangos, enjoy some but perhaps resist the urge to strip the tree. Don’t forget that someone else has planted the tree and taken care of it and might feel some entitlement to a share of the produce.

Tree trimming in preparation for the 2015 hopefully non-hurricane season is just about complete and has been the usual challenge capably handled by Sharon Horine.

We need to come up with a medal for David Purtz who pulled a St Patrick and single handedly accomplished what so many tried to do and that is to rid us of that ugly pile of junk tile at the entrance.  Bravo David!

Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Plans  are underway for the 4th of July Jumbo Cook Out with chefs Gino and John so mark your calendar and look for further details.

Movie nights, the initiative of Jim Simone, are on hold till September.

The impression, left by a self proclaimed spokesperson for the Gift Committee, was that gifting was wrapping up for the season and this has fortunately been corrected.  There are 4 committee members that are permanent residents of BB and quite available to respond to offers of donations or to coordinate events.  We need to keep the momentum going.

It seems that in addition to the 7 existing members, Pat Johnson will be joining as will Stark Humphreys who will be the shadow Chair fronted by Tony Quist.  Tony and Stark, along with their team of volunteers, have proven to be stellar and valued fund raisers.

Ray has been very busy completing some major prepping for the canopy.  The fund now stands at about the half way mark so a few generous contributions could see our canopy become a reality ready for next winter.  Seriously if you  have thought of donating, please contact any member listed on the Gift Board in the Club House.

Don’t forget that we now have a website, so sign up and keep on top of community events.

Thanks to Sharon Horine for the May Board Meeting minutes.

The Communique will be assembled at the north pole, printed around the corner from BB but only available bi-monthly over the summer.

The Editor
Allan Knights  (


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