November 17, 2016

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday November 17, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Bob James. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster 2: Steve Burling.
Cluster 3: Anne Ryan.
Cluster 4: Judit Balint.
Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach.
Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray.
Cluster 8/11: Frank Randall(A).
Cluster 9: Jim Simone.
Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek(A).
Cluster 12: Jack Marr.
Cluster 13/14: Janice Cappelli (A).

BOARD MINUTES. Motion made to accept the minutes from the October 27th Regular Monthly Meeting as they were written made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously. Motion made to accept the minutes from the November 7th Special Emergency Meeting as they were written by Frank Randall and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.

VICE-PRESIDENTS REPORT. Eva Dunberg-Tarrant had nothing to report. Barbara Gehrkin reports,

  1. Dog Request for Cl. 5 Unit 107. All required paperwork has been received: Vets report showing all shots are up to date, picture of dog, letter from family doctor indicating reason for the dog. It has been reviewed and signed off by 7 Directors and the Director at Large. Barbara recommends approval. Motion to approve made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously.
  2. We have a new contractor for painting, P&M Custom Painting. Their license and insurance is on the file in the office.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Operating receipts thru October 2016 are $35,693.14. Operating expenditures thru October 2016 are $709,653.81. Petty Cash is $275.00. Operating at Alliance is $2,803.85. Operating at BBT is $62,470.89. Due to Equity is $24,797.12. Operating balance is $40,477.62. Improvement and Contingency Funds are $287,411.24. Reserve Funds are $282,164.44. Total Checking and Savings is $610,319.30 Due from Accounts Receivable is $9,327.34. There are still some transactions that need to be updated from Allied. Hopefully by the time the November financials are completed all transactions will be current. There are still funds that need to be transferred from operating to reserves and contingency and vice versa. These transfers will take place at the end of this month. Motion made to accept the Treasurer’s report made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously.

INSURANCE. Bob James invited Kyle Bloemers from Brown & Brown to present a report about our Insurance policy. Brown & Brown sent applications out to Excess & Surplus marketplace and received a quote from Endurance/ Liberty on a layered basis for $152,549.10 which included more favorable deductibles and included Ordinance andr Law, Wind Driven Rain, and Sinkhole coverage. On November 7th the Board voted to stay with Heritage and would try to endorse the policy with better deductibles/coverage. Once Brown & Brown was recognized as the agent of record, they began conversations with Heritage to determine price for endorsements. They learned that if they made ANY changes to the deductibles, the premium would increase to $230,000. The underwriter indicated that due to more stringent modeling Boundbrook will be seeing an increase at each renewal looking at the current model results. The President of the Commercial Division at Heritage Insurance met with Kyle Bloemers and said he was very sorry, but due to modeling, there is nothing he can do for this account. In fact, he told Kyle that the Excess & Surplus lines quote that we are presenting is likely the best option for Boundbrook moving forward. Because of Brown & Brown’s relationship with Heritage, they are permitting Boundbrook to do a mid-term cancel/ rewrite with another carrier. Kyle gave the Board options on a new policy. After discussing, the Board decided to wait until the December 3rd meeting to make any decisions. Brown & Brown said that this was all right to do and we would still get the quoted rate until then.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. 1. The second mailing went out on November 17th. 2. He has volunteers for vote counters for the annual meeting. They are Anne Valentine, Rita Kanfoush, Gordon Whitten and Frank Randall. Motion to accept these four as counters made by Kirk Murray and by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously.  3. Gerry was asked for a definition for the Director at Large. He got 5 or 6 different answers. He proposed the following, The Director at Large will:

(a) Represent all of BCA when voting for issues before the Board of Directors.
(b). Serve as director of a cluster where that job is vacant until filled.
(c). Perform special duties as requested by the Board of Directors.

Motion to accept proposal made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Jack Marr. Voting for: Steve Burling, Judit Balint, Janice Kalmbach, Frank Randall, Roger Van Beek, Jack Marr and Janice Cappelli. Voting against:  Ryan and Jim Simone. Abstaining, Kirk Murray. Motion passed.

4.Present management strategy- See attached

5.Request approval for office annex. Gerry would like to turn the old game room into office space. It was decided that no matter what the room was going to be it needed to be fixed by putting up drywall etc. by Ray.


Cluster 2. On Monday November 14th Steve Burling the Cluster Director gave notice to all 20 units in Cluster 2 that they were doing a smoke test for the rat problem. He gave written notice to everyone that they need to leave from 10 AM to 4 PM on Thursday November 17th. He also put a notice on the bulletin board. The following people didn’t comply, Unit 102 Carlos Otero, Unit 111 Ramon Reyna and Unit 112 Barbara Fisher. He is requesting that the Board fine them $100 each. Motion made to fine them the $100 plus any other cost for the Rat Control people to come back by Steve Burling and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously. He would also like approval for $1,995 to Highland Pest Control for a smoke test, and $1,200 for David Woods to patch holes. Motion to approve made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd By Frank Randall. Passed unanimously. Steve also had a question on who is responsible for the rats inside the units versus outside. It was stated that the Unit owner is responsible for the inside unless they are coming in from some problem such as broken pipes then the Cluster is responsible.

Cluster 3. Anne Ryan stated that there is a problem of letting people into the units when there is a need. The Directors do have a right to enter the Units without permission as in Florida Statute and our bylaws. The only stipulation is that 2 people enter the units.

Cluster 4.Nothing to Report.

Cluster 5. They are fine.

Cluster 6/7. They are doing well. The water leak has been repaired.

Cluster 8/11. They are fine.

Cluster 9. They have wrapped up their electrical problem. They are going to pay a month’s maintenance fee for the Unit owner that had to leave for a few weeks. Jim reminds Directors that you never know when you might see unforeseen expenses come up, so make sure you have enough money saved for this.

Cluster 10. They are good.

Cluster 12. Jack Marr would like to have Board approval to have the driveway resealed by Tony Stevens for $1,600. Motion to approve made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 13/14. They are fine.


  • CANAL UPDATE. Bob has gone to 17 businesses trying to get a hole in the outfall fixed. Most said that the job was too small. He got 3 estimates one from Shenandoah Construction for $106,990, another from Allstate Resource Management for $22,360 and Technical Inspections for $9,600. This needs to get Motion to approve getting $9,600 out of the Contingency Fund to get this done made by Roger Van Beak and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.
  • OEO. WE are still waiting for OEO for the Dog policy.
  • Fine of $100 for Cluster 13/14 Unit 117 for occupancy violation. Motion to accept made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously. 2nd . Cluster 4 Unit 101 for parking violation. This has been resolved therefore there is no fine at this time. Motion to not fine made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously. Both files were reviewed by Directors



  1. Cluster 3 Unit 201. Owner: Juan Agramonte. Buyer: Karen Rezin. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.
  2. Cluster 5 Unit 107. Owner: Candace Thompson. Buyers: Andrew Stein and Annette Weber (occupants), Bruce and Sara Weber (son and daughter-in-law.)Annette and Andrew will be the only (2) people residing in this unit. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously.
  3. Cluster 8/11 Unit 109. Owner: Quit Claim Deed to Elizabeth Dijols and Julio Valez. Buyers: Omar Padilla and Dalia Pelaez (husband and wife). Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously
  4. Cluster 9 Unit 204. Owner Helge and Kaarina Lindstrom. Renter: Daisy Cuevad (1year lease). Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Kirk Murray and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously.


ALTERATIONS. Nothing to report


FINANCE. Nothing

FINE. One for $100 still pending.

LEGAL. See attached

LIBRARY. They are in good shape. Can always use new books.

NEWSLETTER. Should be out soon.

SECURITY. Vandalism in Cluster 2. This has been reported to the Sheriff. We need non-slip mats for pool bathrooms.

SUNSHINE. Gene Marshall- Cluster 3, a card as he was is hospice care. Marilyn Rollins- Cluster 5, wishing you well. Lonnie Keyloun- Cluster 6/7, Feel Better. Johnnie Morgan- Cluster 4, Get Well. Maria Pedraza Cluster 9, Speedy Recovery. Gene Marshall has since passed away.

WATER REPORT. All is good now that 6/7 has fixed their water problem.

GIFTS. They made $635.51 at the Rummage Sale.

WEBMASTER. Movies will start in January.


POOL. Good.

SOCIAL. Sign up to go to the reception on bulletin boards after the Annual Meeting.


Director Anne Ryan asked to read a statement (see attached) objecting to several things regarding the election of Director at large. Secretary Gerry Roy reminded her that she missed the deadline from the voting packet from our lawyer’s to put her campaign letter in the packet. The President Bob James stated that he did not tell David Woods to take down her campaign letter. Bob reminded everyone of the Annual Meeting on December 3rd at 3 P.M. Also for everyone to get out their proxy votes. Frank Randall had questions about Bob’s Resume. Frank and Jim Simone stated that they thought some of the wording was misleading. Gerry Roy stated that the statement was a campaign message. Motion made to adjourn made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

Next meeting, Annual Meeting December 3rd

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
November 17, 2016

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