November 19, 2015

Regular Monthly Meeting
Thursday, November 19, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President Bob James. Welcome to all new people attending meeting.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cluster2: Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Cluster 3: Anne Ryan. Cluster 4: Pat Lambert (A). Cluster 5: Janice Kalbach. Cluster 6/7: Allan Knights (A). Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce (A). Cluster 9: Jim Simone. Cluster 10: Roger Van Beek (A). Cluster 12: Steve Burling. Cluster 13/14 Janice Cappelli (A).

BOARD MINUTETS. October 22nd meeting. Janice Cappelli had corrections. Corrections are that the 13/14 budget meeting was on the 17th of October not the 24th and if roofer had been brought in, it was without Geno’s knowledge. Geno never said he doesn’t want new roofs, he said Cl 13/14 doesn’t need new roofs at this time. Motion to waive reading of the minutes as modified made by Pat Lambert and 2nd by Steve Burling. Passed unanimously. Motion to accept modified minutes made by Jim Simone and 2nd  by Allan Knights. Passed unanimously.

November 9th Special meeting. Janice Cappelli had some questions but it was found that the minutes were correct. Motion to waive reading of the minute made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Allan Knights. Passed unanimously. Motion to accept the minutes made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.


October receipts were $82,060.55. October expenditures were $64,819.98. Operating account balance at BBNT is $45,540.82 Combined Improvement and Contingency and Reserve balance is $714,946.30. The total balance in checking and savings is $760,487.12. A reminder to the directors of 2, 3, 6/7, 8/11 and 10 that they still have balances in equity. If not used by year end it will be taxable monies. Most Clusters already have plans to use the money. 8 owners have been contacted regarding past due maintenance balances. 2 on Cluster 2, 1 in Cluster 4, 4 in Cluster 8/11, and 1 in Cluster 13/14. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Ray Kerce. Passed unanimously.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. 2nd Notices of annual meeting are out and must be delivered by Saturday the 21st. Tally sheets need to be returned hopefully by Friday the 20th. Confirmation has been made with the Church for the Annual meeting and we will be paying a $150 (donation). The church does not have any floating microphones. We will take Boundbrook’s microphone to the meeting as an extra. Ruth Merchant had a question about the ballot and it was explained that we only want an audit every 3 years. Motion to accept Secretary’s Report made by Roger Van Beek and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.


Cluster 2. Needs the Board to approve up to $6,000 for restoration repair drywall in unit 112. This is because of a big rat problem and the smell is very bad. Motion to approve made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously.

Cluster 3. Fine

Cluster 4. Water problem is under control. Thank you to Pat for all the work he has done.

Cluster 5. Fine

Cluster 6/7. Would like board approval for gutter work on 7 units. Work being done by Polo Seamless

Gutters for $3,000. Motion to approve made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously. Unit 116 has a leak, suspected to be the windows. Ray Kerce is going to look this over.

Cluster 8/11. OK

Cluster 9. Good.

Cluster 10. In process of doing flat roofs and gutters.

Cluster 12. All the roofs are now done.

Cluster 13/14. Fine

Canopy update. They are a little short but have made down payment on canopy and expect to have it installed sometime in January. Thanks for all the help with the rummage sale. They plan to have another rummage sale towards the end of January. New items for the January rummage sale are welcome. The rummage sale made $1,746.84, bake sale $224.45 and the luncheon $135. Jim Simone donated $200. Thank you Jim. Any additional donations are welcome. For their next project the Committee would like to take over to raise funds for equipment for the exercise room. Motion made to allow made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Opposing were Janice Kalmbach, Eva Dunberg-Tarrant and Anne Ryan. Motion passed.

Rules and Regulations. There were several additions to the rules and regulations. These will be printed in next year’s Directory. Motion to accept made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Pat Lambert. Passed unanimously.

Property Manager. Would like to start a search committee on finding a part time Property Manager. Motion to allow made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Pat Lambert. Passed unanimously.

Other Business. We will be closing the office the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.


  1. Cluster 9 unit 210, owner Anne Ledy. Taking out the south windows and replacing with hurricane windows, sliders on top and solid on the bottom. Work being done by Sunshine Aluminum for a cost of $9,764 being paid by owner. Motion to accept by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.
  2. Cluster 12 unit 101, owners Erkki & Tuula Rajasarri. Replacing two windows with Impact. Work is done by Window World for a cost of $1,156; $356 being paid by owner and $800 by Cluster. Motion to accept made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Pat Lambert. Passed unanimously.



FINES. Nothing pending


All directors were asked to get with David to use funny pipe so the sprinkler heads are at grade level. Along the Canal, soil is being spread out and leveled out. Ray installed a drainage unit between Cluster’s 9 and 8/11. Maybe later we could add trees. Most of the junk foliage has been removed. We will get the palm trees that are still there trimmed. Remember to only plant 2 feet from your unit and do not plant trees as they get too big and go against the buildings. Please get together with Grounds Maintenance when planting before planting.


The Insurance policy is signed and went into effect on 7 November 2015 for a cost of $91,307.57. We got out of Citizens and saved almost $9,000 under projection. We paid the entire year’s bill to save paying interest. Once again I remind everyone that individual homeowners insurance is of utmost importance. And folks, stop getting work done by unlicensed and/ or uninsured friends. Directors are watching.


We now have only 8 units for sale. 1 is not MLS. 3 of these are under contract. That leaves only 5 left for sale or rent. Prices are now stable with most buyers paying cash, ranging from a low of $61,900 to a high of $79.900. I have just completed all three foreclosures including the new foreclosure on Cl. 9 that should go quickly and the Cluster made some profit because it had no mortgage and I keep adding fees on them. We have had a high of 22 foreclosures, and now have NONE. Our 2015 stats so far are 24 buyers, 3 renters, and 5 “move-ins” approved.

Breakout: Cluster 4 has 2 units with one under contract. Cluster 5 has 2 units with one under contract.

Cluster 8/1 1 by owner. Cluster 9 has 2 units. Cluster 12 has 1 unit.

Good News: I just completed three more $300 Estoppel Reports for a profit of $4,200 so far for 2015. We should end up the year with over $5,400. We ended 2013 with $3100 and 2014 with $3750.

Other items. I have just renegotiated and signed the 2016 Comcast contract, and the biggest change is we added HD (High Definition) for everyone. That means the 146 that have been paying $11.26 extra per month will no longer pay, and those without will now have it at no cost. Comcast has agreed to pay us a $16,650 signing bonus and they will arrange for getting the new box installed at no cost to owner for everyone needing it. They also gave us an outlet for TV and for Wi-Fi at no cost for the office. Timing wise, they will start the service the first week in Feb. so plan to pay yourself for Jan. HD.

We completed the General Budget last month and each Cluster budget was approved by the owners. They are included with the second mailout that the Directors are handing out or mailing this week. Remember, Annual Meeting is 2:00 P.M., 5 December. Put on your calendar and plan to attend.

The LWDD worked last week clearing/ cutting most of the area. They just added thousands of yards of dirt and are spreading it so grass can be added next, along the canal, followed by seeding where appropriate. It is looking good already. If we get all we want from LWDD, we might have responsibility for keeping part of the area trimmed. I estimate that would add about $195 a month to the landscape bill, depending on the amount of work required.

LIBRARY. Doing good. Thanks to all who bring in books. Most of the books are from 2014 and 2015.


Needed approvals

  1. Cluster 5 Unit 107. Previous owner: Pat Palmer – Red Sunset Homes LLC. Buyer Candace Thompson. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.
  2. Cluster 4 Unit 114. Owner: Dora Sanchez (unit occupied by daughter Emma Soler) Additional Occupant: Patricio Sanchez. Motion made to accept by Jim Simone but there was not an 2nd so it was not approved. Directors said that when the 2nd car was gone they would reconsider.
  3. Cluster 4 Unit 109. Previous Owner: Rosemary & Ray Langley. Buyer Joseph (Jiggs) Petrucci.

Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Pat Lambert and 2nd by Ray Kerce. Passed unanimously.

NEWSLETTER. Will be out soon.

POOL MAINTENANCE. 1 small problem taken care of.


Good. After the 1st of the year Fire Department will be coming for a safety demonstration.


Party at the Clubhouse following the December 5th Annual Meeting.


Kay Kleeman, Cluster 13/14 – Sympathy card. Lonnie Keyloun, Cluster 6/7- Get Well. Anne Ryan, Cluster 5- Get Well Wishes. Helena Phillips, Cluster 13/14- Happy Birthday.


Movie night December 7th. It will be a Christmas Movie (Elf). Please bring nonperishable food for the food pantry.

Need a motion to accept Judit Balint as the new Director of Cluster 4. Motion to accept made by Pat Lambert and 2nd by Jim Simone. Passed unanimously.


Ray Kerce will keep things going while Bob James is gone hunting. If you must get ahold of Bob text him but please don’t call.

Pat Langen suggested that when the Fire Department is here, a CPR class is offered. We will try to do this.

MOTION to ADJOURN made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Roger Van Beek. Passed unanimously.

NEXT MEETING is Annual Meeting Saturday December 5th at 2:00 P.M. Special board meeting after Annual Meeting.

NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING is Thursday December 17th at 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary

November 19, 2015

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