November 20, 2014

Regular Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, November 20, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Bob James. All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bob recognized new people and especially Christine Burling who has volunteered to become the recording secretary and others who have returned from out of town.


Condo 2 N/A (Dawn Arteca retired no one has stepped up)
Condo 3 Anne Ryan
Condo 4 Rita Kamfoush
Condo 5 Jan Kalmbach
Condo 6/7 Stark Humphreys
Condo 8/11 Ray Kerce (A)
Condo 9 Elda Rodela
Condo 10 Duane Stuart
Condo 12 Sharon Horine
Condo 13/14 Janice Cappelli (A)

BOARD MINUTES: Minutes of the October 23, 2014 board meeting were approved as submitted. Sharon made the motion, Rita the 2nd. All Approved

TREASURER’S REPORT: Op account $43,876.27 took in $77,649.55 and spent $57,755.70.

Equity accounts still have funds available: Cluster 2 & 4 Must clear by EOY. Expect that Cluster 5 &10 will be closed out this month.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented. Sharon made the motion, Anne the 2nd. All Approved.


Frank announced meeting for Directors on Dec. 16th President also announced upcoming training opportunity At Broward Convention Center on Dec. 11th.

The report was approved as presented. Stark made the motion, Elda the 2nd. All approved



Bob thanked Ruth Merchant for all her years of service to Boundbrook. She is a shining example of volunteerism!

More volunteers like her are needed: Still need help for positions like the alterations committee. They did get a volunteer for painting in the office and exercise room. A list of the volunteer jobs has been complied and handed out to be put up on the cluster bulletin boards. Remember volunteers are volunteering their time so please treat them with respect.

Medicare rates were put up on the boards of each cluster.

Please compile list of all that the Clusters have accomplished this past year so that it can be announced at the annual meeting.


Cl 2: No report

Cl 3: Parking policy has been developed and approved by cluster. Three spots were approved for second cars.

Cl 4: All in good shape

Cl 5: Quiet and ready for roofers

Cl 6-7: Roofing will take three more days to complete the five units

CL 8-11: Pump fountain project set up – ready for everyone to enjoy

Cl 9: Ok. 105 is in foreclosure and needed to have porch fixed. 205 will cause same problem because water just pours down. Ray is evaluating typical problems

Cl 10: Ok

Cl 12: Ok, would like to have board to approve an expense up to $1,500 to have resealing of parking area and repainting of car bumper and stripes. Would like to have a better paint product used since there is evidence of peeling of the white paint on recently completed areas. Motion was made to approve the expense and approved. Motion Elda, Ray 2nd, all approved.

Bob asked to have Ray check on this and see if they could have work done at the pool parking lot at the same time to save money. That way we can delay another year on the rest of general area.

Cl 13/14. Bee removal completed, 5000 honey bees with comb and 90 day warranty – need to keep it sealed. Unit 105 had a water leak. Reported that David has been doing a good job.

OLD BUSINESS: L-9 canal update. LWDD finishing up with some clearing around 6 and will be putting in more dirt.

Boundbrook has to comply with no members putting vegetation out beyond the two foot limit next to their unit.

All downspouts will need trays and diversion since they cannot have any underground pipes. Ray is heading up this task.

Once dirt is in place they will put a covering (to be determined if geotextile, grass or other type of armoring) to keep dirt from sloughing back into the canal.

In total, 20.55 feet of Boundbrook right of way has been re-inherited

Three large drain pipes have been installed to handle swale drainage. Work had some deficiencies but contractor has agreed to reduce from the $13,000 quote so no special assessment will be required.

Once our modified property line is deeded to us, each appropriate unit will be QUIT claimed the property at no cost to the owner. This property line extends our property from three feet north of the buildings at 6/7 to about 20 feet at 8/11. The added dirt will be 10 feet the entire length.

The other expense to us is the title search that ran into a problem. Because the original developer is concerned that they would lose their land lease. We think that this has been resolved.


  1. Requests have been made to open the pool at7am- only unlocking of the gate, no problem with insurance and bathrooms will stay closed. This will be M-F not S or S. There were no objections.
  2. We now have a Webmaster, Jim Simone. He has been working and converted from a web site to a blog site and will have photos up soon. He hopes to have it up and running by the annual meeting. Good to have renters and potential buyers to see the place.
  3. Annual meeting information: Late start from the lawyers but all the first packets were put out on time. Second meeting packet done early on the 12th. Need to get the proxy votes back quickly with the expected vote of yes on all three items. Questions should be directed to your director. Barbara Fisher and many others were thanked for their help.

Received one cluster (9), back with proxies completed already.

  1. Gift committee status: there will be a hand out with first goal to get an awning by pool. Bob thanked the committee for all their work on this and asked for support at the annual meeting when handouts are distributed.
  2. President asked for approval to move the Dec meeting up one week to avoid the Christmas holiday to December 18. Possible cancellation of the meeting so close to the annual meeting on Dec 6th will be considered.

Stark made the motion and Sharon seconded. All approved.


Alterations: Three alterations are ready for approval as follows:

Cluster 11 unit 113 Frank Randal would like to change his unit number style – he obtained the necessary number of cluster unit signatures.

Stark made the motion to approve, Anne 2nd and all approved.

Cluster 5 unit 111 requesting to replace the clear story windows by Sunshine Construction to upgrade to hurricane quality.

Sharon made the motion to approve, Stark 2nd and all approved.

Cluster 13/14 120 will be enclosing the porch and upgrading. Work by Sunshine Aluminum.

Elda made the motion to approve, Stark 2nd and all approved.

Beautification is rolled into grounds maintenance waiting for the rain to stop so the weed treatment can be done and also some Christmas lights will be going up.

Finance: no additional items to report.

Fines: one pending

Grounds Maintenance: Reported another treatment for weeds. The March treatment was the last time the area was treated and the rains came too soon and so this is the retreating at no additional cost.

Insurance: Insurance is in place. We came in below last year’s cost by moving sinkhole and terrorism coverage to our private carrier from Citizens.

Social: Jeannie discussed social in clubhouse following the Dec 6th annual meeting. This IS to thank our volunteers and she asked that everyone attend.

Legal: 12 units for sale

$3600 total profit in estoppel fees.

Late payers in all clusters except 4.

Five liens total have been placed. And we have four foreclosures.

Library: Over 200 books were donated in 2014. Thanks to all who have donated.

Membership: Two memberships reviewed for approval as follows:

Directors have reviewed both files in advance.

  1. Cluster 9 Unit 110 – Addison Johntson – interviewed- will comply with all rules. – committee recommends approval. Rita/Stark. Board approved.
  2. Cluster 10 Unit 107 – Father Mark J. Inglot – interviewed will comply with all rules- committee recommended approval. Approved by board earlier.

President had obtained all the Directors approval early in order for closing date to be met based on committee recommendation of approval. Motion today is to formalize for the records. Elda/Stark. All approved

Newsletter: President reported that the newsletter has been done nicely by Allan Knight (and suggested that Communique and the little unofficial Newsletter be combined.

Pool:  Heater once again repaired and now locked up.

Security: Need volunteer for this committee.

Sunshine: 5 cards went out. See report.


Barbara GEHRKIN update on the exercise room – priced out treadmill, recumbent bike and rubberized flooring. No TV at this point.

Owner reported that there was a security issue where a bicycle was stolen from Cluster 2.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Annual meeting will be December 6 at the Church at the corner of Florida Mango and Forrest Hill

And regular monthly meeting, if needed, will be held on December 18 at 7:30.


Motion to adjourn made by Ray, 2nd by Anne and passed unanimously.

President going on hunting trip and Ray has agreed to fill in.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Sylvester,

Assistant to the Recording Secretary,

20 November 2014


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