November 7, 2016

Special Emergency Meeting
November 7th, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. by President Bob James.

Roll Call. Cluster 2: Steve Burling. Cluster 3: Anne Ryan. Cluster 4: Judit Balint. Cluster 5: Absent. Cluster 6/7: Kirk Murray. Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce. Cluster 9: Jim Simone. Cluster 10: Duane Stuart. Cluster 12: Jack Marr. Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose.

The purpose of this meeting is to talk about insurance. Our Insurance Company was Heritage with the broker being Smith Watson. Our broker that was with the company left and the new guy came out with a policy that Heritage proposed. Bob went to 3 different brokers trying to get prices. What was found was that a lot of the company’s didn’t want us because of our older buildings. Some of prices that were quoted were way out of line. Heritage gave us a quote with a $19,000 increase since our rating over the years has been for fire resistant. They came out and found that we had some wood so they changed it to joisted masonry. When Bob got the policy from Smith Watson it was deceptive. When they gave the policy they failed to mention a few things such as they increased the deductible from $5,000 to $25,000. They dropped the sink hole and changed a few other items. Right now we are sitting with a Heritage policy for $110,000. Bob fired Smith Watson when he found out that they were deceiving him. Bob went back to Brown and Brown. Our new broker Kyle Bloemers and Mike Vega explained our new policy. After discussing our options to go with the package with less coverage at $110.000 that would be covered in our current budget or go with more coverage with an increase of $50,000 or more. We can make additions in the next month or so. A motion was made by Kirk Murray to go with the policy at the $110,000 and 2nd by Jack Marr. Passed unanimously.

A motion to pay for the policy all at once (thus avoiding interest charges) made by Steve Burling and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.


Duane Stuart suggested that we do an audit possibly even a small audit. Motion made to adjourn made by Jack Marr and 2nd by Kirk Murray. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Burling, Recording Secretary
November 7th, 2016

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