November-December 2014

President’s Message

As I pointed out at the annual meeting for those of you who missed it, the biggest accomplishment this year was the L-9 Canal project. Yes we spent a bunch on our beautiful new pool and yes we finished our fence and hedge project but this project has a direct impact on most of our residents.

In summary, over 10 years ago, those in BCA authority found out that an old previously unknown legal document was filed by the Lake Worth Drainage District (LWDD) that took some of our property line. All we wanted at that time was to clear the foliage and add dirt to our side of the canal bank but after spending thousands in legal funds, they chose to stop and leave things as they were. 

Last year with the help of two of our residents, Judge Don Campbell and Harlan CarrolI, I  reopened the case and attempted to work out a plan with the head of the LWDD and their Board of Directors. It worked and the LWDD agreed to quit claim 20.55′ back to us for $250, giving us land that was not less than three foot outside the northern most unit (cluster 6/7) And running east to Fl Mango Rd giving us as much as 12′ at some points. 

For their part, in addition to giving us the land, they  agreed to clear the heavy foliage  along the bank, that 10 years ago we were to pay for, at their expense (that they estimate cost them about $100k).

They further agreed to place 10′ of dirt the entire length of the canal (they now estimate cost up to $500K) at their expense. 

As you can see, both actions have been completed and now all they have to do is place a to be determined product on the bank to prevent erosion in the future. 

Our portion was four fold:

  1. To repair and extend three each 24-36″ pipes called outfalls the 10′ extension for the added dirt. The best estimate I got was over $13K. I have since negotiated the price to $5470. over>>>
  2. To get a title search to prove we owned the property in the first place. The lawyer doing the search and the legal work ran into problems where the original developer of Boundbrook did not properly transfer the property to us so what we thought would be a simple procedure has been dragging out and we are almost finished as of today. The first invoice was for over $5000 but after some negotiating, will be “significantly” reduced. 
  3. We agree to have each units property quit claimed to the current owner at no cost to the owner. How this is done and cost is still to be determined but I promise to stay within our 2015 budget. 
  4. That if a access gate must be installed for them by the bridge, it would be at our cost. At this time their engineer and I anticipate we will not need a gate but only a fence addition to prevent access to our area.  Cost to be determined.
    The good news is that there will not be any special assessments to cover this project. Because I have been able to recover most of the previously spent legal fees on foreclosures, I will use that money plus the estoppels fees I have earned to pay for this project. 

The better news is that my Christmas present to you is that I have cleaned up a mess that most of us never even knew existed and have done it at minimum cost. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all and to all a good night. 

On a personal note I want to thank you for all the calls and cards on the loss of my grandson and the wedding of my daughter. 


Bob James, President


Business News

Some new key players will be showing up at the Board Meetings.  Christine Burling has volunteered to be the Recording Secretary; new Directors -Jim Simone, Cluster 9, Eva Dunberg-Tarrant , Cluster 2 and  Steve Burling, Cluster 12.

The new Web Master,  Jim Simone, has indicated that the BB Web Site will be up and running the beginning of January.  This is yet another move to connect Boundbrook with the world around us.  Jim has also arranged to do a column for the Condo News.

Marian Roy has taken on Security.

The 2015 Directory prepping process is just about completed but there are still residents that have not completed the form to update information.  If you have not done so, pls. hurry because the press deadline is close at hand.

Condo Sales and Rentals

The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of Cluster 9-110 to Addison Johnston, Cluster 10-107 to Mark Inglot,CL 10-109 to Roger Butterfield & Barbara Marston and the rental of Cluster 3-206 to Bruce and William Landers, Cluster 3-114 to Al Aragon and Gary Jacobs and Cluster 6/7 to Charles and Grace Dietzman were approved by the Board.


There is no competing with the resolution of the canal issue as the clear winner of the BB Golden Globe award for 2014 but we mustn’t overlook the smaller but significant achievements.

We now have an office that looks like well, an office.  The pool has had major reconstructive surgery.  The piano and those 2 mammoth blue chairs have, at long last, disappeared from the Club House, the gate remains open in the mornings so that people can actually get to the office, Cluster 10 has done an amazing job of their blvd. wall flower bed, and there should be fewer leaks to report now that many more new roofs have been completed across the clusters,


Each year the Boulevard becomes more impressively lit up for Christmas and it seems that it is a reflection of a renewed pride in our community.  The front hedge is looking particularly good after its Christmas trim.

Social (information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

The reception to thank volunteers held after the Annual Meeting, December 6, was as usual, well organized by our Social Committee.

Clusters 3 & 10 and 6/7 had tree lighting ceremonies, 3 and 10 sang carols, 6/7 knocked back high powered eggnog.  We all have our ways of celebrating.

Gifting as an approach to funding initiatives that are outside our operating budget was launched at the Annual Meeting and fundraising events will get underway early in the new year.

Though we are so happy to see most of our seasonal neighbors back, we are at the same time reminded of  the neighbors that we lost during the past year.  We are all saddened by the recent death of Dick Gomersall, a gentleman and pillar of our community.   Our deepest sympathy to his wife Marilyn and their family.

Things We Should Be Thinking About/Suggestions

Remember if you have content suggestions, bring them forward

 Next Board Meeting: January 22, 2015

 Holiday Greetings

The Editor

Allan Knights


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