October 2015

President’s Message

Be sure to put Dec. 5 on your calendar. That’s our annual meeting, the one time during the year when every unit owner, all 222 of you, “own” the meeting. This is the time when you can speak if you wish, and hear from committee heads and Directors of their accomplishments on your behalf in 2015 and plans for 2016.

Our venue, the church on Forest Hill Boulevard, is close by and has plenty of room for all of you. Then afterward, Jeanne Berry and her crew will have a wonderful spread for you, all free. AND, we are hoping to have a spectacular surprise for you, the result of a lot of work by our Gift Committee, and a push by Santa, to bring you the large canopy by the barbecue grill. This will enlarge our party area, and accommodate more socializing. Come meet and honor your hardworking Officers, Directors and Committee persons.


Business News

Bob James has just renegotiated the 2016 COMCAST contract, with the biggest change being that HD has been added for everyone.  That means the 146 that have been paying $11.26 extra per month will no longer have to pay, and those units without HD will now have it at no cost. COMCAST has agreed to pay a $16,650 signing bonus and they will arrange for getting the new boxes installed, at no cost, to owners needing them.

As a follow up to the General Budget that was completed last month,  Cluster Budgets, approved by the owners, were presented and approved.

The next Board Meeting will be held November 19th to avoid any conflict with Thanksgiving

Condo Sales and Rentals

We now have 14 units for sale, all are MLS.  9 of these are under contract. That leaves only 5 left for sale or rent. (1 is in foreclosure subject to short sale).  Prices are now stable with most buyers paying cash, ranging anywhere from a low of $32,000 (short sale ) to a high of $79,900.
The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of CL 2-108 to Sonia Rodrigues and Sonia Angel; CL 3-204 to Max Zambrano; CL 9-205 to Anastasia Garcia and Sydia Tucker and CL 13/14-136 to William Mazalewski were approved.

So far in 2015 there have been 20 buyers, 3 renters, and 5 “move-ins” approved.

Foreclosures have dropped from a high of twenty two to one.


Clusters 2 and 9 have a problem with politely termed rodents(rats) seemingly on-going in 2.  One would think that there must be someone in the state of Florida that can effectively make these critters disappear once and for all.

Cluster 4 has a water usage issue to resolve.

Social (some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Preparations are underway for the Rummage and Bake Sale to be held November 5, 6 and 7.  There is a need for homemade baked goods so if you are in a cheffing mood, please contact a Gift Committee member.

Movie Night is on November 9 and  will feature Exodus.  Get out and support this initiative.

Don’t forget to sign up if you plan to attend the reception after the Annual Meeting

Our thoughts are with Charlotte Randall, Kathy Peler and Lois Casper each one dealing with health issues.

Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of Ellie McFadden from Cluster 3-110 who passed away recently.

The Editor,
Allan Knights  (allan.knights@outlook.com)

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