Rules and Regulations for BCA 2015


This is only a summary of some of our formal documents as well as many of the rules passed by the Board of Directors over the years. See formal documents including the Declaration of Condominium, Long Term Lease Agreement, Articles of Incorporation and our By-Laws for more detailed information. R&R shall be deemed in effect by the Board of Directors and shall apply to and be binding upon all unit owners who shall obey them and use their best efforts to see they are faithfully observed by their families, guests and employees. Ignorance of the rules
is not an excuse for breaking them.


  1. We are a multi-family residential community with multi-cultural interests and language differences. All aesthetic or design changes must be agreeable to all owners.
  2. Occupants shall not exhibit, display, inscribe, paint or affix in, on or upon any part of the condo unit or condo property any sign, ad, notice or other lettering.
  3. Awnings, canopies, shutters or other projections shall not be attached to or placed upon the outside walls of the buildings without the prior approval of 75% of the Cluster owners, the alterations committee and the Board. These are maintained at owner expense.
  4. No exterior radio or TV antennas or other wiring shall be installed on common property without the written consent of the Board.
  5. Lawn furniture is not to be left on the lawns. Open porches or balconies shall not be used as utility areas or storage space or used to dry clothes. Common elements must not be obstructed or encumbered or used for any purpose other than ingress or egress.
  6. All personal property of unit owners shall be stored within their condo unit.
  7. No flammable, combustible or explosive liquids shall be kept in any unit except as required for normal household use. No gas or charcoal grills shall be stored in units or used on porch or within 10 feet of the building.
  8. Visiting children shall not play or loiter in stairways, parking areas or other public areas. No occupant or guest shall make noise that annoys other occupants of the building.
  9. The grounds adjacent to a building do not belong to individual unit owners but are part of the common elements. No planting is permitted except within two feet of building walls. Board approval is needed for replacement or planting of trees or shrubs in common areas.
  10. Unit owners who plan to be absent during the hurricane season (June 1 through November 30) must prepare the unit prior to departure by removing furniture, plants and other objects from porches.
  11. All unit owners must notify the office and their Director with the name and phone
    number of the person responsible for routine inspections to ensure there is no interior damage to
    the unit in the owner’s absence. Owners are responsible for any damage to their unit or adjoining
    units due to their failure to take these steps. Directors should have keys to every unit in their
    Cluster kept in sealed envelopes.
  12. The Board recommends that all units have Dade County approved hurricane shutters. Failure to have shutters or to close them for a hurricane means owners accept responsibility for damage to their unit or to adjoining units that are due to their negligence. No plywood permitted.


  1. Dumpsters and recycling bins have posted regulations.
  2. Speed limits within BCA are posted.
  3. Officers, Directors, committee members and important telephone numbers are listed in the Directory. Owners are responsible to keep their listing accurate.
  4. No unit owner or resident shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert any control over the employees or subcontractors of BCA.
  5. As a result of our water shortage, vehicles shall only be washed in BCA using the “bucket and rinse” method. Detailing companies must follow the same rule.
  6. No pets or animals other than up to two (2) indoor cats, fish in a tank, or quiet birds in a cage may be brought onto any portion of the Condominium Property at any time. Exemptions are specially trained animals for the handicapped and must be approved in advance.
  7. Bird feeders attract rats and other animals and thus are not allowed.
  8. All pests, especially Ducks, make a mess for everyone. Feeding them can result in a fine being levied.


BCA must be notified of the intent to sell or rent any unit prior to listing (there is a form in the office).

  1. No one can move into a unit until they are approved by the Board.
  2. Prospective buyer / renter packets are available from the Membership Committee. The approval process will be started when all the guidelines in the packet are followed, so closing dates should be coordinated with the Committee. Once the entire application process is completed, the BCA must complete the approval process within 30 days.
  3. A processing fee of $100 is imposed for each applicant, and prospective renters must give BCA a check for one month’s rent, to be returned at the end of the rental period if no damage has occurred. Complete occupancy details are contained in Articles 16 and 17 of the revised BCA Declarations.
  4. Units must be owned for 2 years before they can be rented, and can only be rented once in
    a 12-month period. Rooms will not be rented.
  5. Only one family may occupy a unit. See Article 16.1 of Declarations for definitions.
  6. For sales, an estoppel fee of $150 is imposed. Sufficient time must be given BCA so our representative can research and prepare the estoppel papers for the closing.


This area is padlocked from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

  1. Unit owners must buy keys in the office to gain access to this area. Pool entry keys must not be ” loaned out” The pool is a large budget item and is strictly for the use of unit owners and their guests.
  2. Showers must be taken before entering the pool. Suntan lotions or oils create pool drainage problems.
  3. Private parties are allowed only with prior approval.
  4. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool area except at approved functions.
  5. No radios shall be played in such a manner as to disturb others.
  6. No horseplay, running or diving allowed.
  7. Chairs should be kept at least 4 feet from the pool.
  8. Toddlers are not permitted in the pool.
  9. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Bathers are asked to wear a beach jacket over bathing suits while walking to the pool area.
  11. The pool should be shared and those “swimming laps” should have the same privileges as those “socializing” or taking a class in the shallow end.


  1. Each unit is given one “Owner” parking spot. Additional parking is for guests. Occasional parking is allowed in the recreation area lot. No trucks over ¾ ton allowed overnight.
  2. Each Cluster will determine how guest spots will be managed and what their policy will be for second car requests. The policy must be approved by 75% of their owners.
  3. Vehicles that cannot operate on their own power shall not remain on the premises for more than a day. Only emergency repair of vehicles permitted on the premises.
  4. Boats, trailers and RVs cannot be left on the property.
  5. Illegal vehicles may be towed without prior notification. The decision to tow is delegated
    to Cluster Directors or the President.


Crime Watch is in effect on BCA property. Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and to
volunteer to keep our community safe.


The association and your neighbors appreciate your desire to maintain, update or improve your
residence. However, we are subject to the Florida State Regulations, the Palm Beach County
zoning and building codes, as well as our association’s attempt to keep our community safe and
aesthetically pleasing. Our established procedures are as follows:

  1. Any unit owner considering alterations, modifications or remodeling to the inside or outside of a unit must consult with the Cluster Director for general concurrence and assistance. See Article 9 of Declarations for details.
  2. The Alterations Committee must be contacted to get an application form and to review your intent. The committee will guide you, review requirements and present to the board for approval. By code (and Article 7.7 in the Declarations) any tile installed in a 2nd floor unit must have sound proofing padding. See Alterations Chairman for specifics.
  3. 75% of your neighbors must approve your request before it goes back to the alterations
  4. Two permanent rules that apply are that no electrical fuse panels will be moved without a
    county building permit pulled in compliance with local codes, and no walls will be moved or
    added within a unit.
  5. The alterations committee will present your request to the BOD at the monthly scheduled meeting for final approval.
  6. The above procedures must be completed before any work begins! Without the approval,
    violations will result in a fine and/or removal of the change.
  7. After BOD approval, the plans will be placed in the permanent files.
  8. Any modifications to the original structure will be the owner’s responsibility to maintain.
  9. Any work to be done that involves loud noise must be done Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.


At the 2008 annual meeting, the general membership approved the policy of charging a fine for violations of our Rules and Regulations. Minor violations such as outside cats, dogs, or children that make annoying noise will start at $50.00 if not corrected after complaints to the owner. More serious violations, like a safety violation, will result in a larger fine. Violation of the one vehicle rule will normally result in towing the vehicle rather than a fine. Renter’s violations are the responsibility of the unit owner. The Fines Committee, that operates separate from the BOD, will at the request of the individual fined, review the case and hear an appeal from the person fined. If an appeal is made, the violation must still be corrected in the time frame given in the fine notice, and not after the appeal is adjudicated.



  1. Payments of monthly assessments are due on the 1st of the month and late on the 10th of the month. They shall be paid by check to the designated address in your coupon book, accompanied by a coupon and envelope issued by the association Treasurer around mid – December each year.
  2. The BCA strongly recommends one way to avoid missing your payment on time is through automatic bank payment from your bank. Forms are included in your coupon book or a form is available in the association office. You can start this system any time during the year but be sure to pay by check until you are sure the automatic system has started. Any questions should be directed to the association Treasurer.
  3. Because of past incidents of owners getting as much as six months behind and due to the economic condition, we will be pro-active in collecting the monthly assessments. If late, you will receive a phone call or letter the first time. The second month a late fee will be added. If no payment is received in 60 days, notice of lien will be sent to the owner of record and if still not paid in 30 days, the lien will be filed with the county court which will add legal costs to your payment. If the filed lien is not satisfied in 30 days, further legal action, including foreclosure, may be taken. If a unit owner is repeatedly late, an acceleration of monthly maintenance fees for
    the remainder of the year may also be made.

Rules and Regulations last amended by BCA Board of Directors 2014


4 thoughts on “Rules and Regulations for BCA 2015

  1. Cathy Woolf Realtor

    i would like to get an application for a purchase-is it possible to have it emailed to me


    • olyvejames

      Hi Cathy. You need to call the office for an application. We don’t yet sent it out electronically.
      Jim S


  2. Daniel H.

    The Rules refer to “Declarations” where are those Declarations found?


    • olyvejames

      The Declarations are not on the website; they are in the Association Office.
      Jim S


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