September 2015

President’s Message

Just enjoyed a nice Labor Day nearly impromptu picnic put on by our Social Committee. Heavy rains in the early afternoon reminded me that such an event might have to be cancelled if we had to move inside for cooking and eating. Luckily the weather cleared. Points up how important the CANOPY will be to our parties in the future. Don’t forget we also have a Memorial Fund to give in your name or your loved one’s name We would like to add some benches and tables, perhaps with money also raised by the Gift Committee.

This is our big budget month. It’s unfortunate that snowbirds are not here. If you have any thoughts about budget items, email or call your Director, because the General area budget is set by the Board at the 24 September Board meeting. The Cluster meetings to follow incorporates that overall Boundbrook budget.

A reminder that owners must only hire workmen that are Insured and Licensed. Two recent cases of “brother-in-law” work ended up with a flood and a power shortage. Cheap does not mean good! When in doubt, ask your Director. The pool pavers continue to dazzle. Thank Ray Kerce when you see him around the area.



Business News

The 2016 Operating Budget ​was approved by the Board at the September 24th meeting. Cluster meetings will be scheduled shortly.

The L-9 Canal​ sodding is scheduled to be completed mid-October thus wrapping up a long and complicated initiative whereby Boundbrook regained title to what we thought, erroneously, was ours.

Rules and Regulations​ are in the process of being updated and will be incorporated in the new Directory.

Starting January 2016, the new Comcast contract will include the HD feature​ at no cost to subscribers.

Running a community the size of Boundbrook is becoming more complicated and time consuming as we are forced to deal with increasing state, county and association requirements. Added to this is the need to cope with an aging infrastructure and past inertia. Expecting our volunteer Board to manage Boundbrook without some form of professional support is no longer realistic and hasn’t been for a while now. Times are changing and we need to as well.

We have key volunteers that are required to devote entirely inappropriate amounts of their time and energies to ensure that our community functions. Our Directors are planners of the future as well as administrators of financial and maintenance matters. They are the heavy cops that need to solve neighborhood tiffs and put up with folks that just don’t want to abide by our rules and regulations. Some residents seem to think that being a Director is a privilege and that they are there to solve all problems.

We have Ray Kerce who spends hundreds of hours improving our facilities thereby saving us mega bucks as well as reviewing alterations proposals.

Bob James as president occupies in essence a full time job and along with help from Sharon Horine, manages all aspects of what would be considered a medium sized business. Bob’s focus ranges from resolving critical issues such as the canal boundary line and legally recouping funds owed BB as a result of foreclosures through to fining pooping dogs and resolving a myriad of problems because there is no one else to do it.

Something seemingly as simple as re-enforcing security on our western perimeter involves pleading for funding, obtaining a survey, finding out which county ordinances apply, consulting neighboring property owners, obtaining estimates and overseeing the project to completion. Not so simple when it is an add-on to an already full workload.

There are and have been many other volunteers such as those involved with the Budget and the Directory(David Purtz), accounting processes(Pat Kerce), grounds maintenance (Sharon Horine), the census and all the committees that were and are essential components of our community. In future Communiqués, we will be profiling volunteer contributions because others need to be recognized as well.

There will always be a need for volunteers which is good in that it allows us to keep costs down and to involve our residents in everyday operations. They should feel rewarded for their contribution, not over faced/overworked We have hired a part-time professional(Gloria Sheriff) who along with our office volunteers are establishing routines and putting order to our pile of records as well as preparing for meetings. This is a good start.

The time, however, has come to seriously think about providing our President and Board with assistance. For some this will mean a major distancing with past thinking. This assistance could be in the form of an individual (not a company), hired by and reporting to the President, ​to do the research and preparatory work for initiatives that the Board has approved and to essentially assist the President and the Board with some of the more routine functions, ones that are time consuming and of a more regulatory nature. This individual will not be ‘telling us what to do’ as many of the naysayers fear. We hire: we fire.

With the General Meeting and the accompanying elections looming in the not too distant future, we need to seriously assess the type of volunteer required for each and every position. We need key people with vision to move us forward, with commitment to take tough decisions, able to charter unpopular courses when it is in our best interest, knowledgeable about the world outside BB, prepared to forget having a private life and also have the patience to put up with a lot of crap. Looking around, it would seem that we have hit the jackpot. We ask more and more of our key volunteers and at times are quick to criticize and make life difficult. Let’s take time to say thank you one and all. Everything you do for BB is appreciated. We are what you have helped make us!

Condo Sales​ and Rentals

We currently have 14 units for sale, all MLS, 8 of these are under contract, leaving only 6 for sale/rent. Prices range from a low of $32,000 to a high $79,000. The Membership Committee’s recommendations supporting the sale of CL 8/11-123 to Deborah Hunter & daughter Danielle as an additional occupant; CL6/7-117 to Sharon Martin-Becker & Robert Croll along with an emotional service dog ; CL2 -204 to Alexey Cruz as an additional occupant; CL 4 -107 to Betty Kugler; CL 5 -116 to James & Sandra Calabrese; CL 8/11 – 106 to Robert Bullock, as an additional occupant; CL 9- 210 to Ann Ledy and the rental of CL 8/11 -107 to Eleanor Morris were approved. This level of transaction, over the summer months alone, is a reflection of the time and effort that the Membership Committee dedicates to the vetting process. This committee, composed of volunteers, acts as the frontline screening for new residents and is critical to our community well being.


Donations continue rolling in supporting the Canopy Project​ and we appear to be at the half way mark ($5162.00). Fund raising events are being planned but the potentially cool and wet facts of the matter are that if we want a canopy for this season there is still a way to go. Ray has done everything that needs to be done to prepare for the canopy itself, even blasting a connecting door through to the Club House.

Overall support for the project has been most encouraging from the very beginning. If you are planning on making a donation, and want to see a canopy in place this season, now would be the time to do it by contacting anyone on the Gift Committee.

The Pool Complex is looking amazingly good with the new deck work and paint job. Our pool is what visitors and potential buyers first notice and comment on. This was a major project guided to completion by Ray Kerce.


The fall weed and bug spraying has been completed

Social ​(some information supplied by Jeanne Berry)

Meals on Wheels ​of the Palm Beaches may be the answer for residents that are experiencing difficulties with shopping for food and preparing meals. Call 561 802-6979 to see if they can be of assistance.

Attendance at Movie Nights ​is down. This creative initiative of Jim Simone to help the food bank may not continue if we don’t support it.

Welcome back to all the smarter Seasonals​ who know enough to head south before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

If you have any north of the border neighbors, remember that the Canadian government, in its wisdom, has devalued the dollar to .75 cents US. So if can goods disappear at the movie night or Jeanne’s cake at the meetings, you will know where they have gone.

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