September 22, 2016

Regular Monthly Board of Directors’ Meeting
Thursday, September 22, 2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Bob James.  All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob James offered condolences to Duane Stuart for the loss of his wife Margaret of 65 years.

ROLL CALL:  Cluster 2: Pat Borden (A); Cluster 3:  Anne Ryan; Cluster 4: Anthea Charles (A); Cluster 5:  Janice Kalmbach; Cluster 6/7:   Excused; Cluster 8/11:  Ray Kerce; Cluster 9:  Jim Simone; Cluster 10:  Duane Stuart; Cluster 12:  Jack Marr; Cluster 13/14:  Janice Cappelli (A).

A motion for Pat Borden to be alternate director of Cluster 2 was made by Ray Kerce, was seconded by Jim Simone, and passed unanimously.

BOARD MINUTES:  Motion to accept the minutes as published from August 25, 2016, was made by Anne Ryan, seconded by Ray Kerce, and passed unanimously.

Motion to accept the minutes as published from the special meeting on September 8, 2016, was made by Janice Kalmbach, seconded by Jim Simone, and passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  There is no treasurer’s report as Pat Kerce received some data at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. this evening, and she only has partials.

VICE PRESIDENTS’ REPORTS:  Eva Dunberg-Tarrant:  Nothing to report;   Barbara Gehrkin:  Not in attendance.

PROPERTY MANAGER REPORT:  Not in attendance.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Mailing lists are needed for the first mailing of the annual meeting package which will be mailed out October 4, 2016.  The opt-out vote for sprinklers is included in the package.  The second mailing for the annual meeting will be not later than November 19, 2016.  He reminded everyone that the December 3rd annual meeting will be moved to 3:00 p.m. this year.


Cluster 2:  Pat Borden stated nothing to report.

Cluster 3:  Anne Ryan stated all the shutters are up thanks to David Woods.

Cluster 4:  Anthea Charles stated nothing to report.

Cluster 5:  Janice Kalmbach stated nothing to report.

Cluster 6/7:  Excused.

Cluster 8/11:  Ray Kerce stated there is a large ant problem around Cluster 8/11.  A motion was made to treat for the ants at a cost of $1,430.00 by Ray Kerce, was seconded by Jack Marr, and passed unanimously.

Cluster 9:  Unit 113 had only partial electricity.  The 220 was out so the air conditioner did not work.  An electrician and Ray looked at it.  Ray found there is a breakage in the line.  Another electrician is coming to find the exact location of the break.

Cluster 10:  Duane Stuart stated nothing to report.

Cluster 12:  Jack Marr stated that three (3) units had leaks in the flat roofs.  Ranger Roofing repaired the leaks.

Cluster 13/14:  Janice Cappelli stated nothing to report.


L-9 Canal Update:  A memorandum for record of the President’s meeting with the Lake Worth Drainage District was passed out to the Board.

Volunteers:  Bob James stated that we need more volunteers to work in the office, especially as an alternate on Fridays.

OEO Update:  The other issue we are defending is against an OEO dog complaint by one of our residents.  We just received a draft agreement that I have had our lawyer review and found no issues.  We have gotten the required letter to each owner approved by OEO and we are still distributing it by email, hand delivering, mailing and on the eleven (11) bulletin boards.  But so far I only have three (3) forms from Directors.  Please get with Gerry Roy to finalize your Cluster check-off sheet for our records and my certification to OEO.

DBPR Update:  One (1) legal issue was resolved today:  Gino Graziose’s complaints to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  The Division’s Resolution from our lawyer in summary states that no violations were identified and the case is now closed.  All this did was cost the people in the Association heavy legal fees and an extreme amount of work by Pat Kerce, Gerry Roy, Gloria Sheriff, and me.  Basically, this does establish a precedent that if a structure is faulty, such as some clerestory window headers in Cl. 13/14 were, the Cluster must take care of remediation.



  1. A motion was made to approve Lenore Kirner as a buyer in Cluster 6/7, Unit 126; motion was made by Ray Kerce, seconded by Anne Ryan, and was passed unanimously.
  2. A motion was made to approve Craig Kerce as an additional occupant in Cluster 8/11, Unit 120; motion was made by Jack Marr, seconded by Jim Simone, and was passed unanimously.
  3. A motion was made to approve James A. Benson as a buyer in Cluster 9, Unit 108; motion made by Anne Ryan, seconded by Jack Marr, and passed unanimously.
  4. A motion was made to approve John Tucker as an additional occupant in Cluster 9, Unit 205, which is a one-bedroom unit. The motion was made by Jim Simone but was not seconded.  A motion was then made by Ray Kerce and seconded by Anthea Charles to disapprove him as the additional occupant.  Six (6) board members, Anne Ryan, Anthea Charles, Ray Kerce, Duane Stuart, Janice Kalmbach, and Jack Marr, voted for the motion, Janice Cappelli and Pat Borden abstained, and Jim Simone voted against the motion.  The additional occupant was not approved.

2017 General Budget:

The budget will be included in the second mailing for the annual meeting.  A tentative budget was discussed, and a motion was made to approve the tentative budget by Jack Marr, was seconded by Jim Simone, and passed unanimously.  There will be two (2) weeks’ notice for budget meetings for clusters.

Other Business:

A motion was made to terminate the contract with Allied Property Management, Inc. by Ray Kerce, seconded by Janice Kalmbach, and approved unanimously.  A certified letter will be mailed to Allied Property Management, Inc., on September 23, 2016, notifying them that the contract will be terminated on October 23, 2016.  The President thanked Sharon for having the letter prepared, and a copy was given to each Director.


  1. Alterations: Nothing to report.
  2. Maintenance: Nothing to report.
  3. Finance: David Purtz gave a report on budgets and was thanked for all his hard work.
  4. Fines: We collected two (2) fines of $100.00.
  5. Gifts: Nothing to report.
  6. Grounds Maintenance: Sharon Horine is going around our grounds with a code enforcement individual.  Only one (1) permit is required which will cost about $350.00.
  7. Insurance: Nothing to report.
  8. Legal: Bob James reported that $3,900.00 has been collected in estoppel fees so far this year.
  9. Library: There were some new books added to the library.
  10. Newsletter: Nothing to report.
  11. Pool Maintenance: It was mentioned that Jim D’Eredita has done a great job with the pool.
  12. Security: Our fire extinguishers are now refurbished and certified.  Two had to be replaced.
  13. Social: The committee is working on a reception that will follow the annual meeting.
  14. Sunshine: (1) Maria Grubiak, Cluster 8/11 – 9/4/16, Sympathy card to family.  (2) John Dillon, Cluster 6/7 – 9/4/16, Thoughts and prayers for you (he had heart surgery).  (3) Duane Stuart, Cluster 10 – 9/14/16, Sympathy card for death of wife Margaret.  (4) Judit Balint, Cluster 4 – 9/16/16, a speedy recovery from cataract surgery.  (5) Christine Burling, Cluster 13/14 – 9/20/16, wishing a speedy recovery from surgery.
  15. Webmaster: Movies will start on October 10, 2016, with The Prime of Miss Jean Brody.  Entrance fee is non-perishable food.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  October 27, 2016, at 7:00 p.m.

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