September 24, 2015

Regular Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, September 24, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Bob James.

Welcome to Stark Humphreys,

Christine and Steve Burling, Gordon Whitten, Susan Sorelle, Sharon Becker and Roger Van Beek. Sharon have volunteered to help in the Treasurer’s office.

All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Cluster 2: Eva Dunberg-Tarrant
Cluster 3: Anne Ryan
Cluster 4: Pat Lambert (A)
Cluster 5: Janice Kalmbach
Cluster 6/7: Stark Humphreys
Cluster 8/11: Ray Kerce
Cluster 9: Jim Simone
Cluster 10: Duane Stuart
Cluster 12: Steve Burling
Cluster 13/14: Geno Graziose

Board Minutes

Approval of board minutes from August 27 2015. Motion made to approve made by Anne Ryan and 2nd by Pat Lambert. Passed unanimously.

Approval of the Special Board Meeting from September 17 2015. Motion made to approve by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Janice Kalmbach. Passed unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report

Pat is out of town, we are in good shape.
Secretary’s Report

The first mailings for the Annual Meeting should be out by October 8th


Condo Reports

Cluster 2. Nothing

Cluster 3. Fine

Cluster 4. A Sprinkler system problem. David said to contact Randy Snayd . Randy was supposed to be there by yesterday but has not yet shown up. Maybe David could help.

Cluster 5. Fine

Cluster 6/7. Stark is resigning. Kirk Murray will be the new Director and Allan Knights the new Alternate. A big thank you to Stark for all his hard work in the past 8 plus years. He will continue to be helping run the Rummage sale, hopefully being held in November.

Cluster 8/11. Nothing

Cluster 9. Good

Cluster 10. OK

Cluster 12. OK

Cluster 13/14. Had a leaky roof that was patched. Got a quote from a friend for sewer problems that were $40,000. Decided that Geno and David will continue to use pressure washer to keep it washed out. New screens on vent pipes.
Old Business

L-9 canal update. The grass should be in by mid-October. This should be done in 3 days. We may now be responsible for cutting the grass.

Extended Vacations. We still have the problem of people leaving without shutting things down. Think about getting insurance if you don’t have any.

Volunteers. Mikee Roy had joined the Membership Committee. Her husband Gerry Roy has joined Mikee on the Security Committee. Gerry Roy and Susan Sorelle are on the Alterations Committee.

Contractors hired by Owners. Make sure that any contractor hired is licensed, insured and has any necessary permits.
New Business

A letter was given to Directors as a guide to give to owners that need to make repairs to the add screen rooms and porches.

There is an update to the Rules and Regulations. They will be passed out before the next meeting and discussed and voted on then. These will be put in the new Directory.

Comcast contract. All will be getting HD free starting in January. For the people that now have HD it will be a savings of $11.26. Comcast will arrange for people to get boxes that do not have HD. “Infinitytvgo” an App to your cell phone is free.

General Budget. There is an increase in the general budget of $6.98 and a decrease in the Reserve of $6.94 for an end result of a 4 cent increase. Improvement fund is increased because of the bathroom showers and need to finish off the game room. Landscaping reflects a minor increase for the contractor an additional needed spraying for weeds. The Maintenance Man reflects a minor increase. The phone directory copies ran out in July, so we need to order more. The paid office assistant that we finally started using this summer has worked our extremely well. Because of this, I am putting off an attempt to hire property management. The budget figure represents her working 3 or 4 mornings a week. Forty years of records are being organized or thrown out, and she is helping our new Secretary, especially with the Annual Meeting work. Pool Maintenance is down because of our new pool. Maintenance reflects costs for our old community. Tree trimming reflects continuing problems with large trees that were planted in inappropriate places. We recently spent over $1,000 on one large weed tree. Please work with Sharon on all new plantings. The awning or canopy to increase our much-needed clubhouse space for parties needs a final push to complete. That would also showcase the gorgeous pavers that Ray Kerce has overseen to enhance our pool. Both these projects completed in one year sounds like occasion for a big party. Hope is that we can complete it in time for party follow the Dec. 5 Annual meeting. Our Reserves have decreased each of the last three years, mostly due to our high-cost improvements. This year, I am attempting to keep assessments the same yet still complete one major project of replacing our fence on our western boundary that is so shabby and unsecured. To begin we need a survey and permits estimates that we are working on now. Based on previous fence work, though this will not include hedges, I have estimated the first phase to be $16,500. This will be a 6-foot chain link fence. Thanks again to David Purtz for computerizing our budgets keeping constants from one Cluster to the next. Make sure you give your people the required 2-week notice on each Cluster’s Bulletin Board.

After some discussion a motion was made by Jim Simone to accept the Budget and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Voting for were Eva Dunberg-Tarrant, Anne Ryan, Pat Lambert, Janice Kalmbach, Stark Humphreys, Ray Kerce, Jim Simone and Steve Burling. Voting against Duane Stuart and Geno Graziose.
 Committee Reports.

Alterations. Cluster 3 Unit 112. Taking out door and windows on porch and replacing with hurricane. Work being done by Shutters Up for $8,285. Motion to accept made by Stark Humphreys and 2nd by Pat Lambert. Passed Unanimously.

Maintenance. Good

Finance. Good

Fines. No new fines.

Gifts. Received a $100 dollar donation. We now have $5,162.

Grounds Maintenance. Just finished a spraying for bugs and weeds. This should make it easier with the mowing.

Insurance. We are using Citizens. Our property value has been increased to 26 million. The insurance is $1,400 higher than last year. We will be looking at other Insurance Company’s.

Legal. We now have 14 units for sale. 8 of these are under contract. That leaves only 6 for sale or rent.

Prices are now stable with most buyers paying cash, ranging from a low of $32,000 to a high of $79,000. I am in completion stage on the two foreclosures and I have just filed a new foreclosure in Cluster 9 that should go quickly. Cluster 9 should make some profit because the unit has no mortgage, and I keep adding fees on them. I just completed two more Estoppels for a profit of $2,400 so far for 2015. Since we just approved increasing from $150 to $300, we should end up the year with over $4,000. We ended2013 with $ 3,100 and 2014 with $3,700.

Library. We are doing really well.

Membership. Cluster 9 Unit 210. Owner Is Jim Simone. Buyer is Ann Ledy. Membership recommends approval. Motion to accept made by Ray Kerce and 2nd by Stark Humphreys. Passed unanimously.

After some discussion there was a request to wave the 20% down on cash purchases. A motion to wave the 20% was made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Anne Ryan. Passed unanimously.

Newsletter. Should be out soon

Pool Maintenance. Good

Security. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. If something does not look or feel right report it.

Social. The last party was attended by 36 people. There was a $5 charge. 50/50 made $30. Next party will be after the Annual Meeting. Tony Quist will be having some lunches or dinners for the Canopy project.

Sunshine. Helen Turner in Cluster 9. Speedy recovery for back surgery. If you know of any cards to be sent, tell Jeanne Barry.

Webmaster. Movie night is not being well attended. Will try one more.

Water Report. Water was negligently left running in the men’s room one night. Please watch your water usage.

Good of the Order.

Request to keep pool hours open until 9 P.M… Motion made to keep hours till 9 made by Jim Simone and 2nd by Eva Dunberg-Tarrant. Passed unanimously.

Reminder to get your notice of your cluster budgets out 2 weeks before meetings.

Next Meeting October 22, 2015

Motion made to adjourn by Duane Stuart and 2nd by Ray Kerce .Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Christine Burling
Recording Secretary
September 24, 2015

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